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The Best Photography Marketing Templates for Every Genre

7 min read

Tired of trying to make your own awesome marketing materials? These photography marketing templates give you total control with way less work!

You Need These Photography Marketing Templates!

Say goodbye to awkward clip art and frustrating Word docs. We’re spotlighting the best photography marketing templates in the industry!

“What-the-what?” you may ask. We’re talking about fully customizable templates that will help you:



  • define your brand and establish yourself as top photographer

Seal the Deal with Photography Lookbooks

Your website is probably the first place prospective clients go when they’re curious about booking you. But when someone is scouring dozens of websites and emailing just as many photographers, you need to set yourself apart.

Design Aglow’s custom Lookbooks are the ultimate in photography marketing templates. Showcase your photographs, products, and perspective in an editorial format that delivers a luxurious impact.

Each Photography Lookbook marketing template includes product mockups and professionally written placeholder text, all of which you can customize to suit your unique product line and brand voice.

A Photography Lookbook by Design Aglow is shown here open on a client's lap.

Introduce clients to their Wall Gallery options with a Photography Lookbook, one of Design Aglow’s most popular photography marketing templates.

You can print your Photography Lookbook for a hands-on, flip-through experience; or store it digitally and invite prospective clients to browse on their phone or tablet.

The Lookbook photography marketing template by Design Aglow

Highlight your brand with a Photography Lookbook, one of Design Aglow’s most popular photography marketing templates.

Every Lookbook template includes:

  • 16 customizable page layouts, sized 8.5×11″
  • layered Photoshop PSD files for easy customizing
  • professionally crafted and customizable content
Lookbooks are some of Design Aglow's most popular photography marketing templates

Present your Album options in a custom Photography Lookbook, one of Design Aglow’s most popular photography marketing templates.

Highlight Your Value with Exquisite Price Menus

Whether your clients are sitting in front of you with their credit card in hand, or they’re at home considering their options, they’re going to want to know what costs what. This is an excellent opportunity to emphasize your value by sharing your rates in a beautifully designed, professional pricing presentation.

These photography marketing templates are available for every pricing type, with a variety of design themes and full placeholder text that you can customize. Gone are the days of boring black-and-white price sheets. Print these elegant pricing menus and present them in a Folio, or send them digitally for at-home shopping.

Photography price sheet templates and pricing menu suites by Design Aglow

Present your rates in beautiful Price Menus, one of Design Aglow’s top-selling photography marketing templates.

“I knew it was finally time to begin building a brand for my business and decided to start by giving these menus a try. The moment I opened the file I fell in love! Not only does everything look amazing, but the menus also helped me to communicate pricing better with my clients with easy-to-understand pricing structures. Money well spent.” – TeAirra Mitchell Photography

Enhance Excitement with Client Welcome Packets

Give your clients an inspired photography experience, beginning with a beautifully-customized Client Welcome Packet! These fully-custom photography marketing templates include professionally crafted placeholder text and product mock-ups that help set session expectations, get your clients camera-ready, and spotlight your most popular products.

All you have to do is choose your specialty and select a design theme!

The Client Welcome Packet is one of Design Aglow's top-selling photography marketing templates.

Photography marketing templates by Design Aglow include the top-selling Client Welcome Packet.

Every Client Welcome Packet includes:

  • Welcome Cards
  • Camera Ready Guide
  • Product Guide
  • Session Experience Card
  • Session Reminder/Business Care

“Very easy to customize to exactly what you need. Everyone who sees my Welcome Packet is always gushing over how well it is written – and it’s professionally presented! I am very grateful for having this as my information. Saves you plenty of time. Time that you can spend photographing what you want!” – Jennifer Gilbertson

Deliver Every Heirloom Product with Client Care Cards

Client Care Cards elevate your client experience all the way through to the final delivery. These product care guides are essential to deepening the relationship with your clients, sharing product information, and building client confidence while solidifying your studio’s brand experience.

With their customized Client Care Cards, your clients will know precisely how to best care for their investment, from archival prints to handmade albums.

Client care cards by Design Aglow

These Client Care Cards from Design Aglow help your clients protect their investment for generations to come.

Your Client Card Cards templates include:

  • Album Care Card
  • Frame Care Card
  • Wall Art Care Card
  • Digital Collection Care Card
  • Folio Care Card
  • Certificate of Authenticity label
  • All photography marketing templates come complete with professionally written, 100% customizable placeholder text, instructions, and a copyright statement

“This is a fantastic product to take your presentation up a step. The cards look great and give valuable knowledge to clients. I love pairing these with the glass USBs that I have ordered from Design Aglow as well!” – Lindsey Lyons

Find the Best Photography Marketing Templates for Your Business

Put away your paste and stickers. Your business – and your clients – deserve the best marketing materials money can buy.

Grow your library of photography marketing materials with complete Marketing Suites, and support your efforts with modern-made Design solutions and cutting edge Products.

With Design Aglow’s huge resource catalog, you won’t go broke giving your brand the glow-up it craves!

“Design Aglow has been one of the best continual investments that I have made over the years. When I utilize Design Aglow products I am able to achieve higher sales and a high-end quality that reflects my brand and style,  allowing me to surpass the expectations of my client, and myself. Thank you!” – Jessie Passon, J Passon Artistic Portraiture

Written by ANNE SIMONE and the DESIGN AGLOW team

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