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ShootProof is an all-in-one business software for photographers to create beautiful photo galleries, market themselves, streamline their business and more.

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Customizing ShootProof gallery with logo and branding

Custom-Branded Client Galleries

Look like a pro with beautiful, easy-to-use online galleries that match your brand and style. You spend hours getting each photo just right. Give them a home that’s just as stunning.

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Digital Downloads Your Way

Protect client photos and your profits with digital download controls.


Optional PIN and password protection lets you control who receives digital files (and who doesn’t).


Control how your photos show up in the world with custom watermarks that deter screenshots and unedited images getting shared to social.


Set gallery-level permissions limiting downloads to a specific size or resolution, individual photos or the entire gallery, for sale or for free.

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Maximize Your Profits With Products Your Clients Will Love

Encourage sales, manage orders quickly and easily, and pay zero commission fees.


Create discounts, packages, and promo codes that work for your business.


Use one of our professional lab partners, or fulfill your own print orders — it’s up to you!

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Contracts & Invoices


Clients can read and sign contracts, agreements, model releases, and more on any device. Use your own documents, or purchase templates from the ShootProof Marketplace.


Easily accept payments online for session fees, retainers, and more.

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ShootProof email campaign

Marketing Made Easy


Create custom digital photo albums that are perfect for your clients to share their photos with family and friends.


Send emails automatically and remind clients (or potential clients) about sales, promotions, and expiration dates.

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Great for the busy pro
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Unlimited Photo Plan

Established pro selling current and archive images
"ShootProof works harder than any other proofing service out there because it not only beautifully delivers your work to your clients, but acts as an automated marketing machine and sales funnel with its templated email marketing sequences, purchasing incentives, and email collection strategies."
Ben Hartley
Six Figure Photography
"ShootProof is an integral part of Elena S Blair Photography. Our galleries provide a seamless and elevated experience for our families...Our businesses operate almost entirely online and we would not have been able to grow to the size that we are today without a company like ShootProof as a backbone for us. Thank you ShootProof!!"
Elena Blair
Elena S Blair Photography
"I was looking for a beautiful and simple way to share images - simple for me and simple for my clients...My clients love to share the galleries and I am so happy to be part of this creative journey of ShootProof!"
Judith Stoop
Judith Stoop Photography

25% OFF Your First Year

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