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Where to Get the Best Newborn Photography Props

8 min read

Find the best newborn photography props on the market! We have the comprehensive list every newborn photographer needs.

Get the best baby photo props

“I’m a prop-aholic,” says Abrah Zion, owner of Miss Z Photography. She’s certainly not exaggerating! Abrah is a rising star in the newborn photography world, and her thriving business is built around her incredible collection of high quality props.

We’ll show you how to find and use incredible props for your own newborn photo sessions!

A tiny baby is posed with newborn photography props: a tiny chair and table topped with a red cloth, a bottle of milk, and a plate of miniature cookies.

Miss Z Photography

Begin with an idea

Abrah’s passion for newborn props has drawn numerous fans and clients. With multiple awards and publications under her belt, she knows her craft and how to attract clients—even if her creative process is slightly unconventional.

“My best ideas come to me in the middle of the night,” laughs Abrah. “I’ll wake up and write a note about it on my phone.”

Customize for your clients

Abrah carves out time to meet with her clients before each shoot. She learns their occupations and hobbies, favorite movies and best-loved books… Their answers inspire the final photography setups Abrah designs for her tiny subjects.

The best newborn photography props include fun themes like this fruit bowl concept. A newborn baby is wrapped in yellow and swaddled in a wooden bowl. The baby wears a felt pineapple hat and is surrounded by lemons, limes, oranges, and apples.

Miss Z Photography

10 steps to incredible, newborn photography sessions

Beautifully crafted, baby-safe props are expensive, which means newborn photographers have to charge more to cover their investment. And the more expensive you are, the better your client experience needs to be!

Abrah embraces the hefty time investment and schedules in-person, no-obligation consultations for every potential client.

Use the best newborn photography props to make photos like these! #1: a baby swaddled in yellow lies atop a golden foam cushion surrounded by tulips. #2: A naked newborn lies on her side on a gray fur blanket. She is cradled in a giant, silver scale.

Miss Z Photography

Your tips for making amazing newborn images for every client

#1: At the consultation, potential clients meet Abrah in-person, see her studio, and enjoy more of her work.

#2: If the family books newborn pictures with Abrah, she personally guides them through planning their session. Themes, props, and color schemes are all considered.

#3: Abrah books both newborn and “smash-and-splash” sessions into her 2,500 square foot studio.

#4: On the day of their session, Abrah’s clients arrive to a relaxing vibe in her studio. They’re served coffee and snacks, and given a front-row seat to the photography experience.

#5: A newborn photo shoot can last up to four hours, so client comfort is top priority!

#6: Abrah gladly includes parent and sibling photos at no additional charge.

#7: When the session ends, Abrah schedules a gallery reveal for her clients to see their beautiful photographs.

#8: After her clients place their print order, Abrah creates the family’s ShootProof gallery. Each ShootProof gallery empowers easy, at-home sharing, viewing, and ordering.

#9: Printed products are delivered to Abrah, who packs everything in beautiful boutique packaging.

#10: Abrah’s husband hand-delivers every client order to locations up to one hour away. (Three cheers for teamwork!)

The best newborn photography props include luxurious items like this tiny wooden sofa upholstered with floral fabric and finished with pearl beads. In this photo, a baby girl lies on her side in a pink onesie. The sofa sits on a cream shag rug, and damask wallpaper hands in the background.

Miss Z Photography

Keep the baby safe by using well-crafted props

“Safety and health are my top priorities,” emphasizes Abrah. In fact, Abrah has an assistant specifically to ensure a safe shooting environment.

As well as employing an assistant to help with posing the baby, Abrah shops for her props with safety in mind. Can you imagine using splintery wooden crates? Or putting the baby on top of a posing bean bag that’s itchy? Your clients would never return!

Accessories and decorations can be obtained from any craft store; but other items should be purchase from trusted retailers who specialize in props for babies.

#ShootProofPRO Tip:

Don’t forget a space heater so Baby stays warm!

The best newborn photography props don't have to be complicated. This simple setup shows a newborn in froggy pose asleep on a blue cushion while wearing a tiny cotton shark fin hat.

Miss Z Photography

Here they are: your favorite props for newborn photography!

Whether she’s photographing a baby boy or baby girl, or shooting with natural light or studio lighting, Abrah uses props to make every scene more magical. (If you think about it, lifestyle newborn sessions are just like studio sessions, only the props are there to stay!)

However, Abrah’s prop-aholic ways wouldn’t be possible without the incredible creativity of her favorite prop makers.

Abrah’s most-requested props are her Cinderella Carriage and Bat Mobile, both created by Mr.&Mrs.&Co.

Keep reading to see Abrah’s full list of phenomenal newborn photo props…

The best toddler photography props include this miniature claw-foot bathtub. Fill it with soap bubbles and set it up in a waterproof area, then let the splashing commence!

Miss Z Photography

#1: Lily Mily Boutique by Lisa Eaton

“Lily Mily Boutique makes the majority of my newborn and sitter outfits. Her attention to detail is amazing, and the fit of all of her outfits is perfect.”

#2: Pitter-Pats Creations by Paige Edwards

“Pitter Pats is my go-to for all of my superhero outfits. Her newborn outfits are unique and extremely well made.”

#3: Off My Hooks by Tricia Henne

“Off My Hooks designs the really detailed wigs that go with my many newborn costumes.”

If you use only the best newborn photography props, you'll love this faux series of vintage book spines. In this photo, the "books" wrap around a newborn baby who is posed in a blue swaddle. An apple sits on the faux maple floor beneath her.

Miss Z Photography

And even more designers of baby-sized props…

#ShootProofPRO Tip:

Make a cute newborn wrap using on-sale fabric, and customize the look for every client and every scene.

The best newborn photography props include a tiny tooth hat paired with an oversized green toothbrush, shown here on a baby boy. His twin sister wears a pink tutu and tiny tiara, and she holds a glittering wand in her hand as she sleeps.

Miss Z Photography

The right stuff, inside and out

Anyone photographer buy all the “right” props, set up the “right” studio, and follow the “right” path to great clients and better sales. And it will work—because smart business is always smart business.

But the real “right” way to do business isn’t just about owning expensive props or a massive studio—though those things are awesome! What matters most is what’s inside you: your passion, your kindness, your empathy, your welcoming energy.

Two of the best newborn photograph props are these felt masks and miniature caps depicting newborn twins as Batman and Robin!

Miss Z Photography

“Maternity, newborn, baby, and child photography are my passion,” Abrah shares. “I get lost in it. I’m fortunate to work with so many wonderful people who started out as strangers, became clients, and now are friends. I feel blessed to do what I love.”