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Print Fulfillment with Richard Photo Lab

2 min read

We are excited to announce that studios in the U.S. can now print their client orders directly through their ShootProof accounts with Richard Photo Lab!

Richard is a quality-obsessed company whose pride comes from treating every photographer that prints with them like royalty. From their personalized services to their unique respect for photographers as creatives and individuals, prints and products from Richard Photo Lab are held to a higher standard of craftsmanship.

The professionals at Richard also have a deep understanding of the importance of the negative and are the premier lab for film processing; their passion for it makes them experts in their field.


When you print with Richard and ShootProof, your clients can view their photo galleries, place their orders for prints, canvases, and fine art prints and then you can submit those orders directly to the lab for printing without ever leaving your ShootProof Studio Panel!

You are in control of the prices you charge your clients, and you decide where orders get shipped (directly to the client, to your studio, or to another address). It’s even easy to make changes: you can swap out a file, move the crops, add mounting or color correction, and even add boutique packaging for a beautiful presentation.

Ready to get started? Request access to Richard Photo Lab now! Our support team will set you up with a Richard price sheet. 

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