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Make More Photography Sales Without Being Pushy

8 min read

It’s an age-old dilemma for photographers. You know you’re great at what you do. Clients love your work. But after the shoot, when it comes time to sell more of your prints and photo products… you freeze.

You’re worried you might scare off clients by being too pushy (or sounding too “salesy”) and that’s the last thing you want. After all, referrals are the lifeblood of your business, and you don’t want anyone to talk about how you tried to “upsell them” into something they didn’t want.

The good news is that there are several ways you can sell more prints and profit from photo products without being too pushy. If you want to make more photography sales, here’s how to do it…minus the ick factor.

Photography Sales Tip #1: Focus on Connection

Sales have more to do with building connections than actively selling. When you put your effort into getting to know clients (rather than just immediately jumping into a sale), it makes everything feel a lot more organic.

Maybe you ask a few questions about your potential clients’ lives on a discovery call, or you let them know a bit more about you before you get into your packages and pricing. Once they book, maybe you mark down their birthdays or anniversaries so you can celebrate those with them. People want to know that the person capturing their special memories is going to be a good fit — and it starts by making small connections like this. 

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During the shoot, you already know that making clients feel confident and comfortable is key. That’s another point of connection, one that affirms they love working with you. 

At the end of a shoot that makes people feel confident, you won’t even have to sell in a structured way. You can start a very organic conversation about how they want to capture (and cherish) these memories for years to come.

Plus, as the photographer, making product or print recommendations is a lot easier when you have a pre-established connection. You can say, “Hey, I actually think this is a great option for you,” without feeling like a scummy used car salesman.

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Photography Sales Tip #2: Remember the “Why”

You’re a photographer. You’re essentially selling your ability to use a camera and the prints that come after a session. But when people want to book a photographer, it goes deeper than that. There’s a reason someone wants to work with you, and there’s a reason they want to capture these photos. 

Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer. Yes, everyone technically “needs” a wedding photographer; it’s just a standard after you get engaged. But why do they want to work with you? And what do they really want from their wedding photographs? 

If they want a lot of candids of their family at the reception, it’s because they likely want to share those memories with others. More prints are necessary, and there might even be a chance to create one-of-a-kind gifts from your images. Maybe they want stunning landscape photos of their wedding venue location so they can use that as home decor. That’s your chance to recommend your larger canvas or metal prints.

This applies to all other kinds of photography — whether it’s family sessions or boudoir photography. There’s always a reason that someone wants to capture these memories and a way they want to display them. That’s your chance to give them what they want, without ever worrying that you’re going too far. couple laughing together

Photography Sales Tip #3: Be Transparent

Be open, honest, and transparent about your pricing and your products. If you’re worried about being too salesy, we probably don’t have to expand on this too much. However, it is worth mentioning — so you don’t fall into a “marketing trap.” 

For example, don’t say that a print package is available for a “limited time only” when it’s available year-round. Those are the kind of strategies that will feel disingenuous even to you, and that will only lead to a disconnect from your clients. 

If you really worry about “upselling” your clients into prints and photo products, getting clear on your pricing can really help. This way, you can show them your price sheet and let them choose for themselves. Plus, you can make recommendations or offer “bundles” that get them everything they want, without having to calculate the final price.

You’ll have the numbers and feel confident in what you offer, rather than having to refer back to your calculator or try to negotiate.

An important note: You want to make sure that you’re pricing your products so that you’re profiting off the lab and print costs. We see so many photographers lose money on a sale — and we don’t want that for you. Pricing fairly isn’t just for the clients; it’s for you, too.

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Photography Sales Tip #4: Use a Tool That Helps You Sell (Automatically)

Do you know what makes selling your photo prints and products even more awkward? When you have to do it face-to-face. While some photographers love an in-person (or video conference) ordering session, some don’t.

With ShootProof, you can send your clients the final gallery — and they can buy directly from your custom site. No “I’d like to order print 271 in an 8×10” back-and-forth emails; clients can simply add their prints and products to the cart. Plus, your gallery can include a price sheet for commonly sold items and print sizes so clients can browse before they start buying. 

Our gallery tool also allows you to connect with some of the best professional labs that sell heirloom-quality products. Your clients will be blown away by the selection and thrilled that they can order what they want when they want. 

Get clients. Get paid. Get happy.

Best of all? With ShootProof’s built-in email tool and our plan options, you can email clients on their birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. Simply let them know their gallery is still available and they can still buy prints and products. 

No need to call them up or make an awkward pitch. It’s just a genuine, organic reminder that they have something important coming up — and you might have a great gift idea. They’ll be impressed that you remembered and even more grateful for the idea.

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