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Video Messages Make Ordering Easy in These 3 Ways

9 min read

Photographers are enhancing their client galleries with custom video messages, slideshows, short films, and simple text. See why clients love it!

Email, texts, phone calls, and in-person meetings all have their place. But where the first two can be impersonal, the last two are often impractical (or downright impossible).

Video messages offer the best of both worlds: convenience and personalization. And you can share video messages directly to your clients on their ShootProof gallery intro pages!

We’ll explore three ways photographers are using video messages to create connection, give instructions, and promote ordering.

Video Messages Make Ordering Easy In These 3 Ways

#1: Create An Emotional Connection

Shelby and Whitney of Something More Photography regularly use video messages to share slideshows with their clients. Even before a client has browsed their full ShootProof gallery, they’ll see a curated slideshow of their photographers’ favorites set to music.

Video Messages Make Ordering Easy In These 3 WaysLeft: a video message is the client’ first view after logging in. Right: after viewing their slideshow, the clients enjoy their full gallery of images. (SOMETHING MORE PHOTOGRAPHY)

“[Video messages allow] us to show how deeply we believe in upholding moments and celebrating right along with [our clients].”

– Shelby & Whitney, Something More Photography


Shelby and Whitney’s slideshows strengthen the emotion that accompanies viewing long-awaited photographs. And the surprise slideshow reinforces the brand message Something More has told all along: that they are as passionate about your memories as you are.

“We LOVE the new intro video messages, and use them as a way to deliver something more to our clients. Our hope in sharing this unexpected gift is [that they’ll] relive the joy [of] their photography session over and over again.”

– Shelby & Whitney, Something More Photography

Video Messages Make Ordering Easy In These 3 Ways

#2: Provide Personal Instructions

Christine Tan frequently photographs small homeschool and private school groups, and needs to communicate detailed instructions to each group based on their unique ordering requirements and deadlines.

“I can give instructions more freely and naturally through video messages. My clients have not been coming back to me with a lot of questions, and orders are coming in steadily, so I think the video messages are really working!”

– Christine Tan

Make Your Clients Feel Extra-Loved with Video Messages: Christine Tan Photography
Left: parents “meet” Christine (often for the first time) when they log into the school’s gallery. Right: now parents know how to order from all three albums in their gallery. (CHRISTINE TAN PHOTOGRAPHY)

Since Christine often photographs kids in a school setting where parents aren’t present, her video messages may be her first “interaction” with these clients. If she has met the clients before, then video messages are the perfect reconnection.

“When [clients] see video messages from me, I’m not a faceless photographer or an impersonal mass production studio somewhere cranking out generic photos of school kids. And I think this affects sales and the bottom line.”

– Christine Tan


Christine’s video messages are 100% her: calm, kind, and clear in their instructions.

PRO TIP: Make Your Video Messages Helpful

Clients tend to purchase more when they have a bit of help. Video messages can make the ordering process easier, and they can also help guide your clients toward your recommendations for canvases, framed prints, albums, and other add-on products. However you choose to use video messages, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be yourself. You don’t need to sound (or look) like a TV commercial!
  • Tell your clients what they WANT to know. Which questions do you hear most frequently? Answer those. You can always make a new video later if you uncover a new detail you’d like to cover.
  • Keep it short and sweet. It’s unlikely that your clients want to watch a 20 minute monologue. Three-minute videos hit the sweet spot!

Video Messages Make Ordering Easy In These 3 Ways

#3: Demonstrate the Gallery Experience

Thriving photographers like Ben Hartley have long used video messages to guide his clients on walkthroughs of their ShootProof galleries. He also uses video messages to secure bookings and build trust with long-distance clients. (Learn more about that process HERE!)


Here’s how Ben personally welcomes each wedding client to their ShootProof gallery:

But what if you simply don’t have time to create new video messages for every single client?

Photographer Laurie Hatfield works with a wide range of clients, but she especially loves her Boutique School Photography service. Laurie’s unique take on traditional school portraiture allows the students to be silly and pensive, sweet and wiggly – no saying “cheese” in these school photos! 

Along with unique portraits, Laurie offers a unique ordering process. No paper proofs, checks, or ordering envelopes for her clients! 

“I send each family a ShootProof gallery, and all the ordering is done online. Since the ordering process is probably different than what they’re used to, I love being able to guide them along the way. Now with the new gallery intro video messages, I can answer most of their ordering questions before they ever get started!”

– Laurie Hatfield

Make Your Clients Feel Extra-Loved with Video Messages: Laurie Hatfield Photography
Laurie’s Ordering Video is the same for every student. This saves time, and ensures the same information is imparted to every single client. (LAURIE HATFIELD PHOTOGRAPHY)

Using a sample school gallery, Laurie created a video walkthrough of the ordering process. She describes details including:


  • how to request retouching
  • where to apply any relevant promo codes

“Since [I began] including video messages at the start of the galleries, I’m receiving way fewer emails from parents [asking] questions [about their] galleries. This tells me that the video messages are making the ordering process clearer!”

– Laurie Hatfield

Make Your Clients Feel Extra-Loved with Video Messages: Laurie Hatfield Photography
A prominent watermark helps protect Laurie’s images from theft. Her clients learn how to purchase watermark-free images by watching her gallery intro video. (LAURIE HATFIELD PHOTOGRAPHY)

“I really love the personal touch I’m able to give parents by using video [messages]. School photos differ from a typical portrait session because mom and dad are not present while the photos are being taken. So while I haven’t met the majority of these clients in person, they are getting to hear my voice, and I’m able to tell them how much fun their kids [had with me] at photo day. I love this added relational element that lets them know they’re receiving school photos with heart!”

– Laurie Hatfield


See how Laurie’s walkthrough truly prepares her clients to place an order with her:

PRO TIP: Not into video? Words work, too!

Maybe your clients are super-smart and totally tech-savvy, and you have no reason to create any of your own video messages. (That’s awesome. Just tell us how you got those clients.)

Consider adding text-only message instead. For example:

  • List your wedding clients’ vendor credits
  • Add a sign-up link for your upcoming mini sessions
  • Include a promo code for free shipping on orders over $100
  • Write a personalized note to your clients, thanking them for choosing you as their photographer

Video Messages Make Ordering Easy In These 3 Ways

Video Messages: One More Way To Deliver A Wonderful Client Experience

You really can’t go overboard when it comes to giving your clients a phenomenal experience. (I mean, don’t buy them a pony for Christmas or anything, but you get the point.)

Video messages are a simple way to add something personal, practical, and unexpectedly delightful to your clients’ photography experience with you.

Add gallery intro messages to your galleries to get started!

How will YOU use video messages to enhance your brand and promote ordering?

Tell us in the comments below!

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