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Marketing Hacks for Wedding Photographers

5 min read

Are you looking to build your brand, increase your online presence and grow your business? Of course you are!

We’ve partnered with SLR Lounge to bring you some seriously effective ideas that are practical AND proven. From easy ways to drive more traffic to your website to leveraging viral social media to your advantage, these marketing hacks for wedding photographers will help you up your marketing game and stand out in a crowded market.

Same-Day Slideshows

Same-Day Slideshows are slideshows displayed at a wedding reception showcasing the photos captured earlier in the day, such as first-look, ceremony, and/or family photos. These are incredibly powerful forms of referral marketing that can help you drastically grow your word-of-mouth business. 

Traditionally, by the time clients receive and share wedding images after the big day, much of the buzz has died down.  In addition, only a small percentage of wedding or event guests will actually see them. The solution … Same Day Slideshows!  

How to set up same day slideshows:

1) Rate the winners throughout the day with a star rating from your camera to indicate that it’s “teaser worthy.” 10-20 solid images is all you’ll need — anything beyond that is just icing on the cake, so be selective! 

2) During a down moment, such as dinner time, download the rated images onto an iPad that has Adobe Lightroom installed on it. 

3) After downloading your selected images, import them into a new Lightroom Catalog, and quickly edit your selected images. To speed up this process, you’ll want to either create a good set of presets for yourself or use professional raw processing tools. 

4) Create a slideshow, find a high traffic area, set up your iPad for display and let the referral marketing magic begin!! 

Wedding photo by Morgan LongWedding photo by Morgan Long

Photo Credit: Morgan Long Photography

Venue and vendor pages

Venue and vendor pages are exactly what they sound like — pages on your website that feature your favorite wedding venues and vendors. These make your network happy because you’re showcasing their businesses on your website, provide clients with great information, and drive search traffic for your website. 

Each page should include the following: 

  • At least 300 words & at least 2 Images 
  • Use of the vendor or venue name in the title of the page, the name of the images, and the text (a few times, organically)

Even better, you can feature specific vendor galleries on your ShootProof Portfolio Website, which serves two purposes: pleasing partner vendors (AKA other small business owners like yourself!) and helping clients plan their beautiful weddings. 

Complete these steps after publishing:

Share each published page on your social media. Email each link over to the featured venue or vendor – This important step helps you solidify your vendor relationships and drive referrals from wedding vendors.

For those who are interested in more guidance and “best practices,” here are a few more tips to follow:

  • Image SEO – Make sure you use proper image names, alt text and surrounding text for your images. 
  • Keywords for the Page – The venue or vendor name should be the primary keyword for the page. Use this 3-5 times organically throughout the text of the page. 
  • Internal Linking – Link over to relevant pages within the text of your page. See the links peppered throughout this blog post? Those are internal links! They drive traffic and value to those other pages. 
  • Send your vendor galleries to ALL wedding vendors so they can share your work on their websites and social media. Easily create unique vendor albums every time you deliver wedding photos through ShootProof. Check out this video to learn more.

Ready for More Must-Know Wedding Photography Marketing Hacks? 

Download this free ebook (created in collaboration with SLR Lounge and Wedding Maps) for the other five easy strategies to supercharge your marketing :

7 Marketing Hacks for Wedding Photographers

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