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Aug 2019

How to Sell Photography Packages with ShootProof Package Builder

6 min read

ShootProof’s NEW Package Builder makes it easy to sell photography packages online! Tap into the power of sales psychology and watch your profits soar. (Featuring: ALISON WINTERROTH)

Thriving Florida photographer Alison Winterroth has been selling photography packages for years. They’re the bread and butter of her product process, and Alison has developed finely-tuned in-person-sales techniques to maximize her profits.

Now, Alison doesn’t need in-person sales to sell multi-product, multi-pose packages.

ShootProof’s all-new Package Builder empowers photographers to create and sell photography packages online in a hands-off, at-home process that’s comfy for clients and profitable for pros.

Here’s how!

Alison Winterroth's ShootProof Gallery Helps Her Sell Photography Packages Online!

“When my clients log in to their ShootProof galleries, there’s a button that says Buy Package. They click the button and see which packages are available and what’s in every single one. Next they click Build A Package and start adding photos. It’s so foolproof; I love it!” – Alison Winterroth

Make More Money When You Sell Photography Packages

Give your clients a gallery full of à la carte products, and they’ll buy a couple of 4×6’s. But give them a curated collection of pre-bundled product packages, and they’ll walk away with prints, canvases, albums, frames, and whatever else you’ve offered!

In Chapter 3 of Hubspot’s 10-Minute Summary of “The Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy, Meg Prater reiterates that buying is an emotional experience. This means that people spend money on things they believe will enhance their lives. What they don’t spend money on are things that add to their stress, confusion, or frustration.

Alison Winterroth's clients can build and buy their photography packages online through ShootProof!

From the gallery view, Alison’s clients can click Buy Package, and they’ll be offered a variety of pre-bundled collections created by Alison with her clients in mind.

When you sell photography packages, you simplify your client’s buying experience by:

  • presenting your top-selling products in a single pre-bundled package
  • removing the effort of making your client create their own product bundle
  • presenting a single up-front price that requires zero mathematics on your client’s part

“ShootProof packages are very cut-and-dry:” says Alison Winterroth, “what’s included, what they need to add to their cart to complete the package, and what it costs.”

In other words, packages are easy – for both you and your client. And that translates to more sales.

Alison Winterroth's clients can select and customize their own photography packages through ShootProof's Package Builder.

From the single photo view, Alison’s client’s are prompted to select from Packages or à la carte Items.

Build Your First Photography Package in Minutes

“It’s super easy to name and price a package,” Alison shares, “and even simpler to add your products to the package. So user friendly!”

Within only a few minutes, you can populate your favorite lab’s price sheet with a series of packages your clients will love. Add both auto-fulfilled items (such as prints and canvases) and self-fulfilled items (such as albums and novelties) to any package. You can also limit a package to a single pose!

Creating your own packages is easy with ShootProof's Package Builder!

Your package items are color-coded and labeled so you can easily track exactly what you’re offering in each package.

“Package Builder shows you both the package price and the package value, which is awesome,” Alison raves. “I’d made a mistake and was still charging 2018 prices for my 2019 packages. ShootProof’s Package Builder helped me catch this mistake before I sent the wrong options to my clients.”

Add only what YOU want to sell to custom-made packages using ShootProof's Package Builder

As you build a package, see both your package price and the à la carte value of the collection. This will help you confirm that you’re offering your clients a great deal without losing money.

It’s Easier Than Ever for Your Clients to Buy Photography Packages

No more required in-person sales sessions or lengthy phone calls. You don’t need to give every client a virtual book on what to order and how to do it.

All that’s left is simple selling, with your clients building and buying top-tier photography packages in a fun, interactive experience.

Your clients can select their package, then add images to each included product - all from the comfort of their own couch!

The beautiful Package Builder experience is complemented by your brand colors and image thumbnails.

“Now that I have Package Builder, I’m beginning to do comparison tests to see if in-person sales are even worthwhile,” Alison shares.

For many photographers, the overhead cost of in-person sales makes them prohibitive. While some pros have founds workarounds such as phone calls and screen-sharing, most prefer a true in-person experience, which requires additional time, a location to host the session, and other goodies like snacks and plenty of studio samples.

“I’ll always do in-person sales with any client who wants one,” assures Alison, “but many of my clients prefer to shop from home. And when it’s a super user-friendly experience like ShootProof’s Package Builder, I feel totally comfortable letting them do it that way.”

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Photo: Alison Winterroth


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