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ShootProof is a small team of photographers, developers, engineers, perfectionists, and above all customer service fanatics. We empower photographers to upload, share, sell and have products printed for their clients without taking commission from their sales. We’re innovative, we listen, and we focus on helping photographers increase sales while simplifying the proofing, buying and fulfillment process with their clients. Read More

We started building ShootProof in 2009 with a vision for photographers to have a platform for beautiful online client galleries where they could share and sell photos with no commission fees. Tens of thousands of photographers across 32 countries are now sharing and selling millions of photos through ShootProof and we have never taken a commission. Our service is constantly growing and evolving as we build relationships with folks like you and continue to listen. We grow by word of mouth through taking care of our customers.

Our values include simple, intuitive design and freedom of choice for photographers. With ShootProof you only pay for photo space in your client galleries, not sales. Our belief is that your sales are the result of your hard work, so we allow you to set your own prices and keep 100%. Even fulfillment with our lab partners comes with no added charges or markups. Choose the plan that is right for you right now, and move up and down between plans anytime, no premium or pro plans. There is even a free plan for beginners, with all of the features that the most seasoned pro will have. We strive to be your long term partner and the hub for your photography business online. Why wait? Sign up for a free trial.


Proofing Galleries

Create public or private galleries that work on any device. Clients can easily view, favorite and purchase images; the activity for each gallery visitor is viewable in detail to the photographer. Photographers use ShootProof for standalone galleries and we provide simple tools to integrate with their website.

Online Sales

Photographers can define their own products and prices for each gallery. Digital downloads can be for free or sale. Create custom discounts and promo codes. Clients can purchase from any device, including mobile phones. No commission fees, ever. Fast payouts for sales to any bank account (5 days) or via PayPal.

Order Fulfillment

ShootProof provides digital download fulfillment and printing for client orders through the photographers choice of integrated pro labs or they can use an outside lab. Photographers receive an email with the details of each order and can easily approve and submit orders to our lab partners with shipping to any address.


ShootProof is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. We serve tens of thousands of photographers across 32 countries. Our professional lab fulfillment partners are BayPhoto (California), Black River Imaging (Missouri), ProDPI (Colorado), HC Pro (Australia), Loxley Colour (United Kingdom) and The Lab Works (Canada).

The Difference

We Listen

Welcome to a team that listens and works to make running your photography business easier and more profitable every day. We keep it easy, all of our photographers receive the same features. Call (866) 516-5130, email us, or search the knowledgebase.


With ShootProof you will never pay a commission fee. We changed the game and removed the barrier that most other services have of charging 10-20% commission fees for photographers to sell their work.

Your Branding

ShootProof client galleries are about your brand and your beautiful images; we provide simple tools to align gallery colors with your brand and never display our brand in your client galleries.

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Our Awesome Customers

Christopher Akins
ExtraOrdinary Image

Kudos on being a company that doesn't sit still, but continues improving.

Melissa Keyes
Melissa Keyes Photography

I really love using ShootProof and their prompt customer service is great. I think they have an awesome product. I absolutely could not fulfill my orders without it!