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Sep 2011

Tip of the Week: Watermarking

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Visible watermarks are the #1 way to protect your images from being improperly used. We can automatically watermark your photos as they are uploaded, you’ll find the settings in your Preferences tab of ShootProof.

You can create a custom text or image watermark that will be applied to the photos in your galleries. This watermark will be removed before your files are sent to the lab for printing and before your files are sent to clients as digital downloads. To be sure your watermark fits your files correctly, we do recommend uploading photos to your galleries that are at least 2,000px on the longest side.

A few tips about using ShootProof’s watermarking feature:

  • Changes you make to your watermark settings are applied to all images going forward, but not images that you’ve previously uploaded. If you’d like some photos to be watermarked, and some not, simply adjust the settings before each upload.
  • If you sell digital downloads of your images, any watermark we apply will be removed from the photo that is delivered to your client; they will receive the image exactly as you have uploaded it.
  • If using an image, such as your logo, for your watermark, use a PNG file with a transparent background; a solid background will obscure part of your photo.
  • Play with the opacity and position of your watermark – the more prominent the watermark, the less likely someone will abuse your photos, but it will detract from viewing your image. You’ll have to decide where on the spectrum you’d like to fall.
  • While we take several measures to protect your photos, we cannot keep people from taking a screenshot of your images from our galleries. This is becoming a common means for your customers to take your photos and post elsewhere online (like Facebook). Educating your clients that this is actually stealing your work, and including a watermark are the best steps you can take for prevention.
  • Looking to add a copyright symbol to your watermark? In Photoshop, select the “custom shape tool” (might be hidden under your rectangle tool) and you’ll see the © at the bottom of the list of shapes.

ShootProof Knowledge Base: How do I add watermarks to the photos in my galleries?

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