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Delivering a seamless client experience is easy with ShootProof proofing. Clients can favorite and label photos directly in their galleries, streamlining communications in one centralized, easy-to-use place.

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Favorites and labels in ShootProof gallery

Streamline Client Communication With Favorites

Imagine this: simple, streamlined client communication without any unnecessary back and forth. Sounds good, right? It could be your reality when you use Favorites and Labels. You can even adjust your settings so you get an email once a client has finished favoriting their images!

Sending favorites to photographer in ShootProof
Labeling photos in ShootProof

Speed Up Photo Selection With Labels

Photographers selling lab products like albums or prints will love how fast image selection is with labels. You set up your custom labels, then your client can label which photos should go in the main album versus the one for their parents, and so on.

Save Time and Resources With Soft Proofing

Prefer to not spend hours retouching images before finding out whether or not your client will actually use them? Then use Labels & Favorites for soft proofing, where clients indicate which ones they want retouched.

Labeling photos in ShootProof
“I absolutely love all of you at ShootProof. All of the countless hours that you all spend working hard, so that my job can be more simple, means the world to me. I would not use any other proofing company. I am so thankful that I can spend more time shooting and loving what I do because of what you all do.
Michelle Allen
Forever Photo Company

Deliver, Proof, and Sell Photos Right From Your ShootProof Galleries

Streamline operations and elevate your client experience with one easy-to-use tool made for and by photographers just like you.
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