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Jan 2024

17 Ways to Photograph a Wedding Bouquet

20 min read

Capturing the essence of a wedding day goes beyond photographing the couple; it involves highlighting the intricate details that make the day unique. Among these, the wedding bouquet stands out as a symbol of beauty and style. This guide offers 17 creative ways to photograph a wedding bouquet, ensuring that this charming detail gets the spotlight it deserves.

The following images were provided by the wedding photographers at Wedding Maps and used with their permission.

1. Bride Holding the Wedding Bouquet While Standing

One of the most iconic and simple ways to capture the bouquet is with the bride holding the bouquet and standing. You can choose to photograph the bouquet from various angles. The most common is from the front, such as you see in the image below.

bride holding Adrian OngPhoto by Lets Make a Memory (Website) at Serendipity Garden Weddings in Yucaipa, CA

Alternatively, you can also have the bride turn to the side, and you can photograph the bouquet from the side angle. You can see an example of this in the image below.

bride holding, goth Angela WattsPhoto by Tekoa Rose Photo (Website) at Neptune Beach State Park in Yachatts, Oregon

Of course, if you want to showcase the front of the bride’s dress, zoom out a bit, have the bride move the bouquet down to her waist level, and capture the bouquet in the center of the frame.

bride holding Mattie WezahPhoto by Mattie Wezah (Website) at Williamsburg Inn in Williamsburg, VA

2. Bride Holding the Bouquet While Sitting Down

A seated pose gives a more relaxed and intimate feel. Photograph the bride sitting with the bouquet on her lap, allowing for a closer view of the bouquet details.

bride holding - sitting down DaniekaPhoto by Picturist Photography (Website) at In the Vine in Cape Town , South Africa

3. Bride Holding the Bouquet by Her Side

This casual pose captures the bride in a natural state, with the bouquet hanging gracefully by her side. It’s perfect for capturing a sense of ease and elegance.

You can choose to zoom in and focus on the bouquet, as you see in the image below.

bride's side Charles MollPhoto by Charles Moll (Website) at a Farm in Spokane Washington

You can also zoom out, showing the bride’s face and expression along with the bouquet.

bride holding - laughing Stephen MayoPhoto by Stephen Mayo (Website) at Bailey Arboretum in Lattingtown, NY

4. Bride Interacting with the Bouquet

Photograph the bride as she smells or gently touches the bouquet. This interaction creates a moment of connection between her and the floral arrangement.

bride interacting Andreas PollokPhoto by Andreas Pollok (Website) at Bad Dürkheim in Rheinland Pfalz , Germany

5. Bridesmaids Holding the Bouquets

Don’t forget the bridesmaids! Capture them individually or as a group holding their bouquets. This highlights the unity and theme of the wedding party. One of the most interesting photos you can capture of the bridesmaids and their bouquets is with all of the bouquets touching in the middle.

bridesmaids bundle Jess and KimPhoto by Party of Two (Website) at VanLandingham Estate in Charlotte, NC

6. Bridesmaids Throwing the Bouquets

For a fun and dynamic shot, photograph the bridesmaids throwing their bouquets in the air. This action shot adds a playful element to the album.

bridesmaids throwing Jeff TismanPhoto by Jeff Tisman (Website) at Rock Island Lake Club in Sparta, NJ

7. The Bouquet by Itself

Place the bouquet on a chair for a simple yet elegant photo. This isolated shot allows for detailed appreciation of the bouquet’s design.

by itself on a chair Elizabeth VictoriaPhoto by Elizabeth Victoria (Website)

Alternatively, you can rest the bouquet on another object like a table or a ledge. To draw all of the attention onto the bouquet, consider using a wide aperture.

by itself William SaylorPhoto by William Saylor (Website) at Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

8. Close Up Photos of the Bouquet

Zoom in on the bouquet for a close up shot. This highlights the colors, textures, and intricate details of the flowers and foliage.

close up Zack BradleyPhoto by Zack Bradley (Website) at Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC

9. The Bouquet in Nature

Photograph the bouquet in a natural setting, like a garden or a forest. This backdrop emphasizes the organic beauty of the floral arrangement.

film nature Austin SylvestPhoto by Francis Sylvest (Website) at South Iceland in Southern Region

10. The Bouquet in a Window

Utilize natural light by placing the bouquet in a window. This setting offers a beautiful contrast and can create a dreamy, ethereal feel.

solo - in window Tracy JenkinsPhoto by Tracy Jenkins (Website) at NYLO Providence Warwick Hotel in Warwick, RI

11. The Bouquet with a Scenic View

Incorporate a scenic view in the background. Whether it’s a cityscape or countryside, it adds a sense of place and majesty to the photo.

scenic view Cameron MartinezPhoto by Cameron Martinez (Website) at Garden Of The Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado

12. The Bouquet with the Other Wedding Details

Group the bouquet with other wedding details like the invitation, rings, or other accessories. This tells a broader story of the wedding day.

with wedding details stephanelemairePhoto by Stephane Lemaire (Website) at Hotel Paso Del Norte in El Paso, TX

