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Mar 2024

57 Women Photographers to Watch

23 min read

Meet 57 women making photographs that inspire, engage, and tell the most important stories of all: their own.

57 Women Photographers to Watch

To honor International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’ve curated a list of phenomenal female photographers we love here at ShootProof. These women are fine artists, wedding photographers, portrait makers and birth storytellers, published creatives, and brand-new shooters.

They are a small sampling of the women photographers you should follow: women with courage, creativity, and a fierce determination to leave their own marks on this wild, wonderful world.

Adina Davis' black and white photo of a young Black child wearing an astronaut helmet.

Photo: Adina Davidson

Adina Davidson | @adinadavidsonphotography

Adventure Instead's photo of newlyweds hugging in the snow. They're both wearing snow shoes.

Photo: Adventure Instead

Adventure Instead (Maddie Mae, Amber, and Tori) | @adventureinstead

Amber Fouts' photos depict a smiling, mustachioed man selling doughnuts from a kiosk; then a smiling Black woman wearing a white shirt and jeans sitting against a pink studio backdrop.

Photos: Amber Fouts

Amber Fouts | @amberfouts

Amy Anaiz's photos depict a pregnant Black woman in a gray studio wearing a sheer black gown; then a photograph of two slim Black models wearing pink lingerie against a tan backdrop.

Photos: Amy Anaiz

Amy Anaiz


Aneta Lehotska's wedding photo depicts two newlyweds processing up the aisle as their guests shower them with flower petals.

Photo: Aneta Lehotska

Aneta Lehotska | @aneta_lehotska

Ara Roselani's portrait of a bride and groom standing on a mossy, fallen log in the middle of a pacific northwest forest.

Photo: Ara Roselani

Ara Roselani | @aralani

Photo: Ashleigh Coleman's photo of a toddler wearing only a diaper, wandering into a corn field

Photo: Ashleigh Coleman

Ashleigh Coleman | @ashleighcoleman

Birdee's underwater photograph of a nude woman with flowing red hair. The sun flare spilling into the water looks like the tentacles of a massive jellyfish.

Photo: Birdee

Birdee (Jamie Johnson) |

Photo: Brandi RIchardson's portrait of infant twins shows them bundled in soft cloth atop a barnwood backdrop.

Photo: Brandi Richardson

Brandi Richardson | @brandirichardsonphotography

Photo: BreAnne Weston's lifestyle image shows a mom in a yellow shirt lifting her toddler daughter into the air as her young sun jumps on the green velvet sofa next to her.

Photo: BreAnne Weston

BreAnne Weston | @breanneweston

Photo: Candy Kennedy's documentary portrait shows a young boy sitting in a row of brightly colored chairs against a wood paneled wall. His face is shielded by the open newspaper he's holding. A small black and white dog sits in the chair next to him.

Photo: Candy Kennedy

Candy Kennedy | @candykennedy

Photo: Charlotte Ani's in-home lifestyle newborn portrait depicts a mom sitting in a blue chair breastfeeding her infant. Her husband sits on the arm of the chair beside her, and their young son sits opposite his father on a small side table.

Photo: Charlotte Ani

Charlotte Ani Photography (Alexandra) | @charlotteaniphotography

Photo: Christina Karst's moody couple's boudoir portrait shows only an outline of a couple reclining on a white floor as the woman smokes a cigarette.

Photo: Christina Karst

Christina Karst | @ckboudoirstories

Website: Collette Fu's pop-up books and photo collages are supported by her travel imagery, like this photo of a man smoking a long pipe as his sits in the doorway of his home in China.

Website: Collette Fu

Colette Fu | @collette_fu

Photos: Cristin More's newborn portraits show side-by-side the difference a day makes. On the left, the baby lies on a printed sheet and the stub of their imbelical cord is visible. In the right photo, the baby's cord is gone.

Photos: Cristin More

Cristin More | @cristin_more

Photo: Diana Frohmueller's in-home lifestyle portrait of a couple depicts them reclining on a large gray sofa. An abstract painting hands on the wall behind them.

Photo: Diana Frohmueller

Diana Frohmueller | @diana_frohmueller_photography

Photo: Erin Falkenham's freelens portrait of a young girl with a pixie cut.

