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Sep 2023

Increasing Client Confidence Starts with Increasing Your Own

9 min read

Hey there, talented photographer! We all know that feeling of self-doubt that sometimes sneaks into our creative souls. Even after hundreds of photo shoots I still get impostor syndrome from time to time. Everyday is an opportunity to build our confidence muscles and step more into our leadership. That’s why today I’ll be sharing some empowering ways to boost your confidence and leave your clients awestruck in the process. Why? Because building our OWN confidence increases client’s confidence in us!

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Acknowledge your feeling & focus forward

First things first, having moments of doubt is actually good because it means you’re pushing yourself to grow. Take a deep breath, acknowledge the feeling, and then channel your energy into productive action. Create a BIG vision for your business and life. Knowing exactly what we want to achieve brings focus and propels us forward on the challenging days. 

I invite you to write down three things you desire to achieve professionally in the next year, and three things you want your business to provide for you personally. You may not know the HOW yet, just focus on the VISION. 

Get clients. Get paid. Get happy.

Instill client confidence by upgrading your brand 

Investing in your branding is like putting on a power suit—it instantly boosts your confidence and attracts aligned clients! Take a moment to evaluate your own brand identity including your website, social media presence, and photography portfolio. Upgrading your brand sends a powerful message to potential clients that you’re a pro who takes their craft seriously. 

Streamline your systems

Your workflows and software systems are a reflection of your brand as well. I get that you want to keep your business lean, but don’t skimp on the necessities. Shootproof is the first software I invested in as a professional photographer because it’s a seamless way to deliver beautiful custom galleries. Powerful client facing tools like Shootproof save you tons of time, reduce stress, and make you feel more legit! 

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Master the art of pricing

I’m very passionate about empowering photographers to raise their prices. The steaks are very high for our industry, especially when you learn that only 15% of photographers will still be in business year three! 

The first step is to confidently pricing is to put your CEO hat on and charge like a real business. This includes factoring in ALL your time, beyond the photoshoot and editing. I’m talking marketing, continuing education, location scouting, travel, networking, admin, sales calls, and more. How much time are you ACTUALLY spending each week in total on your business? How much do you need to charge each client to pay yourself for all of this time? Don’t forget to subtracting business expenses and taxes 😉 

Clarity builds confidence and knowing your numbers is powerful. When you stand in your own value, you attract clients who value your expertise and are willing to invest.

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It’s never too early to boldly niche

We sometimes fear that narrowing down our focus might limit our opportunities. But guess what? Niching can be liberating! It sets you apart from the sea of generalists. Marketing and scaling your business both become easier when you know exactly who you serve. Listen to those intuitive nudges about who you love working with and the type of projects that inspire you. Find your niche and let your creative genius run wild within it. Whether it’s destination elopements, pet photography, or branding (my personal fav)!

Build a beautiful business TODAY

Practice posing & click with confidence

Embrace your role as a creative director! Experiment with different poses, study posing techniques from fellow photographers, and practice, practice, practice. Our clients are nervous to step on camera and trust you to make them look their best. 

I always have a vision board (like Pinterest) prepared full of poses I want to try with every client, and I find this takes away any pre-session anxiety. If you need more support with posing check out this webinar I did all about it. As you become more comfortable directing your clients, you’ll witness their confidence bloom in front of your lens.

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Cultivate a growth mindset & invest in you

Remove the word “mastery” from your vocabulary and develop an ongoing growth mindset instead. Expand your skills, master the latest techniques, attend photography workshops, and stay updated on industry trends. Focus on being 1% better each day and only compare yourself with who you were yesterday. Comparison to others truly is the thief of our joy! Nurture your mindset, embrace personal growth, and surround yourself with a supportive community of fellow photographers who lift you up. 

Unleash your inner star 

When I read about how a photographer likes to be “behind the lens” I honestly roll my eyes because it’s so stereotypical. Getting on camera more will make you a better photographer because you’ll be able to genuinely understand how your clients feel. Building a personal brand not only helps clients remember you but also attracts those who resonate with your unique style and personality. The icing on the cake is that being unapologetically you will give your clients permission to do the same! 

Develop a signature editing style

Developing a distinctive signature edit helps create a recognizable brand that potential clients can trust. I believe we have a responsibility as photographers to accurately reflect and celebrate our client’s body, face, skin tone, and radiant energy. I am the first to raise my hand and say I have not been perfect with my edits. Watching editing tutorials, getting portfolio reviews, and educating ourselves all help with refining our skills.

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Seek feedback & take glorious action

Here’s a little secret: nobody is perfect! The sooner you embrace imperfection and put yourself out there, the quicker you will grow and evolve. Take baby steps everyday towards your desires. Sounds cliché but the only wrong action is inaction.

Take the time to listen to your client’s expectations, fears, and aspirations. My business exploded with growth when I started actively seeking constructive feedback through client experience surveys. It’s a mindset shift to receive feedback and not take any of it personally. But feedback from your clients and community is like gold! 

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Celebrate your wins!

Last but not least, don’t forget to celebrate every milestone and achievement along the way. Recognize and appreciate your progress, no matter how big. Do something intentional like treating yourself to your favorite meal, getting a massage, or taking a weekend getaway with each new milestone you hit. Celebration anchors in our wins and retrains our brain to focus on what is working so we don’t get sidetracked by the doubt. 

As professional photographers, our work goes beyond far beyond capturing images. Confidence is contagious. When you believe in yourself, your clients will believe in you too!

Written by Meg Marie McMillan | Photos by Meg Marie Photography

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