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Online ShootProof gallery by photographer Jen Bilodeau
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At ShootProof, we believe in empowering photographers just like you. When you team up with us, you're joining a family of photographers and dreamers who want to see you succeed! That’s why we built easy-to-use tools, incredible education, and a supportive community to help you wherever you are in your journey.

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A ShootProof gallery surrounded by customizable settings to match your brand

Look and feel like a pro

Showcase your vision and your clients' memories with gorgeous galleries. Choose the right look for your unique brand and watch your sales soar.

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ShootProof's easy to use contracts and invoices

Easy-to-use contracts and invoices

Build trust with your clients from the moment you send your first contract or invoice. Banish imposter syndrome without your clients knowing how easy it really was.

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Jen Bilodeau's photography surrounded by ShootProof's customizable download settings

Take control of photo downloads

Your galleries make downloading photos beautiful and easy. Customize who downloads what and when. After all, you’re delivering photos not folders.

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Guidance along your journey

Whether you’re just getting started, sending your first contract, or making your first or 500th sale, we’re here for you. Literally! Call in and chat with us 866-516-5130

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Headshot of ShootProof photographer Jen Bilodeau
“Time is my greatest resource, so anything that can put time back into my day is worth gold. ShootProof does just that for me through their amazing sharing and selling tools.”
Jen Bilodeau
Jen Bilodeau Photography
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Galleries you and your clients will love

ShootProof photographer Jen Bilodeau relies on the modern, clean gallery layouts that let her photos take center stage so she can focus on client communication, making more sales, and living a flexible lifestyle with her kids.

Beautiful galleries
As a professional photographer, the tool Jen needs most is a beautiful online gallery. She knew it also needed to be easy-to-use for her and her clients. After all, her clients are just as busy as she is!
Control & customize your brand
Jen is building more than a photo business–she’s also building a brand. That’s why her galleries are branded with her logo, brand colors, and custom watermarks.
By Jen Bilodeau ShootProof photographer
Branded invoice for photographers
Mobile friendly photography contracts

By Jen Bilodeau
ShootProof photographer

Grow your photo business

In Jen’s words, “ShootProof is so much more than a gallery. The behind-the-scenes tools truly helped me take my business to the next level!”

Deliver and sell photos easily
Jen’s clients can view, download, and order printed products all from their gallery. Set pricing, collect payments, and automatically fulfill orders from your favorite lab.
Contracts and Invoicing
Jen personalized and streamlined her client communication with digital contracts and invoices. This allowed her to speed up her workflow and ultimately increase sales.
Packages icon of multiple images laid out together
Package builder
Presenting curated packages makes purchasing a breeze for you clients. You’re the expert, so you control what you sell.
Email campaigns
Photographers who use email campaigns generate 37% higher sales. You can make more money from every gallery with email promotions and reminders.
Pro support and security
Whether you’re just getting started, sending your first contract, or making your first or 500th sale, we’re here for you. Literally! Call in and chat with us 866-516-5130.

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