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May 2020

Instagram for Photographers: 19 Feeds You Need to Follow

21 min read

Workshops, conferences, expos, and meetups are all great resources for your photography business. But what about that daily boost of inspiration and education?

We’ve curated 19 Instagram feeds we think every photographer should follow. Learn, grow, and show up every day like the empowered bada$$ we know you are.

The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

Photos by KENDRA LYNECE – find her on Instagram!

#1: Homeroom

Homeroom offers online and in-person training to help you build a photography business that lasts. Want to retire someday? Homeroom can help get you there!

Instagram: @creativehomeroom


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

“Honing in on your business’ core target market is going to end up saving you YEARS worth of wasted time and money.” – Homeroom

#2: The Design Space Co.

The Design Space Co. does more than sell beautiful website templates. They also share great design tips and prompt thoughtful creativity – like this post on finding font pairings.

Instagram: @thedesignspaceco


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

“Calling all type nerds!” – The Design Space Co.

#3: Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer is the go-to for any photography business owner who’s ready to grow their online marketing skills. You can even take their online classes and earn digital marketing certifications!

Instagram: @digitalmarketer


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

DO tell a story instead of simply pitching your stuff.” – Digital Marketer

HOMEWORK: Follow To Make Friends

Find three new-to-you photographers with solid work, but with fewer Instagram followers than you. Follow them, and leave them a few complimentary comments. Instagram networks grow the same way your in-person networks are built: through personal outreach! Plus: we believe #PhotographersSupportPhotographers – at least all the good ones do.

The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

Photo by Kendra Lynece

#4: For Women Who Roar

For Women Who Roar’s Instagram content overflows with mindfulness reminders, empowering messages, and creativity prompts with a feminine lilt. But we like FWWR for anyone with a photography business. After all, every single one of us can benefit from reminders that we’re pretty great just as we are.

Instagram: @forwomenwhoroar


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

“Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” – Elizabeth Gilbert via For Women Who Roar

#5: Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a social media master. Don’t @ us. If you haven’t read his books, let this example be your warning: Gary pulls no punches. If you’re ready for some straight-talk and self-analysis, you’ll love this feed.

Instagram: @garyvee


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

“I see a lot of angst in the system and society these days, and I want to encourage a lot of you to start some conversations with your grandparents if you’re lucky enough to have them.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

#6: Goal Digger Podcast

Podcast host and Instagram feed curator Jenna Kutcher highlights the strategies and success stories of entrepreneurs of all kinds. Focused, hungry, goal-driven creatives can gain a lot simply by following this feed. If you’re ready for more, though, head over to the Goal Digger website and listen to Jenna’s podcast!

Instagram: @goaldiggerpodcast


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

“When I create something new, whether it’s a course, product, or new service, the first thing I ask myself is, ‘How can I automate this so it can run while I sleep?'” – Jenna Kutcher via @goaldiggerpodcast

HOMEWORK: Automate, Automate, Automate!

You’ll read it again and again: thriving businesses tend to automate as many of their processes as possible. From email sales reminders to invoice prompts to easy-sign contracts, we’re pretty big fans of automations here at ShootProof, too. Automate the stuff that slows you down so you can get back to the work you love!

The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

Photo by Kendra Lynece

#7: Moo

The Moo feed isn’t a trove of educational content, but it is a wonderwall of visual inspiration. See Moo’s most impressive business cards, posters, stickers, flyers, and more, and store up ideas for your own brand enhancements.

Instagram: @moo


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

In the above post: “Festive party invitations you’ll wish you’d thought of first.” – Moo

#8: Mint

Mint rocks because their budgeting app is FREE. Their feed rocks because it’s a terrific resource for your photography business (if you’re into saving and being smart with money and stuff like that.) Even if you don’t use Mint for your own money management, their feed will keep your finances top of mind.

Instagram: @mintapp


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

We love Mint’s Business Tips Story about cloud storage! Did you know you can Archive your ShootProof galleries to the cloud? For only $0.04 per GB per month, we’ll securely store your photographs, visitor history, and gallery settings. Or enjoy FREE Archiving if you’re using an Unlimited ShootProof account for your photography business!

#9: Gottman Institute

The Gottman Institute is all about relationships. What does this have to do with your photography business? Everything. When you keep focused on healthy relationship-building, you can better understand your clients and how to connect with them.

Instagram: @gottmaninstitute


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

“Who is the rich one? The one who is happy with what he has.” – Ethics of the Fathers

HOMEWORK: Find Your “Enough”

What’s one area of your photography business in which you regularly feel you aren’t “enough?” Creative enough, focused enough, organized enough… What if, instead, you reframe these judgements as milestones? “Enough” is all too often a word of comparison. Stop looking at where your colleagues are on their paths, and embrace how far you’ve come on your own path.

The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

Photos by Kendra Lynece

#10: The Instagram Expert

If Instagram is gibberish to you, The Instagram Expert is your new bestie. Sue B. Zimmerman brings her joyful energy to delivering free tips, easy tutorials, affordable webinars, and step-by-step walkthroughs of every Instagram feature imaginable. Literally.

