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Are Your Photos Secure? Get Focused with Our FREE Guide

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You need to protect your pictures. But HOW? Our FREE guide outlines your photo backup options so your images can last for generations to come.

If you’ve ever lost photos to a hard drive crash, you know the desperation of trying to recover your images, and the horror of telling a client you’ll have to reshoot. And if you haven’t lost any photos, well . . . your time is coming.

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Get the FREE Guide to Photo Backup Strategy

Backing up your photos doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a plan. Our Photo Backup Guide walks you through your options and outlines the most effective ways to:

  • Name your files
  • Ensure multiple secure copies
  • Take advantage of ShootProof’s gallery archiving
  • Prevent photo backup disasters

. . . and more!

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Explore your photo backup options with ShootProof’s FREE guide. | Photo: Kate Thompson

Look Inside ShootProof Archiving: An Easy Photo Backup

Did you know ShootProof can archive your galleries, securely storing your JPEG photographs and their ShootProof gallery structure and details in the cloud? Yep, the gallery’s favorites, labels, and cart items ALL remain intact.

Starting at $1US/month (then $0.04US/GB), you can enable automatic archiving of your expired ShootProof galleries. This hands-off approach not only protects your images, but it makes it easy to impress your clients!

ShootProof Gallery Settings

Enable archiving through your gallery’s Settings > Advanced panel.

Have you ever gotten a client call begging for online access to a gallery they forgot to download, or images they forgot to order? When you use ShootProof archiving, you can reactivate any past gallery with one click. All your client details, passwords, and albums remain intact!

Once you’ve set the gallery expiration date, you don’t have to do anything except turn archiving ON in your gallery settings or gallery presets.

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We’ll help you put safeguards in place to protect your pictures. | Photo: Kate Thompson

Are Your Photos Safe & Sound?

If you don’t have a photo backup plan in place, now is the time to safeguard your photos and protect your clients’ precious memories. A small investment now can save you thousands of dollars later on – and make you a hero in the eyes of your clients. So what are you waiting for?

Written by ANNE SIMONE | Photos by KATE THOMPSON

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