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From contracting and invoicing to email marketing and gallery sales.

Sell your work

Custom price sheets
Choose what you sell and set your own prices. (Or tap into ShootProof’s suggested pricing templates!) You can create multiple price sheets in your account, assigning one to each gallery you set up.
Everyone loves a discount. Create promo codes, limited-time sales, and discounts  that will motivate gallery visitors to click BUY. You’re 100% in control and can customize discounts for each gallery.
Selling your work just got easier.  Presenting curated packages and product bundles makes purchasing a breeze for your clients. Tap into the power of sales psychology and watch your profits soar!
Clients can quickly select photos for albums, wall prints, and other products. You’ll never have to guess which photos are meant for which products, or spend time emailing back-and-forth with your client for clarification.
Paid downloads
Never burn another CD or create a USB– ShootProof can automate the process for you. Charge custom fees for digitals, or choose to offer them for free. Your work, your way!
Email campaigns
Staying in contact with clients is an easy way to put extra cash in your pocket. Run seasonal deals, flash sales, and send gallery expiration reminders. Galleries with an email campaign earn nearly 40% higher sales!.
Protect your photography business with professional contracts. In a few steps, you can enable clients to sign legal documents on any device. Use your own photography contracts, or purchase a template from the ShootProof Marketplace. Learn about contracts.
Create professional invoices in a few simple steps. Then you can easily accept payments online for session fees, retainers, and more.
Learn about invoices
Online payments
Think of ShootProof as a personal assistant for your business. Make it easy for clients to pay you using online payments for session fees, retainers, and more.
Event app
Get leads, grow your marketing list, increase sales and allow guests from an event to view and share  photos. Simpy use the app to collect email addresses from guests during an event.Then let them know when photos are ready for viewing,
100% commission-free
ShootProof never charges a commission on your sales. (Ever.) Our photographers have made over $600 million in sales; we’ve taken $0. We want to grow with your business, so our service is as flexible as you need it to be.
Have you ever gotten a client call begging for online access to a gallery they forgot to download, or images they forgot to order? When you use ShootProof archiving, you can offer your clients peace of mind. Their memories are safe with you–simply charge them a safe storage fee. Then you can reactivate any past gallery with one click. All your client details, passwords, and albums remain intact!
Promotional banners
Add promotional banners to your online galleries and watch print sales soar! This nifty feature enhances both promo codes and custom messages. You can run seasonal deals and drive more print sales.

Control your brand

You’re building more than a photography business–you’re building a brand. Customize your galleries with logos, fonts, colors, watermarks, and more. Your brand is always showcased.
Protect your images with watermarks. You can automatically watermark your photos as they are uploaded and ensure your work is safe.
Your galleries are yours–branding is always top of mind! That’s why your logo will be at the top of every gallery, on contracts, invoices, and emails sent through ShootProof.
Get access to visual themes for your Galleries. You can create unique Color Sets for each genre of photography you shoot. Choose between a light or dark gallery theme to match your branding.
Align the look-and-feel of your galleries with font choices. You can customize to match your brand and style, impressing clients at every turn!
Multiple brands
Seamlessly switch between different brands in the same account–without logging out! Each brand can use unique logos, colors, fonts, styles, and more.
Custom subdomains
For a professional appearance and consistent brand experience, you can create a custom subdomain of your existing website so your ShootProof Portfolio Website appears as if it's a part of that website.
Portfolio Website
Build a simple photography website in seconds — no coding required! Complete with a Homepage, About Page, and Contact Page, this simple solution lets you showcase your work and connect with potential clients on the same platform you deliver and sell your photos

Manage your business

Sales overview
Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to boosting sales. ShootProof’s reporting helps you see which galleries generate the most sales, review costs like lab fees and shipping.
Understand your business health and get smarter with built-in reports. You can see which galleries generate the most sales, track your invoice payments, download a .csv file of payments, and more.
Integrations with powerful studio management software like Táve and music licensing service like TripleScoop music give you a competitive advantage.
Táve integration
Táve is the most customizable and robust photography studio management software in the world. With powerful customizations and automations, you can make every client feel like your only client. Pull ShootProof galleries into Táve and see your clients’ faces alongside their names.
Contracts and invoices
Keep your business legal (and your clients happy) with professional business tools like contracts and invoices. They’re built right into your ShootProof plan and let you spend more time being creative.

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