WPPI: Classes That Will Better Your Business

Each year, the members of the ShootProof crew brush up on their handshake (and blackjack) skills and prepare to meet thousands of photographers in Las Vegas at WPPI, the premier conference and expo for wedding and portrait photographers and filmmakers.

If you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late! Learn more about all the conference has to offer and get your free three-day Expo pass to the exhibit hall (a $35 value), courtesy of your friends at ShootProof. It’s an event not to be missed!

For those of you who are holding your tickets but just aren’t sure which experiences you should participate in, we’re highlighting a list of classes we know you won’t want to miss:



Steps to Building a Business That Supports Your Dreams
with the Scobeys

In this session, Ashley and Graham help photographers understand that their wild and beautiful dreams are not only valuable but achievable, and that they owe it to themselves to try hard and follow through.  Get the details on this class.



The Secrets to Discovering Your Dream Client
with the Youngrens

This powerful duo will share an in-depth curriculum that will help you find your ideal client so that your personal and professional fulfillment will increase and your business will profit. Get the details on this class.



A Logical Approach to Reaching the Top of Your Market
with the Blumes

In this session, Phillip and Eileen will explain the crucial changes that put them on the road to doubling their income and reducing their workload by half.  Get the details on all of the classes with the Blumes.



Building a Better Brand
with Christopher Becker

During this class, Becker will share twenty practical tips to ensure that you can build your business and your brand to stand the test of time. Get the details on this class.



The Art of Discovery: Why Failure Is Essential
with Sam Hurd

In this session, Sam will share several of his newest discoveries (including prisming, color spreading, and free-lensing), as well as his ideas about how to adjust your approach to enable your own new discoveries. Get the details on this class.


Comment below: What classes or photo walks will YOU be attending at WPPI?

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