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May 2020

ShootProof Contracts Just Got a Super Useful Upgrade

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Your relationship with your clients is always a high priority. When the world feels off-kilter, maintaining good relationships is even more important. That’s why we heard your feedback and added a fill-in-the-blank option for contracts. Save yourself–and your clients–a boatload of time! When you empower your clients to fill-in-the-blanks on their contract, you can collect valuable information faster. Cut down on distracting back-and-forth emails or texts with these handy new contracts.

Whether you need your client’s home address, venue address, phone number, age, or child’s name, you can capture it easily with these contracts! Your clients will enjoy the ease of fillable forms. They can complete their contract at their convenience–even on their mobile device while binge watching the latest season of Homeland! 

Here’s how they Work for You:

  • You can insert short and long blanks in your contracts and contract templates.
  • The blanks don’t have a defined character limit–it would take 16mb worth of text to hit a limit. (That’s a lot of words!)
  • You’ll see the phrase “Provided by Client” beside fillable fields. That indicates the information collected in the blanks is determined by your client.
  • The “Provided by Client” text is only visible in the your preview. Don’t fret, your client will not see these words! And when the contract is printed, these words do not appear either.

Here’s how they Work for Your Clients:

  • Your clients can type directly into each field.
  • Fill-in-blanks are accessible on both desktop and mobile!
  • All blanks must be completed before the contract can be signed.
  • Once the contract is completed and signed by one contact, the secondary contact will be able to sign the contract.
  • Your clients will still see the information added by the other contact, but they will not be able to edit this information.

To learn more about how fill-in-the-blank contracts can save you and your clients time, check out the ShootProof Knowledge Base.


These FREE Tools Protect Your Business and Your Client Relationships

ShootProof is also offering photographers free tools to address challenges related to Covid-19. This tool includes two key elements: a force majeure clause and an amendment to enable rescheduling shoots. Written by an attorney, these legal tools can be used immediately to address disruptions caused by a global pandemic.

Get my FREE contract language: Force Majeure Clause & Date Change Amendment

What’s a force majeure anyway?

This fancy clause is often found in legal agreements. In plain English, it protects your business when circumstances beyond your control require rescheduling. But it’s also wise to have a force majeure clause in your contracts because natural disasters happen, and photo shoots might need to be postponed or cancelled altogether.

What’s an amendment to modify the date of an event?

This is simply an amendment to your existing contract that helps modify some element of it – an addition, deletion, correction, or similar change. Amendments are great tools to use when you need to change the date of a photo shoot, like a postponed wedding for example. Remember, an amendment doesn’t replace the original legal agreement, just the part that’s changed by the amendment. If a contract requires extensive changes, it’s smart to create an entirely new agreement with the guidance of your attorney.

Important note: The legality and procedures surrounding contracts varies by location and situation. ShootProof doesn’t give legal advice. Please consult an attorney for best practices in your area.


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