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Introducing Braintree Integration for International Studios

2 min read

We are excited to announce our brand new integration with Braintree for studios outside the United States to accept client payments through ShootProof!

Using Braintree has plenty of perks: for the first time, non-U.S. studios will have the option of using ShootProof’s Invoices for collecting client payments for session fees, deposits, retainers, and more, without having to pay a monthly or yearly fee. Plus, Braintree’s transaction fees are incredibly competitive. (In some locations, Braintree even offers ZERO processing fees up to a certain limit!) Visit the pricing page for the details specific to your country.

Because clients never have to leave their galleries to place an order, Braintree also offers gallery visitors a seamless, professional experience when placing orders and completing the checkout process.


Current ShootProof users can switch to Braintree for payment processing with just a few clicks. First, create an account with Braintree, remove your current payment gateway, and select Braintree. Brand new to ShootProof or not using a payment gateway yet?  Select Braintree in the Accept Credit Cards area of your Studio Panel, enter your Braintree account information, and get started with collecting payments!


Need more information about payment processing? Check out the payment gateway area of the ShootProof Knowledge Base.




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