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Oct 2023

Boost Sales: Gallery Store Strategies + Promoting New Photo Products

8 min read

Printed products are every photographer’s first foray into passive income. With ShootProof’s stunning product previews and auto-fulfillment options, you hardly need to lift a finger to get professional photography products into your clients’ hands!

In celebration of ShootProof’s Gallery Store, we’re excited to show you how to:

  • Show and Sell Photo Products
  • Promote *NEW* Photo Products

Smart selling is about people—specifically, your clients. What do they want to see in their homes? On their desks at work? When they open up their phones in the morning? When they check their email?

So how do you do you get people to buy?

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sell through Gallery Store

#1: Publish a Product Gallery

The simplest way to showcase your products is with a public product gallery, an elegant ShootProof gallery featuring photos of your products and packages. Position your product gallery front and center on your ShootProof Portfolio Website so new and prospective clients can see everything you offer!

Get clients. Get paid. Get happy.

promote prints and products

#2: Spotlight Products in Your Client Welcome Packet

Every new client’s welcome packet should include big, beautiful photos of your top products. Digital welcome packets will do the trick, but if you want to really impact your clients, send them a printed packet.

SELL SMART: Create individual sell sheets for each product, then select and send the sheets that best suit that client’s session type or lifestyle. Along with a photo (or several) of your product, the sell sheet should include the product’s name and a few details about what makes it so special.

GET INSPIRED: Flip through a magazine and pinpoint your favorite full-page ads to use as inspiration. Then print your sell sheets on luxury photo paper to reinforce the product’s value and showcase your print quality!

TECH TIP: Generate a QR code to print on each sell sheet. (There are many free QR code generators available online.) Link each QR code to your pre-order gallery where your clients can pre-purchase products. Remember to print the gallery password alongside the QR code!

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#3: Show Samples

The only thing better than a beautiful product photo is the product itself. Get your gorgeous albums, frames, fine art prints, and acrylic blocks into your client’s hands!

SELL SMART: An album is more than an album. It represents love and connection, family history, and milestone moments—those are the feelings people are purchasing when they invest in a printed product. Lean into those emotions by sharing your products in the right setting.

If you have a studio, great! But if you’re meeting clients in public places, seek out a space where the vibes enhance your products and reinforce their value. No one jumps at the chance to buy a handcrafted album in the frozen foods aisle at Kroger. But you’ll almost certainly snag an order sitting at a linen-draped table sipping bubbly or cappuccino!

prints and products through ShootProof

#4: Share on Social Media

You already share your photographs on social media, but are you showcasing what your clients do with those photographs?

If you want your artwork off the computer and onto your clients’ walls, you need to build that reality for them. Don’t wait for them to visualize a leather-bound book or a four-foot canvas. Deliver that dream in your social media shares!

SELL SMART: Invite your clients to snap photos of your work hanging on their walls or displayed on their coffee tables. Be sure to get their permission to share these examples on social media. For truly premium products, arrange a time to photograph the products with your clients in their homes.

GET INSPIRED: Want to show your clients what their photos could look like on fine art notecards or hanging above their fireplace? ShootProof has already done the work for you!

ShootProof automatically generates product mockups for all of our partner lab products, and you can save them directly from your ShootProof account for easy sharing! Give your clients a glimpse of what they’ll see in real life, and your sales will soar!

ShootProof Gallery Store

Simple Steps for Promoting *NEW* Photo Products

When you add a new product to your Gallery Store—say, for example, acrylic photo blocks from WHCC!—don’t simply cross your fingers and hope your clients notice. Shout it from the rooftops!

Actually… no. Stay off the roof. Instead, leverage these two super-simple marketing tips to ensure your clients know about your newest products.

Acrylic photo blocks from White House Custom Colour

1. Announce *NEW* Products with a Gallery Banner

Gallery banners are an easy way to drive sales for your business, plus you can set one up in seconds! With gallery banners, you can offer promos, flash sales, free shipping, and also communicate other important messages to your clients.

Use your eye-catching gallery banner to market your new product with messages like these:

  • Save 15% on *NEW* Acrylic Photo Blocks! Use promo code HOLIDAY at checkout!
  • Ultra-Giftable *Acrylic Photo Blocks* – Available NOW!
  • The ULTIMATE workspace decor: Acrylic Blocks – BOGO through 12/1!

marketing bannerRemember that you can:

2. Spread the Word with Email Campaigns and More

Announce your newest product with a ShootProof email campaign! Our integrated email campaigns do the work for you, with:

  • Direct gallery links
  • Discount announcements
  • Targeted marketing
  • …and more!

But don’t stop with banners and email campaigns. Leverage your social media, shoot off a few text messages, or even snail-mail a quick note with a promotional postcard enclosed.

Copy, paste, and customize this message to get started:

It’s almost gift-giving season! And acrylic photo blocks are now available in your Gallery Store.

Give your favorite photo lovers an enduring keepsake for their workspace or end table.

Acrylic photo blocks are a beautiful, frame-free way to hold treasured moments close throughout the day!

Use promo code HOLIDAY to save 10% through 12/1.

sell and promote prints

Some other quick ways you can promote your new products:

  • Post on social media.
  • Unarchive/reactivate old galleries: Reach out to old clients letting them know you have a new product they’ll love in their Gallery Store and that you’ve temporarily reactivated their gallery so they can shop it for 20% off.
  • Order studio samples and bring them to IPS sessions and/or put them in your studio / trunk to show clients during their sessions!

Don’t Forget the Photos!

People shop with their eyes, so the more you show, the more you can sell.

Save and share the sample images we’ve shown here or make your own!

Get Sales Savvy with ShootProof

You don’t have to be pushy to make more photography sales.

In fact, some of ShootProof’s top sellers don’t use any of the gimmicks or hacks you probably think of when you hear the word “sales.” Instead, they leverage practical, personalized approaches like the ones we’ve shared.

Empower your clients with incredible images, easy gift-giving ideas, and custom home decorating solutions, and they’ll be your clients for life!

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Written by ANNE SIMONE | Photographs by Sydney Kane Photography