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44 Wedding Photography Blog Post Ideas

17 min read

Our 44 “list post” blogging ideas will help you blog more and stress less. Impress old clients, get new clients, and earn great SEO results! (Featuring: MOVING MOUNTAINS STUDIOS)

Blogging a fun, creative way to build your online presence as a professional wedding photographer. It adds personality to your portfolio, and also attracts clients and earns you more bookings.

As a photographer, you will wear many hats, and you might think blogging is another thing that might get lost in the bag of a billion things to do. Once you brainstorm a list of topics to write, you will not run out of things to share on your website!

A list post is exactly what it sounds like: an article built entirely as a list. In fact, this article itself is a list post!

Read on for the ultimate list of photography blog post ideas…

44 Blogging Topics for Wedding Photographers

Use these blog post ideas to enhance your brand, build strong vendor relationships, and put big happy smiles on your clients’ faces!

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Photo by Moving Mountains Studios

#44: Wedding Trends

Wedding trends come and go, and it’s part of the job to keep up with what’s resonating with your clients. You can create a list and explain how to incorporate both old and new trends in wedding photographs. For example, discuss how couples can safely use smoke bombs for a shoot or why it’s ideal to have an unplugged wedding day.

#43: Advice From Former Clients

Client feedback serves as trusted recommendations and testimonials. Ask your former clients about their experience, from wedding planning to scheduling portraits on the actual wedding day! By tapping into previous clients’ thoughts, you’re showing that you’ve worked with lots of couples before, and you’re eager to share helpful information for soon-to-be-married couples.

#42: Top Wedding Planners in Your City

You’ll gather knowledge and experience about wedding planning as you take care of clients and shoot dozens of weddings. You can reinforce that information by getting advice and tips from professional wedding planners. You may even turn that into a partnership where you can also have a guest post or short interview on their blogs.

#41: Mind-Blowing Venues

Share your favorite venues, along with gorgeous photos you’ve taken in those spaces. If you haven’t yet been lucky enough to work in a venue you admire, ask the venue if they’d mind if you dropped by for a few casual photos to include in your article. You’ll expand your list and make a great new professional connection!

#40: Fabulous Florists

Highlight your best photos of florals in this fun florist feature. (You’re welcome for that delightful alliterative experience.) Don’t forget to showcase centerpieces, boutonnieres, aisle runners, and any other fun florals you can think of!

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Photo by Moving Mountains Studios

#39: Dreamy Detail Shots

Who doesn’t love detail shots of gorgeous shoes, sparkly rings, and other wedding accoutrement? Show off your top detail shots in this fun, easy article!

#38: One-of-a-Kind Wedding Dresses

The great thing about a bridal dress feature is that every dress is one-of-a-kind once it’s been fitted to its unique wearer! Take this opportunity to feature all your brides from the past year and remind them how beautiful they are.

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Photos by Moving Mountains Studios

#37: Clever Cakes

Feature your favorite cakes, cupcake towers, donut tiers, candy bars, and chocolate fountains. Maybe throw in a few “first bite” photos, too, for good measure!

#36: Dashing Grooms

Brides tend to steal the show when it comes to weddings, but grooms are every bit as great to feature! Hone in on little details that made each groom’s look unique, like cufflinks, bow ties, monograms, watches, hats, and other thoughtful touches.

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Photo by Moving Mountains Studios

#35: Awesome Engagement Session Spots

Feature your favorite engagement session spots and inspire future clients! If you don’t want to give away any top-secret details, rename the locations with your own code names. For example, instead of explicitly stating “the southwest corner of Hampden Park,” say “Urban Park with Koi Pond.” You’ll know exactly what they’re talking about when a new client asks for photos in that spot!

#34: Mouth-Watering Catering

Caterers LOVE good photos of their own food – and couples love to see those photos for inspiration! If you can include descriptions of the food in the photo, all the better. Just reach out to the caterers for the right language.

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Photos by Moving Mountains Studios

#33: Beautiful Bridesmaids

Include links to dress designers, jewelry retailers, and hair and makeup artists in this list post that’s all about bridesmaids! Combine gorgeous group photos with individual portraits for a truly engaging post.

