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Aug 2023

Sell More Photos with a Modernized Client Shopping Experience

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Did you know ShootProof galleries clock over 363k visits every month? Imagine how big your photography business could grow if you landed a sale with even a fraction of them! 

Wouldn’t ya know, starting today, making those sales will be easier than ever thanks to some seriously exciting product enhancements. 

We’ve got loads of new functionality, features, and improvements coming your way over the next few months (including a new price sheet builder that will make setting up shop and editing price sheets a breeze!). For now, here’s everything you need to know about this first wave of selling enhancements:

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Revamping the Experience to Meet Client Expectations for Online Photographer Stores

There are certain things consumers expect while shopping online. They expect:

  • It to be easy
  • To see photos of the products they’re buying (with THEIR photos displayed on those products)
  • Clear prices of those products
  • Informative product descriptions to help them decide which items best meet their needs

And now, the gallery shopping experience will meet those expectations and more.

Putting Products Front and Center

🛍️ We made significant updates to the user interface (UI) and the content displayed on-screen, prioritizing product merchandising to give clients a more visual and intuitive experience that actually shows the items they’re shopping for.


Before view of ShootProof shopping panel

Gone are the long, text-based lists of product names and dimensions, and the many clicks needed to get from item to item. ☝️


Now clients can see all product categories (and images representing each one) from one screen 😙👌

After view of ShootProof shopping panel

But that’s not all! We’ve also: 

Rendered Gallery Photos into Product Previews
Once the client clicks “Buy Photo” on a photo, that image is automatically rendered into the product previews. 🙌

View in ShootProof of rendered gallery photos into product previews

 Upgraded & Consolidated  Product Details
The Product Detail view now more closely resembles the typical online shopping experience where clients view product info and make their selections in one place:

Updated product details view in ShootProof

Launched Dynamic Product Renders That Look Like the Final Product
Going forward, the product previews will accurately reflect the finish, texture, and size of the product they’re ordering.*

As you’ll see below 👇, the preview displays a glossy finish when glossy is selected and a matte finish when matte is selected.

Updated product previews print finish in ShootProof

This new functionality means clients will no longer need to use their imaginations to picture their gallery photos on the products available to them, or to guess at what the final product might look like! 🎉🎉

They can now easily see, at a glance, how they might bring their photos to life. And once they do, they may be encouraged to purchase items they hadn’t yet considered. 😏

*Product renders are approximate representations of the final product.

✅ Created a More Visual Experience for WHCC Cards
And, as requested by multiple users, we’ve also added a hover effect that lets you preview the back of a card design template, without having to click into each one. The card categories themselves also have visual representations now too.


Before view of ShootProof WHCC cards


Updated WHCC card hover effect in ShootProof

✅ Created a New Packages Experience in the Shopping Panel

Updated packages experience in ShootProof

Creating an Easier-to-Navigate Photographer Store Experience

In addition to the newly consolidated Product Details Panel, we’ve also:

✅ Created a New Pricing Info & Discounts Screen
Finding details on a promotion or how much different items cost used to involve many clicks. Now there’s a handy link at the top of the Shopping Panel that puts pricing and discounts info at clients’ fingertips.

Updated pricing info and discounts screen in ShootProof

✅ Simplified the Digitals Shopping Experience
Studios that offer digitals will now have a tile for each item on their price sheet, including tiles for different resolutions, and custom self-fulfilled digital products.

✅ Improved the “Added to Cart” Page
We also made some visual improvements to the page that displays once an item is added to cart.

Helping You Sell More Photos With Compelling Details

You may also notice some new category and product descriptions in price sheets and in the client shopping experience. At the top of this project, we interviewed a handful of studios and discovered a common pain point: they were bombarded with the same product-related questions over and over again. 🤪

To free you up to focus on what matters most, we tapped expert copywriters to write descriptions that, in tandem with the new-and-improved product visualizations, would help preemptively answer those questions for you.

📌 If your price sheet(s) didn’t have custom descriptions before, these new descriptions will automatically populate them. However, they won’t automatically replace any custom descriptions you’ve already added.

Your Online Photographer Store Is on Its Way

This list may be long, but it’s just a fraction of the exciting improvements that are coming your way this year. 😁

Not selling with ShootProof yet? You’re leaving money on the table. The fact is, studios that sell with ShootProof earn THOUSANDS more than those that don’t. 

Make sure you’re ready to rake in the sales when the next batch of enhancements drop. Go create a lab-based price sheet and assign it to a gallery today!

*Special thanks to Andy Gaines Photography for the lovely sample images.

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