ShootProof Lightroom Plugin

The ShootProof Lightroom Plugin is a free Publish Service that allows you to create galleries and album structures and then upload photos directly to ShootProof from Lightroom. The plugin will keep your work in sync; edit or remove a file from a gallery in Lightroom and simply Publish the update to ShootProof.


Ready to get started? It’s easy to install the plugin and even easier to shave time off your workflow!


Learn More

Watch a quick video and you’ll be uploading in no time!
ShootProof Knowledge Base: Uploading Photos with the Lightroom Plugin

Easily pull up your clients’ favorite photos in Lightroom.
ShootProof Knowledge Base: View Your Clients’ Favorites in Lightroom

See how Sal Cincotta uses ShootProof and Lightroom in his workflow:
Behind The Shutter: ShootProof + Lightroom = Better Together  

Adobe Creative Cloud Discount – 20% off First Year

We’re proud to announce a partnership with Adobe that entitles ShootProof subscribers to a 20% discount on their first year with Creative Cloud. You’ll have access to the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop CC at this specially discounted price! Get all of the details and sign up today.  But take action quickly; you can only lock in this deal before September 30th, 2017!

Helpful Hints

Once you’ve got the terminology down, you’ll find that uploading with the Lightroom Plugin works wonders for your workflow. Here’s a cheat sheet for remembering what they mean:

1. “Published Collection Set” = “Gallery” or “Album”
2. “Published Collection” = “Photos” in an Gallery or Album
3. “Publish”  = “Upload Photos” and “Create Galleries / Albums”

Visit the Knowledge Base for tips on how to keep Lightroom and ShootProof in sync for your Galleries going forward.


Using Lightroom but not ShootProof? Sign up for a free account — no credit card required.

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