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Aug 2023

Photographer Store Update Part Two

5 min read

Hear that cha-ching sound off in the distance? That’s the sound of a stampede of print orders headed your way thanks to this new shopping experience update.

We weren’t kidding when we said there were more photographer store improvements coming your way.

An Even MORE Visual Shopping Experience

You know those product previews we just launched? The ones that display your images on the products?

We’ve taken them one step further so they’ll now be displayed with additional visual context via in-room previews!

Introducing: In-Room Previews

Never again will a client order a 5×7 canvas thinking it’ll make a great statement piece on their wall. That’s because they’ll now see two in-room previews that reflect the ideal way a product should be displayed.

In the case of a 5×7 print, that’s on a tabletop:

And products that should be displayed on a wall, say, for example, a 24″ x 30″ canvas, will be displayed hanging:

Increase Client Confidence & Satisfaction

By displaying clients’ images on the products you offer and showing those products in real-life settings, those products are brought to life. Clients can now get a feel for how they’ll look and fit within their spaces and feel more confident in what they’re ordering.

The result? A better client experience — one where clients are more likely to order the right products and sizes for their needs the first time and less likely to email you saying, “I wish I ordered a different size.”

Along with the new product descriptions we just launched, this feature upgrade helps minimize the need for hand-holding during the ordering process, plus the number of questions you get about print sizes, finishes, etc.

Sell More Prints & Photo Products

You can also expect to sell more prints and photo products now that each one is showcased in the best in-room previews that really make it shine. There’s no need to imagine how a client might incorporate one of their photos into their life — the inspiration is right there in front of them!

The in-room previews can also help boost your order size, as they make it easier to sell bigger-ticket items a client might not have previously considered when all they saw was the price.

Once they see how gorgeous their photos look on a 30″ x 40″ canvas hung behind a couch, they may be inspired to order that size instead of an 11″ x 14″.

Coming Soon: New-and-Improved Price Sheets

As if that update wasn’t exciting enough, you also have a new-and-improved price sheet-building experience coming your way next month.

This new experience will provide a much more intuitive (and better looking!) building experience. You’ll even be able to edit and create price sheets from mobile too.

New Products to Add to Your Photographer Store

We’ll also be launching new products for you to add to those gorgeous price sheets. First up: acrylic desk blocks!

According to our friends at Miller’s, “As a photographer, you have an advantage because photos can be made into personalized gifts. Acrylic Blocks are best sellers and always make better gifts than off-the-shelf items!

– Paul Rotter, Director of Marketing for Miller’s Professional Imaging.

With the holidays fast approaching, you’ll want to add this new, giftable product to your price sheets as soon as they drop! Then let your clients know about them and any holiday campaign you’ll run!

“This season — maybe more than ever — businesses across various industries will be competing for the same consumer dollars. If photographers aren’t actively messaging clients to activate them for the holidays, they risk losing potential sales to other types of gifts.

By showing their images and reminding clients of the importance of printed photos, photographers can stand out in the sea of holiday gifts.”

– Paul Rotter, Director of Marketing for Miller’s Professional Imaging

Speaking of running a photographer holiday sale campaign, we’ll also be releasing a new email campaign template next month.

We’ll be sharing the news in your inbox and on the release notes page, of course, so keep your eyes peeled!

*Special thanks to Andy Gaines Photography for the lovely sample images.

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