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Apr 2013

Digital Download Sales & Delivery

2 min read

Whether you are offering digital downloads for sale or for free to your clients in a given gallery, ShootProof can automate the delivery and purchase of the images. No need to burn CDs, DVDs or to put images on to thumb drives – when your clients add digital downloads to their cart from your ShootProof gallery, they will be sent an email with a link to a zip file to download the images following checkout. Why use Dropbox or burn CDs when your clients can have an awesome experience viewing their photos in your ShootProof gallery and get their downloads at the same time?! This time is a great opportunity to make additional sales such as prints, canvases, or other products that you may offer in the gallery.

Digital sales or downloads are simple to set up, options include:

  • Individual digital files can be set at a certain price per image or as free downloads.
  • The entire gallery (event) of digital downloads can be offered for a set price or as free downloads.
  • The original resolution (what you upload to ShootProof) can be sold or custom lower resolution resizes that you define.
  • Optional Print Release information can be entered per price sheet.
  • Works with ShootProof’s discount system for promo codes etc.

ShootProof Knowledge Base: How do I add and edit a price sheet?
ShootProof Knowledge Base: Can I offer my clients discounts or promo codes?

Get your time back, stop self-fulfilling digital downloads, burning CDs, etc. and use ShootProof to impress your customers and automate your digital photo fulfillment!


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