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Sep 2023

3 Ways to Make More Money by Upselling Your Digital Images

5 min read

In your photography business, there are plenty of ways to make more money that don’t require you to book new clients. In fact, you can easily gain more income from your existing galleries.

One of the simplest ways to do so? Upsell digital images. Because digitals don’t cost you a dime to sell (and ShootProof doesn’t take a commission on ANY sales), the extra $ you earn from selling them is pure profit.

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If you’re ready to increase profit, wow clients, and get the most out of each gallery, keep reading. We’re sharing 3 digital print upselling tips any photographer can use.

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Upselling Tip #1: Assign limits to session packages

How many digital images are you selling in your session packages? If the answer is “all of them,” consider applying limits to your packages instead.

You can apply specific limits to the type or the number of images your clients get. Chances are, your clients will see other images they want, beyond the limits that you apply. This is the most straightforward way to upsell them, by offering options to purchase all images in their gallery. For example, you could offer a package that includes 5 digitals, and offer another package that includes digitals of the entire gallery.

Pro Tip: You can easily add watermarks to your images to help prevent screenshots when applying limits to your galleries.

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Upselling Tip #2: Use promotional incentives

Think your clients have purchased all the digital prints they want, now that their session is over? Think again — and give them a gentle nudge to buy more.

Running a promotional campaign or sale is a great way to encourage clients to buy more digital prints. You can run campaigns during the holiday season, or surprise clients with random discounts to show your appreciation.

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Clients are always shopping around for great deals. In fact, a whopping 93% of people use discount codes throughout the year! Strategically applying discounts to your galleries can help you boost sales whenever you’re looking for a quick cash injection, even well after a gallery has been archived. (It’s also a fantastic way to stay top of mind for future bookings!)

Use promos like discounts on product categories or BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free) offers to drive more digital print sales.

Want your discounts to be applied automatically? Simply choose the “Automatic discounts” option that will apply the discount as soon as certain requirements are met. If you want your clients to enter a code to receive the discount, choose “Promo Code-based discount” instead.

Pro Tip: Don’t discount your digital prints too low! The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) recommends a Cost of Sale Benchmark of 25%, meaning you should only spend 25% of the costs associated with sales, including labor, marketing, delivery, customer support, etc.

Remember: Just because a digital file isn’t a tangible product, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have costs associated with selling it!

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Upselling Tip #3: Create even more options with resized images

Want to offer clients variety with their digital prints? Create different size options for each image. Clients may fall in love with a handful of images, and want to use that image in a variety of ways: a framed print, a calendar, an heirloom gift or for use on social media.

You don’t need to manually resize your images. ShootProof allows you to provide multiple image size options for your customers, and make more money in the process. The images will also be automatically resized for you, saving you time and energy on each gallery.

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Sell more digital images easily — with no commission

Ready to serve your clients in a whole new way while also making more profit on each gallery? Upselling your digital prints is one of the most effective ways to do just that. And while you could sell digital prints manually (and with lots of communication, file-sharing, etc.), you don’t have to — because ShootProof does it for you.

ShootProof is a photographer’s BFF, making it easy to share images, maximize your profits, serve clients, and stand out in your market. If you want to sell digitals or work with our professional labs to sell physical prints and products, our platform makes it smooth and simple.

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Photos by Jen Montgomery Photography