13. The Bouquet with the Wedding Shoes

Pair the bouquet with the bride’s shoes for an elegant and stylish shot. This juxtaposition offers a unique perspective on wedding accessories.

with shoes Belinda PhilleoPhoto by Belinda Philleo (Website) at Private Residence

14. The Bouquet Covering the Couples’ Faces

For a romantic and somewhat mysterious shot, have the couple hold the bouquet in front of their faces. This focuses on the bouquet while still capturing the couple’s intimacy.

couples covering faces Magda MoiolaPhoto by Magda Moiola (Website) at in Novate Mezzola, Italy

15. The Bouquet in a Couples Photo

Include the bouquet in the couple’s portraits. This can add a splash of color and texture to the photos while symbolizing their union.

couples photo Irina DuanePhoto by Irina Duane (Website) at Boyne Hill House Estate, Meath, Ireland

couples photo Paul CooperPhoto by PMC Photography (Website) at Wolf Feather Honey Farm in Temecula, California

You can include the bouquet in a more traditional photo, such as the one above, or as a creative concept, as you see in the image below.

Creative - bride and groom Laurentiu NicaPhoto by Laurentiu Nica (Website) at Craiova in Dolj, Romania

Another unique way to incorporate the bouquet in the couples photos is to photograph it with the bride and the bouquet isolated in the frame. See an example below.

creative - couples photo Scott JosuweitPhoto by SMJ Photography (Website) at Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster, PA

16. The Bouquet in an Elopement Photo

In an elopement setting, let the bouquet stand out against a natural backdrop. This highlights the bouquet as a central feature of the intimate ceremony.

couples photo Nina Larsen ReedPhoto by Larsen Photo Co (Website) at Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, CO

elopement couples photo Becky HaskellPhoto by Scenic Vows (Website) at Glacier National Park in Montana

Of course, you can also capture it as part of the elopement story, as you see in the image below.

photojournalism, elopement Larissa WelchPhoto by We The Light (Website) at Vail, CO

17. The Bouquet in Photojournalism

Capture candid moments involving the bouquet, like a child admiring it or the bride passing it to someone. These spontaneous shots add a real-life feel to the album. Below are a few examples.

Capture the wedding bouquet during bride prep.

photojournalism Elyssa KivusPhoto by Kivus and Camera (Website) at The Historic Wakefield Barn in Wake Forest, NC

Or capture the bouquet as part of the bride and groom exit.

photojournalism Kristin CheatwoodPhoto by Kristin Cheatwood (Website) at Sun Valley Resort in Idaho

Don’t forget the in-between moments.

photojournalism SOFIA CAMPLIONIPhoto by Sofia Camplioni (Website) at Florence, Italy

You can also capture the wedding bouquet as the couple is walking down the aisle during the wedding recessional.

photojournalism Blair WorthingtonPhoto by Blair Worthington (Website) at Rendezvous Lodge in Jackson, WY

More Bouquet Wedding Photos

Enjoy and get inspired by more of our favorite wedding bouquet photos below.bride holding - window light Alberto LoraPhoto by Alberto & Vanessa Photography (Website)

bride holding Andy SiddersPhoto by Andy Sidders Photography (Website) at Country Tipis wedding in Clavering in Essex , England

bride holding centered Jennifer and Joe MackeyPhoto by JCM Photography (Website) at Longleaf Vineyard in Asheville, NC

bride holding centered John FoleyPhoto by John Foley (Website) at Warehouse 109 in Plainfield, IL

bride holding Kelly ShoulPhoto by In Love and Adventure (Website) at Public Lands, Colorado in Colorado

bride holding - unique Lucia DiazPhoto by Luzye Photography (Website) at Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana, CA

bride holding Shukhrat KamalovPhoto by Shukhrat Kamalov (Website) at Hillside Country Club in Rehoboth, MA

bride holding Stefani CiottiPhoto by Stefani Ciotti (Website) at Rincon Beach Club in Malibu, CA

bride holding centered Tove LundquistPhoto by Tove Lundquist (Website) at High Court in Malmö , Sweden

bride holding Rachel JordanPhoto by Rachel Jordan (Website) at Mon Reve Garden in Spokane, Washington

bride holding Raw ShootsPhoto by Raw Shoots (Website) at Nauyaca Waterfall in Dominical, Puntarenas , Costa Rica

bridesmaids Lukas SlobodzianPhoto by 4 Eyes Photography (Website) at Azuridge Hotel in Calgary, Canada

bridesmaids bundle info@jessieanddallin.comPhoto by Jessie and Dallin (Website) at Mountainside Weddings in Kalispell, MT

with details Alexander ClemPhoto by Vow of the Wild (Website) at in Estes Park, Colorado

couples photo Christora OstersPhoto by Green Apple Weddings (Website) at Castle & Key Distillery in Versailles, Kentucky

couples photo Leif NielsenPhoto by Roc Focus (Website) at Arbor at the Port in Rochester, NY


The wedding bouquet is more than just a floral arrangement; it’s a piece of art that reflects the beauty and emotion of the wedding day. With these 17 ways to photograph it, you can ensure that this significant detail is preserved in all its glory, adding depth and variety to your wedding photography portfolio.

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