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Jun 2016

Photographer Print Pricing: Data-Driven Guidelines

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Does pricing your photography feel like guesswork? We’ve created data-driven guidelines so you can price your prints based on facts, not feelings! (Photographs: DESIGN DOCTOR)

Pricing is a mystery for many photographers.

Too many photographers (even long-time pros) base their prices on the following factors:

  • The price they personally would pay
  • How much other photographers are charging
  • A random markup decided solely on what “feels” or “sounds” right

While our MBA-holding counterparts would likely be concerned by this, it’s an unfortunate reality in this industry that photography pricing is rarely based on cold, hard data.

Photographer Print Pricing: Data-Driven Guidelines: Photographs by Design Doctor

We set out to offer some guidance.

You can find countless guides and advice columns offering varying levels of advice and expertise, but we decided to look at The Facts.

We analyzed hundreds of thousands of online ShootProof sales from around the world to identify dozens of pricing trends.

With this information, you can establish your own data-driven pricing!

ShootProof Pricing for Photographers - Infographic

ShootProof’s suggested pricing is based on this research.

Go ahead: make a brand new price sheet in ShootProof. You see those suggested print prices? They’re rooted in our research into the size, quantity, and profitability of products sold by photographers just like you.

You control your pricing, so know your numbers! 

Our research produced averages across myriad markets worldwide, so it’s critical that you look closely at:

Photographer Print Pricing: Data-Driven Guidelines: Photographs by Design Doctor

PRO TIP: Forget Cost. Think Value!

Think beyond the average income of your target market, and dig into what that demographic values. ShootProof pro KaLeigh Horelica charges a premium for her work, yet her Abilene, Texas, clientele is decidedly middle class. LEARN HOW SHE DOES IT!

Photographer Print Pricing: Data-Driven Guidelines: Photographs by Design Doctor

Of course, if you already have a successful pricing strategy, keep at it!

But if you’re not sure where to begin, let our data-driven pricing guide help. Reference the downloadable pricing infographic above, and relax knowing that whenever you create a new ShootProof price sheet, helpful pricing will already be in place.

Share your pricing tips and strategies in the comments below!

Written by: KRISTI KVENILD | Photographs by: DESIGN DOCTOR | Special shout-out to: FLAMINGOS

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