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Oct 2023

From Subject Lines to Sign-Offs: Master Your Email Campaigns With These Tips

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One of those most overlooked tools in a photographer’s arsenal? Email campaigns. 

Email campaigns are different from standalone emails you send from your email app. These are the kind of emails you get from businesses you like and subscribe to; they let you know when they’re having a sale or have something new to share. 

As a photographer, you might not have considered how email marketing campaigns could help you grow your business, but there is so much potential. Let’s dive into why you should be using email campaigns in your photography business, and then we’ll show you how to get started.

Get clients. Get paid. Get happy.

Why use email campaigns for your photography business? 

ShootProof email campaigns

Make more sales

Did you know that brands, on average, make $36 for every $1 they invest in email marketing? It’s true, and there are so many ways to tap into this kind of marketing ROI. 

Here’s a great example: After a photo shoot, your clients may have ordered a few prints or a whole book. That’s all they needed, right? Not necessarily. Maybe they meant to order more, or to come back and order something for an anniversary, birthday, or other holiday. But they just forgot — or were waiting to buy a pricier item.

When you send reminder emails about their print options or targeted emails about print and product sales, you can give people a reason to revisit their gallery — which makes them happy and makes you more money.

Differentiate your brand

As a photographer, you might be working solo, running the admin, billing, shoots, ordering, and more. But that doesn’t mean your clients can’t get a stellar experience. If you use ShootProof, you already know that so many touchpoints can be automated and managed in our tool, but so can ongoing communication that keeps you top of mind.

Want to remind people that you do senior photos in the spring? Send an email campaign. Want to let people know that your photo lab has a stellar deal on an heirloom product this Black Friday? Send an email campaign. There are so many ways to make your photography brand stand out from others — and sending professional emails is one of our favorites.

email headlines

Streamline your marketing process

Writing emails from scratch every single time takes a lot of time and energy. Use email templates, however, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every new client you book. Create a template for common events or promotions, with fill-in-the-blanks that you can customize for each client.

To save even more time and streamline your marketing process, you can automate emails to send on your behalf. If a gallery is about to be archived, for example, you can schedule an email that reminds your client to place an order before a specific date.

Now you know why email campaigns are so great for your photography business… But what should you say in these emails? And how can you encourage your clients to buy prints or photo products from their shoots?

We’re glad you asked! Keep reading.

Subject lines, preheaders, CTAs, and sign-offs that sell

Have you decided it’s time to use email campaigns in your photography business? Great! Below, we’re going to show you how to make them truly impactful, with campaign copy that gets opened and makes you sales.

Remember, each piece of copy should match and make sense for what your email is about, whether you’re promoting a discount, reminding a client to place an order, or announcing a new sale.

use email campaigns

Subject lines

Your subject line is the first thing your client sees — and it helps them decide whether to open or ignore your email. Use subject lines that intrigue and excite readers. And always write in your brand voice!

Here are a few eye-catching examples:

  • Something BIG is coming 👀
  • 🚨This is not a drill 🚨
  • Sale starts in 3…2…1…
  • Time is running out ⌚
  • You left this in your cart!
  • A special offer just for you, [NAME]
  • A gift for you 🎁
  • Treat yourself, [NAME].
  • Ready for your closeup?

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Preheaders are secondary text that shows as a “preview” in an email app. These can give them a taste of what’s inside and encourage them even more. It’s important to note: If you don’t write your own preheader, your email service provider will do it for you, using the first line in your email. 

Unfortunately, this is not always what you want your readers to see first. So we recommend writing your own! 

email campaigns

There’s no character limit to preheaders, but a good rule of thumb is about 30 to 80 characters. Use this precious real estate to support your subject line and encourage clients to read your emails!

  • Out of holiday gift ideas? Try these!
  • Get a head start on your holiday shopping!
  • The ho-ho-holidays are here. You ready?
  • XX% off all prints — the perfect gift! 
  • The early bird gets the…best deals? 
  • Your wall looks a little bare. Why not add a print?
  • These prints will look great in your scrapbook.
  • X prints & products you can buy from your shoot!
  • Remember those beautiful moments forever.
  • Give a loved one (or yourself) the best gift ever.

ShootProof email campaigns

CTAs (calls-to-action)

You don’t want to just send emails that people open. You want them to take action based on what they read inside. That’s where calls-to-action, or CTAs, come in.

A tip for catchy calls-to-action: Use first-person language when appropriate. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes by writing things like “Show me the deals!” These “I” centered CTAs help drive more sales.

It also helps to make CTAs sound more urgent. Remind the reader what they’re getting when they click the link or button (which is great savings or awesome print gifts).

Here are some examples of strong CTA language:

  • Get XX% Off — Today Only!
  • Start Saving
  • Shop for Holiday Gifts
  • Ready, Set, Shop
  • Save XX% Until Saturday
  • Take Me to My Gallery! 
  • Let’s Chat
  • I’m Ready!
  • Let’s Do This
  • Sign Me Up

use email campaigns


Tired of using “Cheers” or “Sincerely” or “Warm regards” as your sign-off in emails? Get creative! Choose sign-offs that fit your personality and brand voice. If you’re encouraging your reader to do something in the email, like wait for an announcement or read your next email, work that into your sign-off.

  • Happy shopping,
  • Talk soon,
  • Here if you need me,
  • Until next time,
  • Counting down the days,
  • Stay tuned,
  • Can’t wait,
  • Let’s do this,
  • You rock,
  • Wishing you well,

Start your photography business’s email marketing campaign today

When written well, emails can boost your print and product sales, as well as help you serve your clients better. Email campaign templates also automate your workflows, freeing up more time for other parts of your photography business (like actually taking pictures). 

Email is arguably one of the most underutilized tools in a photographer’s arsenal, but it has the potential for massive ROI. Stand out in your market and wow the clients you’ve already booked, by starting an email campaign today.

Worried you won’t send emails that sell? That’s where ShootProof comes in. We’ve shared some attention-grabbing subject lines, preheaders, CTAs, and sign-offs — but what about the rest of the email? You’re in luck, because ShootProof studios have access to our email templates.

Empower your clients with gorgeous galleries.

All you have to do is browse our library of events and customize your email to fit your brand and your sale/goal. Choose the template that’s closest to what you’re creating, and then get to work making it yours! This saves you so much time and energy, and is another feature of our photography studio software that helps you continue to grow your business. You’re welcome!

Never created or used a ShootProof Email Campaign before? Learn how to get started here.

Don’t have ShootProof yet but want to change that? Sign up for your free 14-day trial here.

Photos by Seth and Beth – Wedding Photography


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