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Mar 2021

Personal Branding Photography Pricing: Maximize Your Profit AND Confidence

5 min read

Personal branding photography pricing can get confusing! Let’s look at ways to maximize your profit while impressing your clients!

Personal branding photography pricing that will leave you feeling empowered

We’ve all seen it. It’s the smiling person in your Instagram feed looking cozy in their immaculate home office. Maybe it’s the person laughing in a sunhat on their website’s homepage. Or, it’s the person with their arms crossed standing tall in your inbox.

What exactly are we talking about here?

Personal branding photography.

If you’re just beginning to build your portfolio, let’s talk about how to sort out your personal branding photography pricing.

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Kate Grace

What goes into a branding photography session?

Brand photos involve more than just a session fee. There’s a lot that goes into taking photos for small business owners. You’re putting in the research to tailor the shoot to their individual brand, creating mood boards or Pinterest boards for inspiration.

It’s likely you’ll end up booking a studio or use on-location lighting setups, which is another level of production. You may end up even helping them book a makeup artist or stylist for the shoot.

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Kate Grace

Post-production work for a branding session

After the session, you’ll be sorting through hundreds of files from the day. It’s essential to only give the best photos to your client in their online gallery – they won’t want to see the blinks, the blurs, and the blips.

It’s likely you’ll add presets, or adjust the color and lighting of the photos individually. Let’s be honest – post-production is never a super quick process, so make sure to keep that in mind when determining your pricing.

Create enticing brand packages

The easiest way to go about pricing your headshots and brand photography sessions are to create packages. By doing this, you’re allowing busy entrepreneurs to quickly pick and choose something that works for them.

Instead of developing a personal quote for each business, creating packages makes the booking process quick and simple.

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Kate Grace

Example of personal branding photography pricing package:

  • Session fee: $1500
  • Final high-resolution images delivered: 15
  • Additional images: $60/image
  • Additional retouching: $80/image

This lays it all out on the line for your clients to understand exactly what they’re getting when they work with you. Developing tiered packages can be useful to meet the needs of different businesses, and also allows accessibility at lower tiers for growing small businesses.

You can also create add-ons based on the needs of the business. They may not want to take a lot of time to crop for different social dimensions, so developing an add-on that resizes each image for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. can be super helpful.

Consider a subscription service for repeat business

One way to generate repeat business is to create a subscription service for personal branding photography. This allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to keep their social media and other online presence up to date with seasonal content.

Instead of having a single branding shoot, potential clients can keep coming back for updated photos!

branding photos

Kate Grace

What do branding photographers typically charge?

Given the varying factors and package options from branding photographers, it’s hard to estimate a single range for photoshoot rates.

Personal branding photographers can charge anything from $1200 to $5000 per session depending on their offerings.

When calculating your pricing, take into account how many clients you’re able to take on per year, and how much your ideal clients can spend on their imagery.

Determining prices for your branding photography business

When it comes to determining your personal branding photography pricing, be sure to take into account the client experience. How can you seamlessly allow them to choose the package that suits them best?

Be sure to educate your clients on everything you have to offer, and what comes with each of your packages. When it comes to branding photography, a happy client is a repeat client!



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