Instagram: @theinstagramexpert

Website: Visit Sue’s YouTube Channel

The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

“Are you INTENTIONALLY creating Instagram Stories that trigger your followers to interact with you? Three reasons why you should be…” – The Instagram Expert

#11: ISO 1200 Magazine

ISO 1200 Magazine shares all the behind-the-scenes photos you wish you’d taken yourself! Peer into the studio setups that enable our industry’s most powerful portraits, advertising images, action shots, and fashion photos.

Instagram: @iso1200magazine


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

Behind the scenes by @philtragenphoto

#12: Later Media

Later Media has some of the best Instagram Stories out there – and a delightfully colorful feed to boot! Their Stories feed is full of Guides, Freebies, Marketing, and Strategy content aimed at dramatically improving your social media skills. Plus, use the app to visually plan and schedule your Instagram posts!

Instagram: @latermedia


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

“How do you measure success with your Instagram Stories? Kelsi from @hubspot is walking you through how to get a full picture of what’s working…” – @latermedia

HOMEWORK: Start Measuring

Instagram’s native Insights offer only the broadest overview of your Instagram analytics. Start using a third-party app to plan and schedule your social media. You’ll also see in-depth reporting on your most popular posts, which hashtags are delivering results, who’s looking at your feed, and what your competition is doing. In addition to, check out these resources suggested by Hootsuite.

The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

Photo by Kendra Lynece

#13: Magnet Mod

Magnet Mod (or “MagMod”) showcases stunning photographs from various photographers alongside detailed descriptions of how the images were created – using Magnet Mod attachments, of course! Get inspired to try new techniques, and keep your photography business relevant with the latest methods.

Instagram: @magnetmod


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

“This is actually 5 exposures combined into a single multiple exposure. I shifted my focal length and white balance between each frame to get a mix of blue/orange and a mix of big bokeh and little bokeh. The silhouette exposure was created using a Godox V860ii with the Creative Orange MagGel. Nikon D5 | 35mm | F/2.2 | 1/640th | ISO 400” –  @iluminastudios via @magnetmod

#14: Work Party

Work Party makes work more fun. Learn from their feed. Listen to their podcast. You’ll come away inspired and excited to get to work! (Unless you hate pink. ‘Cuz there’s a LOT of pink over there.)

Instagram: @workparty

Website: Work Party Podcast

The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

“In our Paying It Forward episode of #WorkParty the podcast, @kristenanniebell shared her thoughts and advice for making the world a better place, one responsible biz at a time.” – @workparty

#15: PPA

If you’re not already a member of Professional Photographers of America, their IG feed will convince you to join. Education and inspiration abound, not to mention event reminders, special discounts, contests, and some pretty relatable memes.

Instagram: @ourppa


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

“We are a nonprofit that was created by photographers, for photographers in order to help those who want to take photography and entrepreneurship to the next level and develop profitable and sustainable businesses.” – PPA


Professional organizations like PPA make a critical impact by influencing the utmost professionalism in photography business owners. Tap into other great resources, too, like TheLawTog, to stay legal and organized.

The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

Photos by Kendra Lynece

#16: Whitney Hansen Co.

Budgeting apps are great, but sometimes you need an actual human’s help. Meet Whitney Hansen, a self-proclaimed money nerd who wants to make your money work for you.  Learn from her feed, or connect with Whitney directly for personalized financial coaching.

Instagram: @whitney_hansen_co


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

“I teach millennials how to pay off debt and gain financial independence. I give them the tools to have more fun with money, while sprinkling in a little weirdness and silliness.” – Whitney Hansen

#17: Printographers’ Society

Printed photographs have largely gone the way of those awful static-cling photo albums. Printographers’ Society is working to change that. Follow this relatively new feed to find product inspiration, selling tips, pricing education, and so much more.

Instagram: @printographerssociety


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

PRINTOGRAPHERS SOCIETY is a self-defined “community and resource center for photographers committed to providing a more meaningful experience through prints and albums, while growing their businesses beyond their wildest dreams.” 

#18: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Since 2014, ShootProof has collaborated with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep to provide free online galleries to families devastated by the death of a newborn baby. We believe deeply in the difficult work done by NILMDTS photographers, so they’re our non-profit of choice to follow on Instagram.

You certainly have causes you believe in, and organizations you support through volunteering or financial donations. Find these organizations on Instagram, and show your support through comments and likes, too. This engagement will help broaden awareness of the non-profit, expanding their reach and increasing their resources.

Instagram: @nowilaymedowntosleep


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

The photographers who volunteer with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep donate their time, talent, and compassion, providing photographs of stillborn babies and newborns for whom death is imminent.

HOMEWORK: Promote What Matters Most To You

Find one organization to be your focus non-profit in 2019. Commit to posting about them (or regramming from their feed) once or twice a month in your own Instagram feed, and consider dedicating a percentage of your 2019 sales to the organization. Your clients and followers will connect more deeply with you, knowing what you value. And you may just inspire someone else to get involved in the cause!

