May 2019

ShootProof Acquires Táve, Empowering Photographers to Grow Businesses

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With complementary features and integrations, ShootProof and Táve share a commitment to empowering photographers to grow their businesses. Now with more resources to invest, the team is poised to scale, delivering deeper integrations and more powerful features to photographers.

Exactly how awesome IS this news?

Whether photographers are just starting a photography business or growing to serve more clients, ShootProof and Táve minimize busy work and maximize profits. The combination of galleries and photography studio management software gives photographers more access to tools to grow their businesses. Coupled with an investment from Providence Strategic Growth, the acquisition means access to robust features, tighter integrations, and the fantastic Táve team.

Táve has a powerful product, a great team and wonderful customer service, all reflected in the incredible loyalty of their customers,” says Colin Breece, CEO and Co-Founder of ShootProof. “We’re excited to offer our customers the benefits of a comprehensive solution as well as the continued flexibility to choose and integrate with other leading providers. It’s a great combination because Táve and ShootProof share the same deep commitment to customer success.”

Táve serves photographers from the beginning of their client’s experience to the end, managing everything from leads to proposals to financial reporting. ShootProof helps photographers share and sell photos in beautiful client galleries. They complement each other, empowering photographers from the moment they make the choice to start a photography business. In fact, thousands of photographers are already using ShootProof and Táve together!

“We founded Táve with the vision of helping photographers more easily run their creative business and achieve their dreams,” says Adrian Ziemkowski, Co-Founder of Táve. “Colin and the ShootProof team have been an amazing partner for us. Their powerful platform, incredible growth and large team will enable us to realize our vision at scale.”

Why are ShootProof and Táve a great combination for photographers?

Empowering photographers to build successful and sustainable businesses is more than a tagline; it’s a commitment. Fulfilling this commitment takes work–and lots of collaboration. By joining forces, the teams at ShootProof and Táve will be able to collaborate more, investing in deeper integrations.

“When my clients view their galleries and place orders through ShootProof, they instantly appear in Táve,” says photographer Nicole Belhumeur. “I can review orders and import them with a simple sales order, automatically created by Táve with all the information from ShootProof–it’s so easy!”

“Táve helps me book clients faster and manage clients efficiently by taking care of tasks like proposals, invoices, and contracts. As I grew my photo business and expanded into multiple brands with hundreds of clients, Táve grew with me,” says photographer Joe Dantone. “Their automations enable me to step away from emails and office work–the system works for me!”

empowering photographers

Photo by Joe Dantone Photography

At this point, you probably have questions. We want to hear them! Here are some FAQs. Please share yours in the comments.

#1: What if I don’t use Táve?

ShootProof values community over competition. We believe every photographer is free to create, choosing a photography studio management software solution that works for them. If that system is Táve, yay!  Using another integrated partner? We still support them – and you. If you’re using ShootProof invoices and contracts, you can tap into Táve when you need features like:

  • Questionnaires
  • Quotes
  • Lead tracking
  • Workflow automation
  • Financial reporting

#2: What if I don’t use ShootProof?

If you’re already part of the growing Táve community, we welcome you to try ShootProof. The platforms play well together and will set you up for success. Using another platform? That’s okay– we’re here when you’re ready to showcase your work with beautiful online galleries that match your brand and style.

#3: My business relies on both ShootProof AND Táve! What do I do now?

Get excited! From deeper integration to new features, there’s a lot to look forward to. Empowering photographers is what matters most to us. When you succeed by booking more clients, making more money, and enjoying more freedom, we succeed too. We are committed to helping you build the business of your dreams. In the meantime, reach out and let us know what we can build to make your business better.

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