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Feb 2024

Photography Insurance Essentials: Protecting Your Photography Business from Unseen Risks

6 min read

To grow a successful photography business, you need to have a talent for shooting and a knack for working with all sorts of clients. But that’s not all. You’re more than a creative professional; you’re a business owner. You have to protect your business from the unforeseen and unexpected with photography insurance.

Photography insurance isn’t just a good idea; it’s a must-have. You’re protecting your photography business’s finances, reputation, and peace of mind. Let’s dig deeper into why you need photography insurance, the types available, and how to get it for your business.

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Why You Need Photography Insurance

Photography insurance is a type of small business insurance that protects photographers against risks and liabilities in their line of work.

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To protect your gear in case of loss or damage

Your camera gear is essential for your work! Equipment insurance provides coverage if your gear is stolen or damaged. Instead of dipping into savings or other business accounts, file an insurance claim to get the money to repair or replace your photography equipment.

To protect yourself against legal disputes

You need photography insurance to protect your physical assets, but you also need insurance if legal disputes arise. For example, if a guest at a wedding trips over your camera gear and is injured, they may decide to sue you. Or, if a client knocks over a prop and causes damage to your rented studio space, you’d need to protect yourself against a property damage lawsuit.

To protect yourself in case clients are unhappy

What happens if a client demands a refund for a canceled mini-session? Or what if a client wants a refund for something that’s out of your control? (For example, a canceled wedding due to a hurricane or global pandemic.) You might be able to work it out with good communication, but in case a client wants to take you to court, photography insurance can protect your business.

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Types of Photography Insurance and What They Cover

Different types of photography insurance provide coverage for these scenarios. Take a look at the photography insurance plans you might need.

General liability insurance (also called errors and omissions insurance, or E&O)

Whether a client injures themselves on your equipment or at your studio, or you accidentally damage someone else’s property during a shoot, general liability insurance protects your liability. It can cover medical and legal costs if you get sued.

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Equipment insurance (also called business owner’s insurance or BOP)

General liability insurance does not cover your camera equipment and gear, a crucial part of your business. Equipment insurance protects your cameras but also accessories like lighting, lenses, memory cards, props, studio backdrops, furniture, and more.

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Professional liability insurance

While general liability insurance protects against injuries, damage, or medical costs, professional liability insurance focuses on the services you provide as a photographer. It’s a good idea to have professional liability insurance in case of client disputes or disagreements over contracts.

For example, if someone is unhappy with the quality of their finished portraits, they may decide to sue you for failing to provide services in your contract. If your memory card fails while shooting a wedding and you lose your images, a client may sue you for failing to deliver what you promised. In both cases, liability insurance can protect you.

We like these insurance providers who specialize in photography insurance:

No matter which provider you go with, choose a photography insurance plan that meets your unique business needs and budget.

How to Get Photography Insurance

Ready to buy a photography insurance policy? Follow these steps:

  • Think about what you need. The three policies we discussed are essential, but you might want other plans, like business income insurance, workers’ compensation, or cybersecurity insurance. Also, think about your budget and the coverage limits for each plan.
  • Get quotes and compare plans. You can do this by contacting individual insurance providers, shopping in an online marketplace, or working with an insurance broker. Compare quotes you get before choosing one.
  • Buy your insurance policies. Providers make it easy to buy online via their websites. Once you’ve bought your plans, make sure you know which policy covers what, plus when to renew your policy so that you’re always covered.
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How much does photography insurance cost?

Generally, a policy with a lower coverage amount costs less than policies with higher amounts. Other factors that impact your insurance policy cost include coverage types, business size, business assets, location, and claims history.

On average, freelance photographers pay $259 a year for general liability insurance. For a bundled general liability and property insurance policy, the average cost is about $504. Combining coverages can help you save money on your photography insurance policies. Paying them annually instead of monthly can help you get a discount, too.

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Protect Your Photography Business from the Unexpected

Photography insurance protects your business finances, your clients, your camera equipment, and your reputation in case of legal claims. Accidents are human nature, and the unexpected can happen when working with people. Invest in your photography business’s long-term health by choosing the right insurance policies.

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