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Sales & Pricing
Jun 2011

Anatomy of a Price Sheet

2 min read

You can create multiple price sheets in your account, assigning one to each gallery you set up. Each price sheet can have products from one lab, but can also include self-fulfilled products, if you’d like.

Creating a Price Sheet

1.  Go to Commerce > Pricing > Add Price Sheet

2.  Name the price sheet and choose a lab (if applicable)

3.  Click “Create”

4.  Customize the price sheet to include the items you wish to sell at the prices you’d like your clients to pay.  *U.S.-based studios will see specialized default prices when creating a new lab price sheet. Learn more about how those prices were derived.

  • Click the “X” icon to remove an item
  • Click the “Add Lab Items” or “Add Self-Fulfilled” button to add another item
  • Use the Markup Tool to price your items for profit, or change the client prices individually in the Price column
  • Add a description for an item in the Description column. (Click the “+” beside any product, and then add text and/or images to show clients what that particular product looks like, does, or is. Clients will see these descriptions in the shopping cart when making a purchase.)

5.  Add items to other categories (canvas, metals, etc.) by clicking the appropriate heading at the top, or by adding your own heading

6.  Set the other various settings.  Read more about these topics here:

    • Sales Tax


  • Charging your clients for Shipping


  • Terms of Sale

7.  Save!

In order for a client to place an order from prints and products, you must assign a price sheet to the gallery.

Go to Photos > Galleries > Specific gallery > Settings > Prints & Digitals > Price Sheet

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