Keep Your Client Relationships Going Strong

Client relationships are always a top priority for photography business owners. That’s why having a contract in place is so important, whether it's a return client or a free model call

Not only do you protect yourself from copyright infringement or scope creep, but your clients will also feel secure having clear expectations and protections too.

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Never Lose Track of Important Information Again

It’s time to get rid of those papers and file folders. With ShootProof, it's easy to keep track of every part of the client experience, including those oh-so-important contracts.  Professional business tools like these are built into your subscription and let you spend more time in your zone of genius — getting creative and capturing the moment.

Effortlessly Create and Customize Contracts

Digital contracts are also easy to fill out and hassle-free so you get what you need faster. They can be sent to multiple people at once, plus clients can sign anytime, anywhere, from any device, with fill-in-the-blank options.

No more generic, cookie-cutter, or confusing contracts. Our contracts are customized to match your brand, so your business is front-and-center. 

You can even import and edit contracts you’ve used in the past or purchase templates from our marketplace.

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Keep Your Business Legal — And Your Clients Happy

Our contract templates are lawyer-drafted by industry leaders like The LawTog®. You’ll feel peace of mind knowing you have what you need to keep your business safe and successful for years to come! 

Our photographers have made:
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Our bottom line: Helping hard-working photographers like you succeed. ShootProof never charges a commission on your sales — ever.

"ShootProof has been at the forefront of our client deliveries for many years now. The ease of use, both for us and our wedding clients, makes this a must-have tool. The ability to have our clients sign contracts and invoice them directly in the same workspace as their gallery makes for a smooth end-to-end process."
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Why Use Our Photographer Contracts?

Automatic reminders for clients
No need to chase clients down for signatures; they’ll be automatically reminded. 
Automatic alerts for photographers
Get to-the-minute alerts when a contract is signed so you can send your welcome letter.
Never miss the details
Let clients fill out important details — like their wedding date, venue name, and address — with our fillable fields.
Lawyer drafted & approved*
Contracts crafted just for photographers and offered to ShootProof pros at a discounted rate — courtesy of LawTog®.
Go digital & save time
Get rid of those overwhelming stacks of paper and simplify your workflow.
Reusable templates
Create templates you can reuse, whether you have your own or need one from our marketplace. 
Become a smooth operator

Add ShootProof Contracts to Your Invoices

Link your client invoices to their contracts for a seamless client management experience.
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Connecting ShootProof invoices to contracts

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*Always confer with a local attorney before utilizing any contract, and verify that the contract’s language is suited to your business location.