The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

Photo by Kendra Lynece

#19: ShootProof

Okay, so we’re a little (a lot) biased. But we think the ShootProof Instagram feed is well-worth a follow! Look for more educational content in 2019, plus continue to gain inspiration and add to your collection of photography memes. Bonus: our feed always links to our latest blog post – like this one!

Instagram: @shootproof


The Best 19 Instagram Feeds for Your Photography Business

It’s fair to say we’re pretty obsessed with meme-making. #FocusOnWhatMattersMost

Instagram for Photographers: Tips and Strategies

It’s common knowledge that Instagram is an ideal social network for photographers–it’s driven by visuals. At its core, the platform empowers you to show your photography skills and your unique vision. If you want to use Instagram to promote your photography business, here are a few ways to reach new audiences, gain new followers, and get more clients. 

Post Quality Content 

Photos are still the primary content fueling every Instagram account. It goes without saying, the photos you post should be high-quality and compelling for viewers. Otherwise, they’ll get lost in the feed, scrolling right past your work! Since you’re using the platform to promote your business, be sure to showcase your best work. 

Think About the Overall Look

The “look” of your profile helps attract new followers, earn likes, and even book clients. When someone scrolls through thousands of thumbnail-sized photos, what do they see? Sometimes, the flow of your photos affects the viewer’s decision to keep following your profile. Be consistent with a beautiful color palette, whenever possible.

Maybe someone followed you because of your style as a product photographer. If you post a different niche–like pet portraits–you won’t lose followers. However, you might get a lower engagement rate when you post things outside of your niche. Try to stick with a specific genre.

Additionally, you can post behind-the-scenes photos or videos while you’re working on a shoot. While you don’t have to restrict yourself on the photos you want to post, try to be as consistent as possible. Make sure the content you are posting is quality content that viewers will want to engage with.

Tell a Story with Great Captions

Tell your followers something about the images you post, using as much detail as possible. Share the inspiration for the photo or describe the shoot itself. You can also include information about different subjects, lighting, and locations. Remember, keep inspiring followers!

Another way to boost engagement is by asking a question or advice through the caption. People want to help; they’re more likely to comment when they can share their thoughts. 

Although it’s easy, avoid simple captions like, “Perfect wedding day with the perfect couple! [heart eyes emoji].” The problem with a caption like this is that it does very little to engage your followers. There’s no story, no call-to-action, and no connection point that someone could easily have to the post. 

Use Hashtags Strategically 

Hashtags enable you to categorize your images, which also allows viewers to discover your account using hashtags they search. Make sure that the hashtags are actually relevant to your posts. That will increase the chance of someone actually clicking on your photo.

When choosing hashtags, use some that are very specific and others that are really broad. By doing this, you can cast a wider net of who can actually discover your post. 

For example, if you’re posting a photo of a wedding you shot at San Francisco City Hall, here are some specific hashtags you might use:




Here are some broad wedding photography hashtags you might include:




Develop a Consistent Schedule

When it comes to posting on Instagram, the trick is to be consistent. Whether you’re posting photos, creating Stories, or a mixture of the two, try to keep to a consistent schedule so that followers know when to expect content from you.  

To remind followers of your work as a photographer, post photos at a time when most of your followers are online. That’s how Instagram’s algorithm picks up posts as “popular.” Additionally, your photos will get a chance to land on the “explore” tab, increasing your visibility!

The exact time of the day may depend on factors like your followers’ age, gender, and location. If you’re not sure when to post, test by trying various times to see what works best. From there, you can start to determine the consistent time that you should be posting. 

Engage and Socialize 

The use of Instagram for photographers requires becoming active participants in the community. While posting your own content is important, it’s equally (if not more) important to engage with others on the platform!

Aside from posting your photos, actively follow other accounts, like and comment, and share posts and stories to your own stories. You want to show up on other people’s feeds and notifications. Being an active participant means more people will want to engage with you, which may drive them to share your profile as well. 


Whenever you follow people, there’s a chance they’ll follow you back. You can follow many accounts, including other photographers, to watch what propels their activity in the community. 

When you choose to follow others, consider whether you’re following them for the right reasons. Don’t just follow someone in the hopes that they’ll follow you back if you’re not actually interested in the content they share.

Like and Comment 

The simple magic of liking images is that other people receive notifications about it. Be open to discovering new accounts, actively like photos that inspire you, and join in the conversation!

A comment is worth a thousand likes. Remember, comments are more noticeable and flattering than a ‘like.’ After all, comments show up right under the photo! When commenting, be genuine and try to comment thoughtfully. In addition, take time to respond to comments on your posts–this will show your followers that you do actually read comments and care what your followers have to say about your work. 

Focus on What Matters Most

Instagram has become one of the most useful marketing channels for photographers. This social network empowers you to share your vision and connect with a like-minded community. With many creative ways to grow your audience, you can use Instagram to promote your photography business!

Which Instagram feeds help YOUR photography business?

Share them in the comments below!

Written by: ANNE SIMONE | Photographs by: KENDRA LYNECE | Special thanks to Kendra’s fun, Instagram-worthy clients!

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