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Oct 2015

Best Feature You’ve Never Used: Automated Emails

2 min read

Email is often the easiest way to contact your clients, whether it’s to ask them a question, to give them information about a session or an event, or to remind them about a payment or upcoming deadline. But trying to find time to dedicate entirely to sending and responding to emails can be cumbersome.

So, let your ShootProof account work for you by utilizing the automated emails feature! These programmed emails take just a few steps to set up, and they’ll remove the burden of having to remember to keep up on those email-related tasks.

Why use automated emails?

Using the email automations means that you no longer have to think about sending marketing emails, purchase reminders, or warnings that a gallery is about to expire. You’re able to focus on other important aspects of our business, without being bogged down with managing communication.

What types of emails would I send automatically?

– Let visitors know about special promotions or sales (“Use promo code SALE by December 1st to receive 20% off your order”)

– Contact visitors as a reminder a day or two before the gallery expires and possibly provide a sense of urgency (“You’re running out of time to place your order!”)

– Set up an email to be automatically sent to clients who have items sitting in their shopping carts (“Hey, client, did you need some help with placing that order?”)

Automated emails can also be sent to clients to whom you’ve sent an Invoice, as reminders that their payments are due or as follow-ups (“Your invoice was due yesterday”)

How do I set up automated emails?

First, you’ll create the individual emails in your ShootProof account (we call them “templates”). Customize the subject line, headline, button text, and body of the message.

Next, create an automation series. This is where you’ll choose the individual emails you want included, and the order you want them sent. You’ll also customize who the recipients of the emails will be.

Finally, turn on your automation series in the Settings area of the gallery when you create it. You’ll go to your Dashboard and click Photos > Galleries > Quick Actions > Settings > Advanced and select the series there.

Tell us in the comments below: What are some unique ways you’re using (or are planning to use) automated emails? Do you have any clever email marketing tips?

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