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Photo by Moving Mountains Studios

PRO TIPS: How to Make a Great Article

  • A list post can be as long or as short as you want it to be! From “Top 10″ to “Top 40″ to “Best of the Year,” just keep your readers interested.
  • Don’t forget the links! Be sure to include names, websites, locales, and other relevant details in each article. This will help your SEO and inspire folks to share.
  • It’s all about your photos! Your list should include lots and lots and lots of your amazing photographs. Remember: the ultimate goal is to make people remember you, love you, and want to hire you.
  • Link back to relevant posts on your own blog. For example, if you feature Kara and Jake’s wedding venue, link back to their article for folks who want to see more of their photos!

Our 28

Photo by Moving Mountains Studios

#32: Fashionable Moms

Mothers of your brides and grooms will love being featured in their carefully-selected wedding attire! Select only photos where Mom looks her best – and, if you can, find out where she got her outfit so you can link to the designer!

#31: Daring Dance Moves

Highlight your best dance floor photos that focuses solely on sleek moves.

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Photo by Moving Mountains Studios

#30: Go-to Poses

Not everyone is a pro at posing for pictures, so it’s your job as a photographer to make couples look their best. You can also help other struggling photographers by developing a go-to list of poses. Aside from actual poses, it’s equally important to explain how to direct couples to pose confidently.

#29: Must-Have Photos

It’s true: the best photographers shoot every wedding with a “must-have” list in mind. They know what it takes to tell a great story, and they do it over and over and over again, using a tried-and-true approach that always includes certain key moments. Build out your own “must-have” photo inventory with a list your clients will love. (Just don’t get too specific. After all, you can’t guarantee a photo of great-grandma doing the jitterbug at every wedding!)

#28: Best of Wedding Guests

Unsuspecting wedding guests are the source of many great photos! Showcase your favorite guest moments in a list of fun photos.

Our 28

Photos by Moving Mountains Studios

#27: Music and Lyrics

Suggest a list of fun new songs for the aisle walk, first dance, or reception. Don’t forget to share some songs for engagement shoots, as well as pump-up music to help fellow photographers get through a day of editing.

#26: Fun Favors

Wedding favors have become the standard, with everything from personalized M&Ms to full-on swag bags being doled out to guests. Spotlight your favorite favors, and include links to all the makers and sellers who made these fun gifts possible.

#25: Top Party Pics

From dance floor madness to touching toasts, your party pics will tell your clients all they need to know about the way you’ll approach their reception!

#24: Hair and Makeup Magic

Finding great hair and makeup artists isn’t always easy. Ask your clients who they used, collect a quote about their wonderful experience, then use those quotes alongside photos to highlight your area’s top stylists!

Our 28

Photos by Moving Mountains Studios

#23: Cute Kiddos

Is there anything cuter than kids in wedding attire? We think not. Share your top photos of little ones in tiny tuxes and miniature gowns – and maybe even a few cake-smeared faces.

#22: Amazing Escapes / Great Getaways

Sparklers, bird seed, streamers, confetti: there’s seemingly no end to the fun exits wedding couples arrange! A breakdown of these great getaways is sure to inspire new clients and make the old ones grin.

#21: Getting Ready Rooms

If you’ve ever walked into a windowless getting ready room, you know how important that space is when it’s time to make gorgeous preparation pictures. Highlight your favorite getting ready spots, from sunny living rooms to well-lit hotel rooms to bright bridal suites.

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Photo by Moving Mountains Studios

#20: Incredible Invitations

You took the time to make all those carefully-constructed invitation images. Now it’s time to show them off in an article that also shouts out to the invitation designers!

#19: Best of Honeymoons

We know: you probably don’t have photos of your clients on their honeymoon! That’s okay, though. Just ask your clients to share their favorite honeymoon memories, then pair their quotes with a gorgeous portrait of the couple on their wedding day. You’ll inspire upcoming honeymooners with fresh ideas, and show off your portrait skills at the same time!

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Photo by Moving Mountains Studios

#18: Wedding Day Doggos (and Kittehs!)

Fur-babies play a key role in many weddings – and they always make for adorable photos! Show off your favorite furry guests, and include a few tips for how to wrangle the beasties should they decide to take a nibble of the cake.

#17: First Kisses

Short pecks and lingering smooches alike get a nod in this blog of first kisses. Bonus points for a photo series that shows the before, during, and after of that first kiss!

