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ShootProof is an online photo proofing service for photographers to upload, share, and sell photography online, all with no commission fees. You control your products, pricing, digital download options and print fulfillment for each gallery. We present your client's photos in a professional gallery and handle the ordering process. You control the review and approval for each client order prior to submission to ProDPI for print. ShootProof and ProDPI provide professional photographers an integrated workflow for commission-free sales and fulfillment.

Print Photos

As a husband and wife team, Caitlin & Jeff started ProDPI in 2004 with hopes to provide professional photographers with a place to get incredible products and friendly service. From humble beginnings in a California living room to a state of the art facility in Colorado. The current Colorado facility was designed from its shell for high throughput and exceptional quality. It houses production areas for photographic, digital offset and inkjet technology, includes a high tech print room and sprawling finishing area. ProDPI is the lab for many emerging pros.

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Simple Order Fulfillment

Client Buys Photos

You can choose your own prices and products offered from ProDPI. Create a gallery in ShootProof and share it with your client(s), ShootProof can process the client's credit card on your behalf at checkout and you will receive an email with details of each order.

You Review & Approve

After your client places an order in your gallery, you will have the option to review and approve the crops, replace images as needed, e.g. retouch the images or upload a larger file size for print if needed and then submit the order to ProDPI directly from ShootProof.

Add-ons (optional)

Optionally add ProDPI’s Boutique Packaging to give your client an upscale presentation for their images. Color Correction by ProDPI is also an add-on that is optional on an order by order basis, you can also set a default for this and other lab order preferences.

White-label Shipping

Choose any delivery address, e.g. to your client or your studio on an order by order basis and never pay drop ship fees for orders submitted through ShootProof. Complete white label, there will never be ProDPI branding or cost information with the delivered orders.


ProDPI offers many products for fulfillment through ShootProof including lustre, matte, metallic and pearl prints, canvas gallery wraps, metal prints, buttons, keychains and photos magnets. View ProDPI’s full product list.


Color Correction can be added in the lab approval process for each order that you submit to ProDPI through ShootProof and the lab will perform the color correction prior to printing. Corrections may adjust for skin tones and includes slight color, density and contrast adjustments.

Boutique Packaging

Your prints deserve a beautifully polished presentation. ProDPI's Boutique Photo Packaging can be added to most standard size print orders for that perfect finishing touch.

How is the Lab Paid

ShootProof pays the lab on your behalf, either through a portion of the funds from your sale or your credit card on file.

Auto Order Submission

If you are looking for complete fulfillment automation, orders can be automatically submitted to the lab for printing without further approval.

Order Review & Approval

You will always have control over reviewing and approving your orders prior to submission for printing - easily adjust crops, replace images and choose add-ons.


There will be no lab branding on the packaging or cost information with the delivered order, this allows the lab to seamlessly ship directly to you or your client.


ShootProof handles all support for your orders submitted to the lab through ShootProof, email or call 866.516.5130.

No Lab Account Needed

No, you do not need your own account with the lab to submit orders through ShootProof.


The lab provides simple flat shipping rates through ShootProof regardless of the size of the order, there are no drop ship fees and the lab can deliver to any address.

Combining Orders

Easily combine orders prior to submission to the lab to save your studio on shipping costs. The lab can deliver the combined order to any address.

Commission-free sales

Keep 100% of your profits when using ShootProof and only pay the lab cost for printing. Other services typically take 10-20% of your sales as a selling fee on top of their plan costs.

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Our Awesome Customers

Victoria Jaksic
Vicky Jaksic

I have been a 3 year customer of Smugmug and recently decided to give ShootProof a try. After using your site for just a little over a week, I am sold. Thank you for making a user-friendly site that is affordable.

Robin Spencer
Spencer Studio

I just wanted to say Thank You. Your "Email Automations" is making me money. Well done, keep it up.