The Most Popular Photography Blog Posts of 2017

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Get inspired, get your learn on, and #FocusOnWhatMattersMost with ShootProof’s most popular photography blog posts of the year! (Photo: AUTUMN GOODMAN)

All of us here at ShootProof are passionate about seeing photographers learn, grow, and thrive, and our blog is central to that mission. Through the ShootProof photography blog, we share ongoing “learnspiration” from innovative photographers, marketers, brand strategists, pricing gurus, and other experts.

Your LIKES and SHARES determined our Top 10 most-loved photography blog posts of 2017. Scroll and see who made the cut!

The Most Popular Photography Blog Posts of 2017

#10: Get More Clients

Coming in at #10, this piece features photographer NICOLE JANSMA, and highlights three ways to get more clients. The best part of this post? You can put these marketing tips to work RIGHT NOW!

Learn to build a better Instagram portfolio, book new clients FAST, and leverage your passion to earn cold, hard cash.

The Most Popular Photography Blog Posts of 2017

#9: Learn To Blog

You don’t have to be a brilliant writer to have a successful blog!

Featuring VELVET SAGE PHOTOGRAPHY, our #9 most-read photography blog article details tried-and-true ways to attract blog readers. With killer themes, stellar image advice, thoughtful storytelling tips, and clever article ideas, we’ve almost done the work for you!

The Most Popular Photography Blog Posts of 2017

#8: Give Back

At #8 on our list, this 2016 photography blog article is still going strong in 2017!

See how photographers are using their craft for more than just money-making; they’re also changing lives! We connect you to nonprofit organizations that use photography to serve the underserved and seriously-deserving.

The Most Popular Photography Blog Posts of 2017

#7: Maternity Posing

We featured three incredible artists for our #7 photography blog article! ANDREA NIGH, JANAE MARIE, and VANESSA HICKS all contributed inspiring images and maternity posing tips – like this one:

“If you’re new to photographing expectant mothers, be extra-conscious of posing your maternity clients in a flattering way. Most pregnant women already feel a bit self-conscious about their new shape, so thoughtful maternity posing is key. Make sure they feel comfortable during their entire session, and remind them why they are taking these images. The adventure they’re embarking on is a wonderful one!” – VANESSA HICKS

The Most Popular Photography Blog Posts of 2017

#6: Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Senior girls photographer HEATHER YEAGER inspired our #6 photography blog post with her brilliant word-of-mouth marketing approach. By giving her clients’ a one-of-a-kind experience, Heather achieves the FREE organic marketing so many photographers find elusive.

Explore her pricing concepts, her social media strategy, and her terrific use of ShootProof’s Mobile Apps for every client!

The Most Popular Photography Blog Posts of 2017

#5: Photography Pricing

Cross the financial brilliance of HOMEROOM‘s Courtney Z. with the delicious images of HALEY CARNEFIX, and you have photography blog #5!

Courtney shoots straight with us as we discuss every aspect of photography pricing. Understand market research, gain pricing confidence, and begin earning enough that you can actually plan for retirement!

The Most Popular Photography Blog Posts of 2017

#4: Genius Contact Forms

This surprise-hit comes in at #4! We highlight five creatively-clever contact forms that do so much more than just collect a potential customer’s information. These forms enhance your branding and attract your dream clients by following the CaRV ruleCare, Reveal, Value.

Learn how to make your contact form stand out – and enjoy the photos contributed by one of ShootProof’s own CaRV geniuses, JULES PHOTOGRAPHY!

The Most Popular Photography Blog Posts of 2017

#3: Newborn Posing

In our most controversial photography blog post to date, we talk to a maternity nurse about posing sleeping babies, soothing fussy newborns, and – GASP! – vaccines.

Featuring images by SWEET JUNIPER PHOTOGRAPHY, our #3 article has been a big conversation starter!

The Most Popular Photography Blog Posts of 2017

#2: How To Handle “Fauxtographers”

Also known as “Uncle Bobs,” these over-the-shoulder-shooters proved to be a hot topic, coming in at #2 in our photography blog post lineup! (The Facebook conversations around this piece were EPIC.)

Featuring photography by JESSICA ROBERTS PHOTOGRAPHY, this article outlines professional ways to handle the not-so-professional “bonus” photographers who pop up at weddings.

The Most Popular Photography Blog Posts of 2017

#1: Family Posing

With photos by CLINT BARGEN, our most popular photography blog post of the year is a simple, actionable article packed FULL of family posing tips!

Our easy guide provides the 1, 2, 3’s of getting great smiles, relaxed poses, and natural snuggles from even the most challenging family. Chime in at the end with your own tips!


Thanks to our wonderful readers and featured pros! We couldn’t do what we do without you!

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