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Feb 2024

The Art of the Dip: Tips for Photographing The Iconic Wedding Pose

9 min read

The dip is a pose brimming with romance, trust, and drama, making it a standout addition to any wedding photography collection. This iconic shot captures a moment of closeness and theatrical flair that few other poses can match.

Mastering the dip pose can elevate your wedding photography, offering couples breathtaking images of their love and trust in each other. Here’s how you can excel at capturing this captivating pose, ensuring it becomes a highlight of your wedding photography portfolio. dip dip, moody Photo by Marie Filonenko (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at University library in Poznań Poland

Ensure the Safety of the Wedding Couple

First and foremost, safety is paramount. Before attempting the dip, communicate clearly with the couple about the mechanics of the pose to ensure they are comfortable and balanced. A safe dip is about trust and support, with the groom firmly supporting the bride and the bride maintaining some control over the movement.  Never do the dip pose on an unstable surface.  Also, gauge the strength of the person doing the dip to ensure that he or she can safely execute the pose. dip scenic, nature Photo by Francis Sylvest (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at San Juan Mountains in Silverton, Colorado

Try a Half Dip for a More Subtle Look

Not every moment calls for a full, dramatic dip. Sometimes, suggesting a half dip for those who prefer subtlety is fitting. This involves a slight lean back rather than a full dip, maintaining the elegance and intimacy of the moment without the depth. dip nature, black and white, romanitc Photo by Charles Moll (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) Charles Moll at Gallatin River Lodge in Montana

Use a Lower Dip for a More Dramatic Look

For couples ready to embrace the drama, guide them into a lower dip. This requires practice and confidence but results in a stunning, cinematic shot. Ensure the groom’s footing and grip are secure for a safe and graceful pose. dip dip Photo by Life and Lights Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Little Red Barn At Nunica in Nunica, MI

Add a Kiss in Your Dip Pose

Amplify the romance by incorporating a kiss into the dip. This adds an emotional depth to the photo, capturing a moment of passion. Timing is key to get the perfect shot, so be prepared to capture quickly. dip dip engagement Photo by Picturist Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Mt. Madonna County Park in Santa Cruz, California

Capture the Dip During the First Kiss

Adding a dip to the first kiss can transform an already magical moment into an unforgettable photograph. This combines the timeless tradition of the first kiss with the dramatic flair of a dip, creating a powerful symbol of passion and unity. dip first kiss dip Photo by John Foley (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Monte Bello Estate in Lemont, IL

To capture this, communication with the couple is key; they need to feel comfortable and balanced in their pose, especially at such a pivotal moment. This shot requires anticipation and quick reflexes but capturing the essence of the couple’s love during the first kiss with a dip can be one of the most rewarding shots of the day.

Capture the Dip During the Ceremony Recessional

The ceremony recessional presents a spontaneous opportunity to capture a dip, especially if the couple is exiting to cheers and applause. This adds a celebratory vibe to the shot. dip recessional dip Photo by Party of Two (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Twickenham House in West Jefferson, NC dip recessional, dip Photo by 2 Brides Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Rånäs Slott in Stockholm Sweden dip recessional dip Photo by Tekoa Rose Photo (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Neskowin Beach State Recreation Site in Neskowin, Oregon dip recessional dip Photo by Kristin Cheatwood (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Lakeside at Five Arrow in Social Circle, GA

Capture the Dip at the Wedding Arch Before or After the Ceremony

Capturing the dip at the wedding arch, whether before the ceremony as a part of first-look photos or after the vows have been exchanged, offers a picturesque setting that embodies the romance of the day. The wedding arch, often adorned with flowers and natural elements, frames the couple beautifully, adding a symbolic gateway to their new life together. This moment, set against the backdrop of the arch, can be particularly emotive and visually striking.

Photo by Lin and Jirsa (Website | Wedding Maps Profile)

Capture the Dip During the Dances at the Reception

The first dance or any subsequent dances like the parent dances or last dance at the reception are ideal for dip photographs. The natural movement and emotional highs contribute to capturing a moment that’s both intimate and exhilarating.

elyssa@kiv dip last dance Photo by Kivus and Camera (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Cotton Room in Durham, North Carolina dip extreme dip Photo by Ladman Studios (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Candlewood Inn in Brookfield CT

Capture the Dip During the Wedding Exit

A wedding exit, amidst sparklers or soft lighting, is a magical time for a dip photograph. The ambient lighting and festive atmosphere enhance the romance and excitement of the pose. dip sparkler exit dip Photo by Cindy Brown (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) in John’s Creek, GA

Use the Dip Pose in Beautiful Scenic Locations

Incorporate the dip in scenic locations to add a breathtaking backdrop to the romance. Whether it’s a sunset beach, a natural mountain, a lush garden, or a historic building, the right setting can elevate the dip to a work of art. dip Dip, scenic Photo by Oli and Steph (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Cuillin Mountains in Isle of Skye Scotland dip dip, ice location Photo by Scenic Vows (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Knik Glacier in Palmer, Alaska dip half dip, wide Photo by PMC Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The Farm in Norco, California

Use the Dip Pose in Engagement Photography

Don’t wait for the wedding day to capture a beautiful dip. Engagement sessions are a perfect time to practice and capture this romantic pose, adding variety to the couple’s photo collection. dip dip enagement Photo by Sean Thurston (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at University of VA in Charlotesville, VA

Capture the Dip During a Night-Time Photo Session

A night-time photo session offers a unique opportunity to play with lighting and capture a dip surrounded by the magical ambiance of the evening. Use off-camera flashes or ambient lights to create a moody, romantic scene.

 dip dip night Photo by 1836 Photographie (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Harper Hill Ranch in Seguin, Texas

Other Dip Photos For Your Inspiration dip first dance dip Photo by Stephen Mayo (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Jedediah Hawkins Inn in Jamesport, NY dip first kiss dip Photo by Stephanie Sonju (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Pelican Grand in Fort Lauderdale

FAQs on Photographing Dips at Weddings dip dip recessional Photo by Kelsey Sheehan (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Fan Pier Park in Boston, MA dip dip, greenery, medium crop Photo by Tee and Rebecca (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Gardner Ranch in Carmel, CA

Q: How can I make sure the dip looks natural and not posed?

A: Encourage the couple to focus on their connection and emotion rather than the camera. A genuine moment of intimacy will always look more natural than a strictly posed one.

Q: What lens is best for capturing a dip at a wedding?

A: A versatile lens like a 24-70mm f/2.8 allows you to quickly adjust from wide shots to close-ups, making it ideal for capturing the dynamic nature of a dip in various settings.


Photographing dips at weddings is about blending technique with creativity. By ensuring the couple’s safety, choosing the right moment, and incorporating the dip into various settings and times of the day, you can capture breathtaking images that epitomize romance and drama. These moments become timeless treasures for couples, showcasing their love and trust in a single, stunning pose.

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