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Mar 2024

ShootProof Navigation Update

4 min read

Starting March 4th, 2024, ShootProof studios will see a new navigation menu when they log into ShootProof. 

What Changes Were Made to ShootProof’s Navigation?

As a follow-up to our previous navigation updates, we’ve made some exciting and functional updates to our navigation menu! 🙌 Not only does this new layout prioritize key pages (like the Galleries section) and make navigation easier, but it’s based on feedback YOU shared! 

Naming and organizational updates:

  • Photos is renamed Galleries and moved up on the list
  • Songs & Playlists is renamed Music for Galleries
  • Apps for Uploading & Gallery Login Widget is renamed Gallery Tools

shootproof navigation

  • Commerce is renamed Store
  • Pricing is renamed Price Sheets

  • Contacts is renamed Clients
  • Contracts & Templates is now Contracts
  • Invoices is moved from Commerce to Studio
  • Colors & Logos is renamed Brand

Functional updates:

  • Multiple folders can be expanded at one time, allowing for a full view of navigation items

  • All navigation options can be viewed when the navigation is collapsed and are represented by new icons. When collapsed, navigation item names appear on hover.


Starting March 8th, 2023, ShootProof studios will see a new navigation menu when they log into ShootProof. 

What Changes Were Made to ShootProof’s Navigation?

Don’t worry, you’ll still find everything in the same place — just on the left side of your screen! We’ve also streamlined your view, and given you more ways to do so, to help you better focus on the task at hand.

You can now collapse the whole menu to free up screen space…

ShootProof Studio new navigation

Or focus on one area of the app by only expanding that one… 

You may also notice that, in the default view, you’ll now click on (rather than hover over) a menu item to expand it and see its sub-pages. However, if you’re in the new collapsed view, you can hover to your heart’s content! 

“Love it! Super logical, easy to understand, clean. [It] pops in when you need, out when you don’t – brilliant!”

— Nadia B. Scott, Alchemy MediaWorks

Bringing Your Feedback to Life

This update is just the beginning. It’s one of the first steps in our effort to modernize the interface and make it easier for you to use. 

In fact, we’ve already made some changes to implement your feedback since first introducing the new navigation last December:

Navigation Update #1


“I’d love it if the bracket logo would also redirect back to the Dashboard page.”

– Stacy Turco, Fox & Wagon Photography


Exactly that! The ShootProof logo in the top-left now functions like a ‘home’ button, 

View of new ShootProof Studio navigation and navigating to dashboard home

Navigation Update #2


“I was hoping that there would be a link directly to ShootProof Pay.”

— Michelle Smith, M. Smith Portraits

“Any way to get the Payment page to jump to the ShootProof Pay system automatically, instead of pressing a billion (exaggerating of course) buttons?” 

— Tony Nguyen, Tony Nguyen Photography 


For US studios, we made Payments (under Commerce) link directly to ShootProof Pay!

View of payments under commerce tab in new ShootProof Studio navigation

Setting the Stage for More Product Updates

The side navigation will give us more flexibility when the time comes to put new items (read: features 😉) to ShootProof. Plus, it will make it easier for you to find them once they arrive! 

Keep your ears on the blog and eyes on your inboxes, because we’ve got more updates coming your way.Thanks for helping us make ShootProof better,

— The ShootProof Team