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The Most Popular and Gift-Worthy Photography Products to Sell from ShootProof Professional Labs

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As a professional photographer, you (hopefully) love taking photos. You love giving your clients something to remember and capturing important moments in their lives or work. Of course, this is also your business — which means you want to sell more photography products and prints after each session. 

How can you sell more prints and products through your ShootProof account? And which products should you sell?

Shootproof makes selling (and ordering) prints and products easy. Choose one of our world-class, professional printing labs to work with and you’ll be able to deliver gorgeous products with ease. 

As for which photography products you should sell, we’re highlighting what our professional printing labs have to offer, and even sharing some of their most popular and gift-able products below.

Bay Photo Lab

Located in Santa Cruz, California and serving photographers in the USA, Mexico, and Canada since 1976, Bay Photo is known for their high quality metal prints and canvas prints, and their Green Certified sustainable production facility. 


A memento that’s both sentimental and functional, magnets make great gifts for family and friends. Magnets can be a great addition to the holidays, and can be included as stocking stuffers (bonus: you can earn more with each order)! With Bay Photo, prints are adhered to a magnet backing. 

Size options include:

  • 2.5 x 3.5″ rectangular magnet
  • 3.5 x 5″ rectangular magnet
  • 3″ circular magnet

Miller's magnet and buttons

Button Pins

Your clients will love commemorating special moments in school, sports, and activities with photo button pins. Each button pin is 3 inches in diameter and covered in a protective mylar sheet.

Luggage Tags 

Add a little personality to luggage (and make them easier to spot) with photo print luggage tags. Luggage bag tags are 2.5 x 3.5” and feature an image on a lustre surface on both sides of the tag.

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Miller’s Professional Imaging

Located in Pittsburgh, Kansas, and Columbia, Missouri, and serving photographers in the USA, Mexico, and Canada since 1964, Miller’s Professional Imaging is the largest professional lab organization in the United States. They are a trusted source of quality products, and best known for their top-quality materials, cutting edge technology, and quick turnaround time.

True B&W Paper Prints

For clients who want dramatic, statement-making photography prints, use Miller’s True B&W paper. It’s specially designed to make continuous-tone prints while avoiding color tints.

Gallery Wrap Canvases

ShootProof’s photographers love that Miller’s offers two types of gallery wrap canvases. There’s the Classic Canvas, which is a white poly-cotton blend matte canvas; and a Pearl Canvas, a heavy weave canvas with a dynamic pearlescent surface and water-resistant finish.

gallery wrap canvas Miller's

White House Custom Colour 

With two production facilities in Eagan, Minnesota, and serving photographers in the USA, Mexico, and Canada since 2009, White House Custom Colour is known for their consistent quality and color reproduction, and environmentally-minded practices.

Greeting Cards

With White House Custom Colour, there’s a greeting card for every type of client: newlyweds, parents-to-be, business owners, and more. Customizable greeting cards feature full-color printing, foil-pressed designs, and a variety of shapes to choose from. 

Don’t forget, through your ShootProof account, you can now offer clients custom holiday cards through our card builder. 

Fine Art Prints

Do your clients want a more elevated paper type than a traditional print? Why not offer a selection of Fine Art papers? White House Custom Colour produces fine art with Smooth Matte paper for a sleek finish, as well as Torchon paper for a distinctly coarse and textured surface.

fine art print

Black River Imaging

Located in Springfield, Missouri and serving wedding, portrait, fine art, and sports volume photographers in the USA since 1971, Black River Imaging is known for their innovative products at an incredible price point, fast turnaround and convenient shipping.

Lustre Prints

Lustre is one of the most popular options for print paper. Mix the color and tones of glossy paper with the subtle texturing of a matte finish, and you get a lustre finish. All of our photo labs offer lustre as a standard option for prints, but we especially love Black River Imaging’s work on Kodak Endura Professional paper. 

lustre print Black River Imaging

Metal Prints

Metal prints make unique decorations for offices and retail settings, and Black River Imaging makes some of the best in the industry. Your clients have the option to choose between a float block mount or standoff posts that allow the print to sit even further off the wall.


Located in Pittsburgh, Kansas and Columbia, Missouri, and serving photographers in the USA, Mexico and Canada since 2003, Mpix is committed to making handmade photo keepsakes like framed prints and canvases with top of the line products, created and delivered in record time, with exceptional customer service.