Photo: Erin Falkenham

Erin Falkenham | @erinfalkenham

Fernweh and Fair (Tasha Renae) | @fernwehandfairphoto

Photo: Grace Jicha's portrait of a woman in a blue bikini sitting on a rock at the edge of a lake.

Photo: Grace Jicha

Grace Jicha | @gracejichaphoto

Photos: Havanah Hamilton's images depict women in stylish slip dresses posing in the desert under a hot midday sun.

Photos: Havanah Hamilton

Havanah Hamilton


Photos: Haruka Sakaguchi's portrait of an Asian businessman sitting on the sofa in his home.

Photos: Haruka Sakaguchi

Haruka Sakaguchi | @hsakag

Photo: Holly Andres's photograph of greyhounds playing with feather pillows in a colorfully decorated room fills with trinkets, figurines, and dolls.

Photo: Holly Andres

Holly Andres | @hollyandres

Photo: Intimate Lens Studio's portrait of a woman lying nearly naked on a sofa. The natural light spills across her back and hip as she reclines.

Photo: Intimate Lens Studio

Intimate Lens Studio (Ore Adesina) | @intimatelensstudio

Photo: Iridescent Photography's lifestyle branding photograph of a crew of colorfully dressed kids sitting outside a pale blue VW van.

Photo: IRIDESCENT Photography

IRIDESCENT Photography (Nikia Paden) | @iridescentphotography.htx

Photo: J'aime Davis's double exposure of a young Black girl with braids overlaid by a close-up photograph of a blooming pink rose

Photo: J’aime Davis

J’aime Davis


Photo: Jessie Lane's portrait depicts a multi-racial family hugging and playing outside together.

Photo: Jessie Lane

Jessie Lane | @lifeinthejessielane

Photos: Joni Burtt's natural black and white images showcase children playing intently in a quiet lake.

Photos: Joni Burtt

Joni Burtt | @joniburtt

Photo: Kailey Jane's in-home portrait of a mom napping with her newborn baby.

Photo: Kailey Jane

Kailey Jane | @kaileyjanephotography

Website: Kate Bones's photographs are actually GIFs! Visit her website to see her brightly colored portraits come to life.

Website: Kate Bones

Kate Bones | @katebones

Photo: Kate Warren's documentary image of a young, white, blonde woman in a pink hat and jacket. She stands in front of the U.S. Capital holding a sign that says, "Rise up. Resist."

Photo: Kate Warren

Kate Warren | @gokateshoot

Photo: Kayla Wentzek's nighttime portrait of a couple shows them standing face-to-face in a dark forest with only their headlamps to illuminate the scene.

Photo: Kayla Wentzek

Kayla Wentzek | @wentzekphoto

Photo: Kendrick Brinson's series depicts late age individuals living their lives in Florida. In this image, only the arm of an elder is seen as they pick oranges.

Photo: Kendrick Brinson

Kendrick Brinson | @kendrickbrinson

Photos: LaJoy Cox's portraits of a Lizzo look-alike show the gorgeous woman leaning against a concrete wall as harsh sun illuminates her striking face, burgundy leather dress, and the cocktail she's holding.

Photos: LaJoy Cox

LaJoy Cox | @lajoyphotographyllc

Photos: Lalla Essaydi's series "Harem" is shot in triptychs, like this 3-part photograph showing an Indian woman reclining in an opulent doorway.

Photos: Lalla Essaydi

Lalla Essaydi | @lallaessaydi

Website: Leeor Wild's photographs feature unexpected angles, bold colors, and thoughtfully careless post-production.

Website: Leeor Wild

Leeor Wild | @leeorwild

Photo: Maddie McGarvey's portrait of a woman with flowing grey hair shows her brushing her hair back so it flows below her waist as she looks out at a bright blue sky.

Photo: Maddie McGarvey

Maddie McGarvey | @maddiemcgarvey

Photo: Martine Payne's simple portrait shows a mom in a yellow robe and orange head wrap snuggling her infant baby close as she sits on the edge of a white bed.

