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Mini Sessions
Oct 2023

Book More Mini Sessions with These Helpful Email Templates

9 min read

Gorgeous autumn colors, sweater weather, cute themes — it’s easy to see why fall is a popular season for photo sessions. Mini sessions in particular are a great choice for photographers who want to book more clients and land more sales. 

If you’ve never promoted mini-sessions before, or aren’t comfortable selling to potential clients through emails, we’re here to help. Learn how to communicate with clients and book more mini sessions this season.

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Why offer mini sessions to your clients?

Mini sessions are smaller versions of the other photography services you already offer. If your portrait sessions last an hour, for example, a mini session would last 10 to 20 minutes. 

It sounds short, but that’s the point! Mini sessions give your clients a glimpse of what it’s like to work with you. And they also serve clients who may not have the time or money for a regular, full-length session but still want to book you.

mini session

If a mini session client is happy with their experience, there’s a great chance they’ll come back in the future. An engaged couple may come back for a family mini session, holiday card mini session, maternity session, you name it. They may even book a regular session if they’re ready.

Mini sessions also fill out your schedule without overbooking or missing out on clients. During the photography busy season, you may not have enough time for regular sessions, but you can squeeze in mini sessions here and there. This will keep your clients happy and your revenue coming in.

How to book more mini sessions with emails

Emails are a fantastic way to promote your mini sessions, book clients, and even sell photos and print products after the mini sessions are over. Here are a few tips for using emails to book more mini sessions with your clients.

mini session email

Send emails at the right time

We’re in the middle of fall right now — now is the time to invite your email subscribers to book you for a mini session! (If your schedule can handle it, of course.) 

If you’re already booked out, think about when you can offer mini sessions again. Then, work backward in your schedule to determine when to send emails. Four to six weeks before your mini sessions begin is a good rule of thumb. Send emails too early, and your subscribers may forget about it. Too late, and they won’t have time in their schedule to book you.

For example, if you’d like to offer holiday mini sessions starting the first weekend of December, try emailing your list the first weekend of November. Tell readers to mark their calendars and book you now before the holiday mayhem begins. You can send a reminder email after Black Friday, too.

mini session email templates

Here’s an example of an email you might use for mini sessions for families and couples:

Mini Session Email Template: Invite People to Book You

Subject line: Mini photo sessions at ⅓ of the price? Heck yes!

Preheader: Need a new holiday card? I got you covered.

Hey there, [First Name]!

Everyone’s favorite season is here! Fall is the time for leaf peeping, pie baking, sweater wearing, and enjoying cooler weather before the holidays take over.

Why not commemorate these gorgeous autumn moments with a mini photography session with me? I’m booking now for mini sessions from [date] to [date]!

Get a great shot of your family for gifts, framed photos, or even your holiday card in a 20-minute mini session for just $[price].

Mini session spots are filling up fast, and I’m only offering them through [date], so book yours today!

[Sign Me Up]

Here if you have questions,

{Your Name]

email templates

Encourage readers to take action

One of the best ways to get clients to actually book you for a mini session? Use the right language in your emails. Your emails, and especially your calls-to-action (CTAs) should be specific and persuasive, without being annoying or pushy. Let your readers know exactly what you want them to do so they aren’t confused about what to do next.

Use strong verbs. Be straightforward and concise. Use “I” language in your CTAs that are written from your clients’ perspective. This makes CTAs sound more urgent and can help drive more sales.

Empower your clients with gorgeous galleries.

Mini Session Email Template: Reminder to Book

Subject line: Spots are filling up fast!

Preheader: Book your mini session before time runs out!

Hi [First Name],

My mini session days are coming up fast…which means the holidays aren’t much farther away!

Have YOU booked your mini session yet?

[I’m Ready – Book Now]

Mini photo sessions are perfect if you need a few new headshots, updated family photos, or a new holiday card pic. 

Plus, they’re just $[price] and 20 minutes long, so you don’t have to commit to a full-length photo session. Perfect for people with packed schedules!

Don’t wait — save your mini session spot now!

[Let’s Do This!]

Got questions about booking a mini session? Hit Reply and send them to me so I can help you out.


{Your Name]

mini sessions

Keep in touch after the mini session is over

To make your clients happy and get repeat business, you have to stay connected after your mini sessions have ended. Don’t ghost your clients after a successful mini session. This is the perfect opportunity to sell photos and print products, as well as get them to book you again.

Mini Session Email Template: Sell Prints + Products

Subject line: Need last minute holiday gifts?!

Preheader: 20% code INSIDE!

Hi [First Name],

Remember those stunning photos we took? Well, Santa called. Apparently, he’s a BIG fan.

Here’s the jolly news: Order your holiday prints in the next 48 hours and unwrap a sizzling 20% off! 

Perfect for the mantel, the in-laws, or heck, your own Secret Santa stash.

Use code: HOLIDAY20 to order NOW. 

Don’t leave Santa (or your walls) hanging!


{Your Name]

email templates for mini sessions

Whether your ordering session is in-person and online, make it special and valuable. A mini session client deserves a great client experience as much as your regular session clients do! Show them their gallery, remind them what products you offer, and let them choose what they’d like. You can automate and customize a lot of this process with ShootProof’s built-in email tools.

Here are some examples of how you can stay connected to your clients with ShootProof’s tools:

And of course, send a simple thank you message after mini session clients have made a purchase. From here, you can start emailing them regularly as a part of your overall email list.

Mini session invite

Announce your mini sessions now with ShootProof

Creating email campaigns may not come as easily to you as photography itself, but with practice (and our tips and tools), you’ll feel more confident marketing your business in no time. And with the advice shared in this blog, you’re prepared to offer mini sessions at any time of the year.

Don’t have time to use our email templates yet, but want to revisit them later when you’re ready? Totally new to using our Email Campaigns feature? We answer all your Email Campaign questions on our ShootProof Support page.

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