Prints with Mounting and Texture Options

ShootProof studios love Mpix’s options for mounting and texture, which allow photographers to customize client orders with finishes tailored to fit their brand. Your clients get accurate color, lifelike skin tones, and a beautiful photo finish in any print they choose.

Metal Prints

Mpix’s Modern Metal prints are ready to display as soon as they’re delivered. Printed on a 1/16” aluminum sheet on top of a white coating, each metal print is vibrant, glossy, and gorgeous. metal print

Richard Photo Lab

Located in Los Angeles, California, and serving photographers in the USA, Mexico and Canada since 1970, Richard Photo Lab is best known for providing premium film processing, scanning and printing services.

Gallery Wrap Canvases

Every gallery wrap canvas produced by Richard Photo Lab is printed, handcrafted, hand cut, and packaged in-house. With 1.5” solid wood stretchers, wall bumpers, and black paper backing, photographers can trust that every canvas print looks and feels as special as it should be.

Fine Art Prints

Are your clients looking for a fine art paper option that’s long-lasting and eye-catching? Richard Photo Lab offers two types. Hahnemühle Photo Rag is a softly textured paper with incredible depth, while Canson BFK Rives is a traditional cotton paper with a lightly-textured matte finish. 

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Loxley Colour

Located in Glasgow, Scotland and serving photographers in Mexico, Europe and the UK for over 30 years, Loxley is best known for hand crafted our products, award-winning range of Bellissimo albums and handmade frames, and white label shipping directly to your client.

Fine Art Prints

If two or three fine art paper options aren’t enough for your photography clients, Loxley Colour has eight of them! Their default fine art paper options are Fujifilm Museum Rough and Hahnemühle William Turner, but you can also include the following options on your Loxley Colour price sheet

  • Fujifilm Photo Rag 300 gsm
  • Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl 285gsm
  • Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm
  • Epson Fine Art Cotton 215gsm 
  • Hahnemühle Torchon 285gsm 
  • Fujifilm Fiber Baryte Gloss 310gsm

fine art print

Metal Prints

Waterproof, scuff-resistant, with a high-shine finish, Metal Alumini Prints by Loxley Colour are sure to please your clients looking to add some sparkle to their walls.

Atkins Pro Lab

Located in Adelaide, Australia and serving photographers in Australia and New Zealand since 1936, Atkins Lab is known for their handmade paper and fine art prints.

Fine Art Prints

Atkins Pro Lab offers multiple fine art print options — Textured Cotton, Smooth Cotton, and Fibre Pearl, all striking in their own way. Each option meets the highest industry standards in density, image sharpness, color gamut, and color gradation. 

Handmade Paper Prints

Atkins Pro Lab actually has a fourth fine art print option, and it’s so special we had to give it its own section. Their handmade paper prints are truly one-of-a-kind, genuine pieces of art that will delight your clients.

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Technicare Premier Photo Lab

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, and serving photographers in Canada for over 30 years, Technicare is known for their high quality photo printing services and products paired with exceptional customer service.


Each fine art canvas created by Technicare Premier Photo Lab comes gallery wrapped on solid stretchers with a 2” profile. They’re ready to display with sawtooth hangers and bumpers. Plus, they’re resistant to fingerprints, moisture, and other contaminants, so your clients know they can enjoy their art for years to come.

Metal Prints

Our photographers trust Technicare to produce detailed, high-resolution metal prints for their clients. But Technicare goes above and beyond with its unique extruded aluminum frame, which offers more flexibility in hanging and displaying metal prints.

Start Selling Professional Lab Prints and Products Today

Did you find your new favorite product? Our professional labs are true professionals — and they provide some of the best photography products and prints on the market. But you don’t have to build your own relationship or account with these labs — we do all of that for you.

Ditch the overwhelm and DIY printing, and stop agonizing over your price sheets. It’s easier than ever to sell prints and products from some of the best labs in the world… with ShootProof! 

ShootProof also makes it easy to create price sheets — we even suggest markup pricing and have popular items already included. Best of all? No manual ordering! When your clients are ready to order, they can order products directly from your gallery that’s connected to one of our labs. After you approve and edit orders, the lab will take care of the rest, all the way through delivery.

Our professional lab partners make it easy to price, sell, ship, and deliver products for your photography business. Begin selling prints and products that’ll increase your profit and delight your clients by joining ShootProof! Start your free trial today.   

Header photo by Makayla Jade Harris


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