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Mini Sessions
Mar 2024

12 Ways You Can Effectively Market Family Mini Sessions

10 min read

Have you ever considered offering family mini sessions in your photography business? 

If you’re looking for shorter sessions that can help you attract new clients while supplementing your income between longer sessions, then they may just be the thing for you!

family mini sessions

Family mini sessions are a great way to pitch your business to new clients. Because they are lower-priced than typical family portrait sessions (because they are shorter on time and come with fewer photos), they’re a low-risk way for people to try you out!

But potential clients have to know you offer this before they can book with you. So let’s look at 12 different ways you can market your family mini sessions!

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#1: Identify Unique Selling Points for Your Family Mini Sessions

Just like any other sessions, you need to show your potential clients why your family mini sessions are the right ones for them!

One of the best ways to do that is to market your sessions with your uniqueness in mind. Is there anything you do differently than other photographers? What is your background or experience like? Do you use any special equipment or techniques? 

Use these questions as a guide to help you find out what sets you apart. 

You could also showcase how you incorporate unique themes, locations, and photo styles. 

#2: Build Interest on Social Media

Social media isn’t just a great place to show off your portfolio! It’s also a great way to market your family mini sessions to potential clients. 

You want to create engaging content to help generate interest in your services — something past the photos that invites them into a conversation with you, and helps them get to know more about your business. 

This could look like behind-the-scenes shots, sneak peeks of upcoming sessions, client testimonials, or promo videos. Try using Stories, Reels, and TikToks to leverage short-form video content! 

market family minis

#3: Use Social Media to Educate Your Audience

Engagement and behind-the-scenes looks aren’t the only thing social media is good for though. You can also educate your audience on what they can expect during their sessions. 

You can share tips for prepping for your session, what clothing options to bring, additional props you might recommend, and how ordering photos might look. 

Not only is this helpful to your clients, but it also helps position you as an expert, which helps build trust — an important thing to have as a photographer!

#4: Offer LTO Sessions

Having a limited-time offer (LTO) or exclusive sessions can help draw your potential client’s interest by creating a sense of urgency. You could even offer seasonal or themed sessions that are only available for a short period of time if you’re not set on limiting sessions. 

But the added benefit is that it not only helps you market your family photography business, but it also keeps you from overfilling your schedule! A win for solopreneurs everywhere. 

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#5: Collaborate With Local Businesses

Getting local businesses involved with your sessions can do wonders for getting new clients in the door! Think about places families could benefit from — children’s clothing stores, toy shops, family-friendly cafes, bookstores, etc. 

family mini sessions

You can offer joint promotions or discounts with these businesses to help generate traffic to your family mini sessions. For example, every purchase at a local toy shop gets 25% off their family photo session. Or a voucher for a buy-one-get-one at a bookstore when they book your session. 

And make sure that the business you’re partnering with benefits from it too — offer them a discounted, or even free, mini session for their time!

#6: Utilize ShootProof Email Marketing

Did you know that ShootProof business tools come equipped with email marketing tools? And for good reason too — it works! Photographers who use email campaigns generate 185% higher sales, which means you can make even more money from your mini sessions with email promotions and reminders.

You can also send out newsletters with details about your sessions and photos from past shoots to help them visualize what they’ll get. 

Or, up the ante and make it even more enticing by offering special discounts and early bird offers — subscribers only.

#7: Offer Referral Programs

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business — especially for photographers. And with a good referral program, you can encourage even more bookings by offering incentives for clients who refer you to a friend!

This could look like a percentage discount, a dollar amount off sessions, buy-one-get-ones, or offering complimentary prints. The ideas are endless!

family minis

#8: Host a Giveaway For Your Family Mini Sessions

Who doesn’t love free photos? Hosting a giveaway or other type of contest for your sessions can help generate interest and get you in front of an audience you might not normally cross paths with. 

You could run your contest on social media, and encourage participation by asking your followers to share the post to their stories or tag a friend. Whatever you choose, just make sure it doesn’t end up costing you more trouble than it’s worth — aim for one mini session giveaway or something small like a discount. 

#9: Get Involved in Community Events

You’re a local photographer, so why not get involved in the local community? These are your prime customers because they are in your area! 

Start looking for opportunities to partner with local businesses or set up booths at vendor-style fairs. You can also set up at places like local fairs, markets, or festivals. And you can make it fun by offering mini session vouchers or discounts as prizes people can win!

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#10: Utilize Storytelling

Emotional connection is one of the most powerful tools a photographer can use. And when you’re a family portrait photographer, you want to use that to your advantage. 

market mini sessions

Because no matter what your client is booking for (a celebration, a birthday gift, or just for fun), the experience will be special to them — it will provide happy memories for years to come!

So share the stories behind your photos throughout your marketing, and include testimonials where you can.

#11: Make Their Experience Memorable

Excellent client experience is one of the most important things you can have in your business. But past having great customer service and delivering amazing photos, how can you make sure each of your clients walks away happy?Think outside the box! Develop a unique style or theme that becomes your signature — something that will make you the go-to family portrait photographer in your area. A wonderful client experience adds to your marketing efforts by encouraging repeat sessions, word-of-mouth, and referrals.

#12: Offer Customizable ShootProof Packages

A great experience is more than just having fun or trying something new. You also want to make everything as seamless as possible for your clients. 

Thankfully, ShootProof is here to help!

With our packages, you can easily provide options for customization. You can leave space for clients to choose props, photo styles, settings, backdrops, and more. 

This will also get your clients more excited about their family mini sessions. They’ll be involved in the creative process and will know what to expect the day of. And when you’re looping in the many members a family can have during a session, this can be especially helpful so everyone enjoys their time together!

marketing family minis

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Photos by Elly Maria Photography


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