Photo: Martine Payne

Martine Payne | @martinepaynephotography

Photo: Mecca Gamble's personal branding portrait of a writer shows the woman wearing a red plaid suit over a t-shirt that says, "Writer". She's sitting on a set of concrete steps, holding a coffee cup, and laughing as she looks down toward her white Nikes.

Photo: Mecca Gamble

Mecca Gamble | @meccagamble

Photo: Michelle Roller's boudoir portrait of a pink-haired woman wearing a silk and fur robe as she stands on a platform before a large bay window.

Photo: Michelle Roller

Michelle Roller | @michellerollerphoto

Photo: Mille Stengaard's portrait of a bride and groom is shot against a plane, grey sky. The couple holds a massive bunch of colorful balloons that hides their faces.

Photo: Mille Stengård

Mille Stengård | @millestengaard

Photo: Min Mohd's moody portrait shows a little boy kissing his mother as they lean into a beam of light.

Photo: Min Mohd

Min Mohd (Siti Aminah Mohd Ramli) | @minmohd

Website: Natalja Kent's website features her portrait series of photo manipulations called Heliorendering.

Website: Natalja Kent

Natalja Kent | @natalja_kent

Photo: Nicole Hamic's live birth photograph is shot from overhead as a mother helps pull her new baby from the womb. Her partner sits supportively behind her in the inflatable tub, and friends and kids surround the couple with love and encouragement.

Photo: Nicole Hamic

Nicole Hamic | @nicole_hamic

Photos: Our Wild Abandon's photograph depict a lone adventurer wandering beneath a starry night sky.

Photos: Our Wild Abandon

Our Wild Abandon (Jill and Kyla) | @ourwildabandon

Photos: LaJune King's personal branding sessions include photographs of men in suits, women holding cameras, fashionista's reclining on a velvet sofa, and more.

Photos: LaJune King

Photos by LJK (LaJune King) | @photosbyljk

Website: Radka Dolinska's overhead image shows a man potting plants on a patio as his partner reclines on a lounge chair.

Website: Radka Dolinska

Radka Dolinska | @dolinskapics

Photo: Rebecca Kiger's black and white photo of a woman in a bikini standing in her brightly sunlit garden.

Photo: Rebecca Kiger

Rebecca Kiger | @rebecca_kiger

Website: Rita Kovtun's colorful series shows a woman in a bright blue top and orange pants leaning against a shadowy wall.

Website: Rita Kovtun

Rita Kovtun | @ritakovtun

Photo: River West's black and white portrait of two lovers almost kissing.

Photo: River West

River West | @rivergwest

Photo: Shefali Parekh's simple, muted portrait of a newborn baby swaddled in a seafoam green cloth as a white fluffy dog rests it's head on the baby's belly.

Photo: Shefali Parekh

Shefali Parekh | @shefaliparekh

Website: Sheila Pree Bright's series of mourners and protesters holding American flags and begging for the violence against Black people and People of Color to stop.

Website: Sheila Pree Bright

Sheila Pree Bright | @shepreebright

Photo: Stephanie Foden's dusk portrait of a young man wearing a devil mask.

Photo: Stephanie Foden

Stephanie Foden | @stephaniefoden

Photos: The Frenchs lifestyle fashion portraits of a young man in a parking garage.

Photos: The Frenchs

The Frenchs (Amanda French) | @thefrenchsllc

Photos: Traci Lester's photographs of Black babies, toddlers, and families

Photos: Traci Lester

Traci Photographs (Traci Lester)


Photo: Tropico's brightly-colored photographs depict products and people like never before

Photo: Tropico

Tropico Photo (Michelle Norris) | @tropicophoto

Photo: Yasmina Cowan's in-home lifestyle portrait of a dad sitting on a hardwood floor and leaning against a bed as his son reclines in his lap smiling into his face.

Photo: Yasmina Cowan

Yasmina Cowan | @yasminacowan

Website: Yellow Bird Visuals creates stunning photograph series that tell stories and bring moments to life.

Website: Yellow Bird Visuals

Yellow Bird Visuals (Michaella Jelin-Till) | @yellowbirdvisuals

Written by ANNE SIMONE | Header photo by AIÓNY HAUST