Our 28

Photos by Moving Mountains Studios

#16: First Dances

Some couples rehearse for months just to deliver the perfect first dance. Honor their efforts with an article of beautifully-photographed first dances.

#15: Hilarious Candid Moments

Some of the best photos don’t really have a category. They’re just flat-out funny. Brighten your blog readers’ days with a list post of the most hilarious moments caught on camera.

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Photo by Moving Mountains Studios

#14: Sweet Emotion

Tears and laughter and hugs and kisses: these are what make a wedding day so memorable! Create a list post of your favorite emotive moments, and help your clients relive the best parts of their own weddings!

#13: Best of Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring Weddings

Highlight your favorite photos from each season in a series of “best of” articles. Each list post can highlight photos from the season, along with relevant vendors and their links.

#12: How to Share Wedding Photos

Create a listicle of various ways wedding photos can be shared. This is the time to show that you’re an expert on the subject.

Give professional advice on why couples need to print their photos or how they can share albums with their guests. In this way, you can drive photo print sales while attracting people to view your image-sharing platform.

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Photo by Moving Mountains Studios

#11: Product Reviews

Writing product reviews means sharing your insights about a product’s features, quality, and functions. You can talk about the pros and cons of everything, from lenses to camera accessories.

Just don’t forget to add a bit of humor to keep product blog posts fun! Share some personal anecdotes about gear you’ve bought or mistakes you’ve made. This is just another great way to position yourself as an expert in the industry.

When writing product review listicles, you can take two paths:

  • Have the article focus on one product, and list out pros and cons of that particular product
  • Write a “round-up” article listing your top recommendations for particular equipment (example: favorite camera lenses)

#10: Workspace Necessities

Share a list of your must-have office items. Whether you love sticky notes or are a fan of storage boxes, photographers love knowing what other business owners keep in their office. This can also be a chance for you to give them a little BTS of your space!

#9: Behind-the-Scenes

Write an article that compiles your favorite behind-the-scenes moments! Collecting outtakes behind the scenes is a great way to showcase your work process and how you deal with clients.

#8: Your Creative Process

Do you conceptualize themes by writing or sticking lots of sticky notes on a whiteboard? Demonstrate how you handle a wedding shoot from point A to Z. It can include things like contract signing, client meetings, actual shoot, editing, and delivery of photo prints.

#7: Photo Editing Walk-Through

Some clients hire wedding photographers because of particular photo editing styles. You can write a detailed process on how you retouch photos in Photoshop and edit in Lightroom. Just be sure to upload before and after pictures.

#6: Photo Education

Share your all-time favorite workshops and conferences you’ve attended so other business owners can hear what you recommend. Whether the gatherings were in-person or online, sharing your first-hand experience can help others decide if certain educational investments would also benefit them!

#5: Top Photographers

Get bold with a list post of your favorite photographers! Focus on locals, or branch out to the wild world of photographic artists. Trust us: if you create a blog post that says Jimmy Jo’s Fantastic Photos is a top photographer, Jimmy Jo is going to share it! Use this when you have to refer a potential client to another photographer. It will doubly benefit you by showcasing your big heart – one that isn’t all bound up by jealousy and worry that someone else will steal your client.

#4: Your Hobbies and Interests

You can be a wedding photographer by day, then a plant-parent or amateur baker at night. While these skills don’t relate to photographing clients, it reveals who you are as a person. List out your hobbies when you’re not holding a camera, and you may even entice clients who have the same interests as you.

#3: Setbacks and Lessons

Did you experience a creative mental block or workflow problem? Connect with your readers by listing real challenges and showing solutions for wedding planning woes and other photography dilemmas. Share tips like how you found inspiration to finish a job, what you learned as a new photographers, or any mistakes to avoid.

#2: The Bucketlist

Writing about your photo aspirations tells clients that you’re open to trying new things and going to the next level. Who knows, your next reader may become the perfect client who’s up for the out-of-this-world photo session you’ve been visualizing.

#1: Year-End Summary

People like celebrating victories. What better way to impress your audience by listing and sharing who you worked with during the year by uploading the best shots from those events! You can also talk about how you’re looking forward to achieving more goals and help couples get their dream wedding photos next year.


These are our 44 blog post ideas to get you started on writing. Time to start with your drafts!

Do you have any blogging topics for wedding photographers?

Share your suggestions in the comments below!


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