Integrated partners

Choose the tools you love to use. ShootProof integrates with some of the best software and services in the photo industry.
Tave logo
Táve offers completely brandable online booking and invoicing, questionnaires, expense tracking, email activity monitoring, and workflows. Your ShootProof client order details are automatically displayed in your Táve account.
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Triple Scoop Music logo
Triple Scoop Music is the amazing music licensing service loved by the world’s leading photographers and event filmmakers. Add emotion and energy to your ShootProof slideshows and galleries with an incredible range of streaming music collections!
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27 Hats logo
17hats is a proven all-in-one suite of business tools that helps small businesses stay organized, systemize processes, and grow! This comprehensive system includes lead management, booking coordination (quotes, contracts, invoices), customer communication integrations (email, calendar, payment processors), daily dashboard, dynamic workflows, at-a-glance financials, and bookkeeping.
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Iris Works logo
Iris Works Iris Works simplifies the business side of photography with client questionnaires, workflows, automated messaging, and more. Your ShootProof galleries are automatically generated from your Iris Works bookings!
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Light Blue logo
Light Blue helps photographers get organized by tracking inquiries, shoots, client communication, and more. Your clients' order information is automatically imported from ShootProof, and business financials are easily managed!
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Pixifi logo
Pixifi is a web-based studio management system designed to make your business more organized. Your client order details from ShootProof can be displayed directly in your Pixifi account. Track leads, clients, events, projects, invoices, payments, contracts, and more.
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ShootQ logo
ShootQ is a virtual studio manager that organizes your business and lets you keep track of tasks, appointments, contracts, and more. Your ShootProof galleries and their main contacts are automatically generated from your ShootQ bookings!
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Kiss logo
Kiss Books is driven to make the album experience simple. Design, share, and order your albums in minutes- from any web browser. Get your time back by uploading to ShootProof then design, share, and order your albums with Kiss!
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Album Parrot logo
Album Parrot is an online album-proofing service that integrates directly with your ShootProof galleries to provide one-window album review and approval of wedding albums, accordion books, and more.
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ShootDotEdit logo
ShootDotEdit is the first choice post-processing company for professional wedding photographers. Upload your photos to ShootDotEdit for professional retouching, and they’ll automatically send your files directly to your ShootProof account for you.
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Two Bright Lights logo
Two Bright Lights is a collaborative network designed to get your images published. You submit your work to be reviewed for publication, and they help make it happen. You can import your photos directly from your ShootProof galleries.
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Studio Ninja logo
Studio Ninja is the world’s most user-friendly photography business app for web and mobile. Designed specifically for photographers, Studio Ninja helps you manage shoots, clients, leads, invoices, workflows, and integrates seamlessly with ShootProof galleries.
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Session is a scheduling tool that enables you to give your clients an unforgettable, streamlined booking experience without excessive email chains and DMs. Your ShootProof galleries are automatically created when you book clients using Session.
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