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Wanna Keep that Photo Private? Just Click “Hide”

5 min read

With a few quick clicks, empower your clients to make select photos private—all from the comfort and security of their ShootProof gallery!

Enable your client to manage their own photos in ShootProof

We photographers know the truth: our clients are gorgeous and their moments are perfect!

But sometimes a client may not 100% love a photo in their ShootProof gallery.

They may even ask you to remove it. (Cue sad face!)

Don’t spend precious time tweaking a gallery for an insecure client. Instead, empower your client to control which images are visible to their gallery visitors!

Here’s how it works…

#1: Give your client Contact Privileges

On the gallery homepage in ShootProof, just below the Settings box, you’ll find the option to assign a Contact to the gallery.

Once you’ve added your client’s info, select Edit to define their Contact Privileges for their gallery.

ShootProof gallery settings for a client's Contact Privileges

When you create your client’s Access Code, you’ll see options to give them these controls when they select a photo:

  • Allow Contact to hide photos in the gallery
  • Allow Contact to label photos in this gallery

Toggle the “hide photos” option ON, then click Save.

Use ShootProof Contact Privileges to allow your clients to Hide Photos

Now your client can opt to hide any of the individual photos in their gallery. They’ll still be able to see the images, but other gallery visitors will not.

How cool is that?

#ShootProofPRO Tip

When your client chooses to Hide a photo, YOU, the photographer, can still see it! Just select “Hidden” from the Contact box in the gallery, and you’ll see any photos your client has selected to Hide.

ShootProof's "hide" feature allows photo clients to hide images they want to keep private, like this silly dog portrait by Braydon Anderson

Braydon Anderson

#2: Tell your client how to log in to their ShootProof gallery

To make full use of their Contact Privileges, your client will need to:

  • log in using the email address you saved as their Contact email
  • enter the Gallery Password when prompted (optional setting)
  • enter their Access Code when prompted

#ShootProofPRO Tip

In the gallery’s Settings, be sure to toggle ON the Email Required option. This will prompt your client to enter their email address so that they can view their gallery and access their Contact Privileges.

Log in to your ShootProof workspace and go to:

Photos > Galleries > Actions > Settings > Access & Privacy

Wolfgang Hasselmann's silly photo of a cow is a perfect example of a photo that cow might want to "Hide" in her ShootProof gallery!

Wolfgang Hasselmann

Who loves the “hide photos” feature?

First of all, everyone loves to be IN CONTROL. So anytime you can give your clients IN CONTROL vibes, they’ll be thrilled.

But there are also a ton of practical applications for this tool. Photography clients use Hide button to:

Protect their privacy

Wedding photographers frequently photograph the wedding party getting ready, which may include a few images that are a tad more revealing than your client is comfortable sharing.

With the Hide button, your client can decide how much they want to reveal.

Likewise, birth and newborn photographers often capture moments that aren’t necessarily for public consumption. The Hide feature allows your client to control which photos are for their eyes only.

Use the "Hide" feature in ShootProof to eliminate select photos from view, like this silly horse portrait by Dan Cook

Dan Cook

Protect someone else’s privacy

I once shot a wedding with a celebrity guest in attendance. Because my clients didn’t want to risk their celeb friend’s photo getting leaked, they simply used Hide to remove those few photos from the view of other gallery visitors.

Keep some photos as a surprise

Clients often purchase prints for friends or family members—but those people also want to see their ShootProof gallery. By using the Hide tool, a client can prevent Grandmother from buying the exact same print they plan to gift her as a surprise.

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