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Apr 2020

Boudoir Photo Poses that will Make Her Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous

8 min read

Learn OWN Boudoir’s top-selling boudoir poses and create an amazing boudoir photography portfolio of your own. Your clients will look and feel incredible!

Boudoir photography tips for posing like a pro

It doesn’t matter if you’re a portrait photographer, a wedding photographer, a commercial photographer, or even a school photographer. “If you haven’t been asked for boudoir pictures, then it’s only a matter of time,” says Sarah Witherington, founder, and lead photographer at OWN Boudoir.

In this post, we’ll explore OWN’s most popular boudoir poses—the poses that have made her brand a worldwide success!

Tried and true tips for top-tier boudoir photography

“I’ve learned each of these boudoir photo tips through years of experience,” explains Sarah, “from providing custom service, to enduring long nights editing in Photoshop, to paying attention to which images and boudoir poses my clients spend money on.”

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OWN Boudoir's black and white portrait of a blonde woman sitting on a bed with her ankles crossed

OWN Boudoir

Prep Tip #1: Get to know each client before her boudoir shoot

Sarah and her team get to know each client via a questionnaire series that they email in the weeks leading up to the boudoir photo shoot.

“We have questionnaires that cover their hair and makeup ideas, the music they want to listen to, where the like to shop, the reason they are having a boudoir session, etc.” Sarah reveals.

An alternative to email communication? Get your client on a Zoom call or invite them into your studio for a relaxed face-to-face before their photo shoot.

#ShootProofPRO Tip

Ask these five questions to help you better understand your client:

  1. What images inspire you the most?
  2. Are there any insecurities or “trouble spots” that you’d like to avoid in your boudoir photos?
  3. Do you have any physical limitations that may prevent you from accomplishing certain boudoir poses?
  4. What do you LOVE about yourself and your appearance?
  5. Describe the ideal image of yourself that we could create in photographs?

Prep Tip #2: Practice explaining each pose

Describe each pose clearly—and don’t be afraid to demonstrate it yourself!

Sarah says, “Talking to your client throughout the posing process will help put them at ease. Make sure you also cheer your client on, too, so that they know they are doing a great job!”

Sarah Says: How to get a defined jawline

“Some of my best-understood boudoir posing instructions will incite a little laughter from my clients,” says Sarah. “One of my favorite examples is when I’m wanting a client to make their jaw more defined (eliminating a double chin) I’ll say something like: “Stick your chin out like a turtle!” That will always get a little giggle!

Prep Tip #3: Change your perspective

When a pose isn’t quite coming together the way you imagined it, Sarah recommends that you change your perspective. “I’ll adjust my angle or the height from which I’m shooting,” Sarah explains. “Changing your perspective in the middle of a boudoir pose will ensure that you don’t skip over the best angle for your client!”

OWN Boudoir's photo of a Black woman posing in only black undies and a black suit jacket

OWN Boudoir

Prep Tip #4: Check the details

“Before your shutter clicks, take one last glance through your viewfinder for any minor adjustments that you could make in order to perfect the pose and please your client,” advises Sarah. “If you were able to talk with your client pre-shoot about any hesitations or insecurities they may have, then you’ll know exactly what to look for!”

OWN Boudoir's color portrait of a woman wearing only a black sweater

OWN Boudoir

Sarah’s top-selling boudoir photography poses

OWN Boudoir’s top-selling boudoir poses are the poses they know their clients will always select as part of their album or digital collection (or both!)

It’s helpful to have a set of three to five boudoir poses that you know will work well with most clients,” Sarah suggests. “Having a set of go-to boudoir photo poses will help you to never get stuck without ideas during a session.”

Top-selling pose #1: From behind

“When I ask a client for inspiration images for their boudoir shoot,” Sarah tells us, “my clients always send a boudoir photo from behind along with the comment: Just make my butt look like this!

“Angle your camera from behind the client in order to get the best shot,” Sarah recommends. “If you position yourself too far forward, your client will mostly be photographed from the side, and you won’t be able to see the rear enough for a flattering image.”

Get clients. Get paid. Get happy.

Top-selling pose #2: Lying on her back

In OWN’s experience, poses on the back are the most flattering to the full body.

“When executing this pose, I like to position myself at the client’s head and shoot down the body,” describes Sarah. “In this pose, the chin must be raised toward the camera. This defines the client’s face a bit more and also prevents the chin from disappearing into the neck.”

Top-selling pose #3: Chest portrait

“I love a great boudoir portrait that features the face AND the chest,” raves Sarah. “Try putting your client in an off-the-shoulder sweater for a more casual vibe. If your client is on the edgier side then add a choker style necklace to this look—or even a harness.”

Sarah also recommends this pose if you’re shooting implied nudity. Have your client cover their chest with a sheet or a blanket for a great ‘nude’ photo that doesn’t reveal too much!

OWN Boudoir's color portrait of a woman's chest in lacy lingerie

OWN Boudoir

Ways to use ShootProof for your boudoir galleries

Did you know that ShootProof offers many ways to empower your boudoir clients and make them feel comfortable every step of the way?

Here’s how!

#1: Privacy settings

Make sure your galleries are safe from the public eye by requiring your clients to input a password before being able to view and download their images.

Boudoir photographers frequently photograph some pretty intimate poses, which may include a few images that are a tad more revealing than your client is comfortable sharing.

With the Hide button, your client can decide how much they want to reveal when they share their gallery with friends and family.

Use ShootProof Contact Privileges to allow your clients to Hide Photos

#2: Hide photos

The “Hide” feature allows your client to control which photos are for their eyes only.

ShootProof gallery settings for a client's Contact Privileges

#3: Self-Fulfill products

You also have the option to self-fulfill products for your clients. This means that your client will order directly from you, rather than a print lab. As the photographer, you can choose the best way to print your clients’ images and keep their privacy a top priority.

#4: Boudoir contracts

ShootProof’s Contracts tool empowers photographers to run their most efficient photography business yet! We have boudoir contracts ready for you to send your beautiful clients today!

Contracts & invoices for Pros

Printing boudoir photos with ShootProof

Printing your client’s boudoir photos with ShootProof is easier than ever with our professional print labs!

You have options to self-fulfill, where your clients order through you and then you place the order with your favorite lab, OR, your clients can order directly with one of our integrated lab partners! Make sure to check out all of our options here!

  • BayPhoto
  • Miller’s Professional Imaging
  • WHCC
  • Black River Imaging
  • MPIX
  • Richard Photo Lab
  • Loxley Color (UK, Europe and Mexico)
  • Atkins Pro Lab (Australia and New Zealand)
  • HC Pro (Australia and New Zealand)
  • GTA Imaging (Canada)
  • Print Refinery (Canada)
  • Technicare (Canada)

Written by ANNE SIMONE | Featuring SARAH WITHERINGTON from OWN Boudoir

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