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Jun 2024

Pride Month Mini Session Fundraisers

6 min read

Looking for a way to celebrate Pride Month and stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community?  Let’s talk about Pride Month Mini Session Fundraisers!  

First, let’s recognize Pride Month!

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Like so many well-intentioned honorific festivities, Pride month has gotten wrapped up in commercialization. “Rainbow washing” is the term used to describe companies that are quick to sell merchandise or market themselves in June using symbols (like the rainbow flag) of the LGBTQ+ community but do nothing actually to provide monetary support to the community. 

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The best way to avoid rainbow washing your business during Pride Month is by committing to fundraise ethically for non-profit organizations, community groups, or other specific LGBTQ+ causes.  

As photographers, we can offer mini sessions as a fundraising tool! With a bit of strategy, you can celebrate Pride and spread love, whether you are part of the LGBTQ+ community or simply an ally with a heart for helping.

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Choose a Donation Recipient 

First, take some time to research local organizations that serve the LGBTQ+ community. By keeping your donation partnership hyper-local, you can feel more confident that your fundraising dollars will directly support your neighbors and other residents.  

Contact the organization and tell them about your idea of hosting a series of mini-photograph sessions. They may even help you get the word out about the event!  Be sure to discuss with them the best way to deliver the donated funds, whether by check or bank transfer or if they would like to have a representative on hand during the event to collect additional cash donations. 

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For 501 c-3 nonprofits, it is always a good idea to check their rating through and give to organizations in good standing that spend their donor funds wisely.  

Choose a Mini Session Theme

Will you offer rainbow glitter sessions? Or build a custom set featuring various pride flags? Or keep things simple and stay within your usual style? 

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The theme is entirely up to you, and you don’t have to drench every photo in rainbow colors (though that’s ok, too!)  The whole point of Pride is to embrace the entire spectrum of human expression. So, choose your theme and create some example photos to use to market your mini sessions.

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Set Your Fundraising Goal

Decide in advance how much money you hope to raise for the recipient you’ve chosen. Then, decide how much your session fee will be and what percentage will go towards the fundraiser.  

Will you donate 100%?  50%?  25%? 

That is entirely up to you and your business needs – not everyone can afford to donate their full earnings, and that’s okay! Just figure out for yourself what percentage makes the most sense and include that in your marketing for the mini sessions.  Clients will want to know exactly how much money you intend to give on their behalf to the cause, so be clear and upfront about your intentions.  

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Have a Happy Pride!

Once your mini sessions are complete, deliver your donation to your chosen recipient and be sure to document that exchange. Your audience will LOVE to see you following through with your donation commitment.  

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You can rest assured that clients will be motivated to sign up for your mini session fundraiser knowing they’ll be supporting a cause near and dear to their own hearts. And you’ll get to feel good by creating meaningful photos, embracing inclusion, and bringing positive change to the LGBTQ+ community.  Happy Pride!

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Written by Jesi Cason | Photos by Jesi Cason Photography