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Sep 2019

How to Make Wedding Print Packages Your Clients will Love

7 min read

This London photographer is selling wedding print packages his clients LOVE to buy. Learn how he creates his package options, then make your own! (Featuring MICHAEL MAURER)

“As a wedding photographer, I wear a million different hats at once,” says London photographer Michael Maurer, “so the ability to completely streamline my photo delivery workflow saves me so much time!” Just how does Michael streamline his delivery workflow? He uses ShootProof, for one. More specifically, he uses ShootProof’s Package Builder to create wedding print packages his clients love to spend money on!

Wedding Print Packages: Bearded groom stands behind bride dressed in traditional Indian wedding attire. A castle is in the background.

Photographer: Michael Maurer

Print packages are most often associated with volume photography, such as school or sports photographs; but wedding and portrait photographers also find value in offering packaged prints.

“I always think of my couples and how I can make their lives easier,” Michael tells us. “Implementing ShootProof’s Package Builder was a no-brainer!”

Here’s how Michael uses ShootProof to create wedding print packages his clients love to buy!

Wedding Print Packages: A bride and her bridesmaids stand under a floral chuppah.

Photographer: Michael Maurer

#1: Look at What Your Clients Already Buy

“To decide which packages to offer, I looked through all the orders clients had previously made through their online galleries and took note of the most popular sizes” Michael explains. He does this through his ShootProof workspace, selecting Reports > Items from the menu bar. The resulting report show him which items he’s sold – and what he sells most frequently.

Wedding Print Packages: Bride and groom leave the church in a shower of rice.

Photographer: Michael Maurer

#2: Ask Your Clients About Their Print Preferences

Once you’ve identified your top products, go a step further with a simple survey. Use SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, or another survey platform to ask friends, family, and past and upcoming clients which photography products excite them the most. Do they love high-end albums? Or do they get giddy of a big stack of 4×6 prints? Maybe you’ll be surprised to find that people want something you haven’t thought to offer yet!

Michael learned that pre-packaged sets of 4×6 prints were a hit among his clients.

“My aunt has always been a keen traveler,” shares Michael, “so whenever I’d visit her in Puerto Rico, she’d hand me a stack of 4×6 prints from her most recent holiday. It’s such a universally-loved size – and the perfect way to remember the story of a wedding day.”

Learn to create your own wedding print packages HERE!

Wedding Print Packages: A bride and groom dance in silly hats at their reception. They are surrounded by guests holding glow sticks.

Photographer: Michael Maurer

#3: Guide Your Clients with Curated Product Options

Don’t create your Price Sheets with every option under the sun. Instead, keep your product offerings limited, and your clients will have an easier time deciding what to buy.

“One of the most common emails I receive is from couples and wedding guests who ask for help selecting which sizes to print,” Michael explains. “Most of us don’t regularly print photos, so it can be quite difficult to decide.”

Wedding Print Packages: A bride runs away from the camera through a misty field.

Photographer: Michael Maurer

You’ll further influence your clients’ purchasing decisions if you offer wedding print packages full of products that you know will best tell their story. This takes the complicated guesswork out of placing a large order.

Michael raves, “From a brand perspective, Package Builder is brilliant because couples notice that I’m working to solve their problems before they even realize they have one.”

Wedding Print Packages: An Indian bride and groom stand in a shower of rice at the end of their wedding ceremony.

Photographer: Michael Maurer

#4: Give Your Wedding Print Packages Helpful Names

Michael knows what his clients want and need, so he’s crafted packages whose names act as immediate problem-solvers. His most popular wedding print packages are:

  • The Desk: four 4×6 prints, perfect for an office or workspace
  • The Living Room: three differently-sized prints, perfect for hanging on a living room wall
  • The Entire Apartment: 17 prints in five different sizes

With names that indicate each package’s intended use, Michael’s clients can easily select their wedding print packages without any additional effort.

Wedding Print Packages: a groom theatrically speaks his vows to his laughing bride

Photographer: Michael Maurer

#5: Offer an Incentive to Buy

“To sweeten the deal, I offer between 25% – 30% off all of my packages,” Michael tells us. This incentivizes couples to place larger orders – orders which cost Michael only a few extra dollars, but add tremendous value for his clients.

“I’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response, because my clients appreciate both the time and money they save by ordering one of the packages,” says Michael. “Package Builder also gives me flexibility when a couple asks for a package I don’t currently offer.” Michael can quickly create a custom package for an interested client, which further delights his customers with stellar service and a personalized approach.

Wedding Print Packages

Photographer: Michael Maurer

Wedding Print Packages = One Stop Shopping

When you offer your client a blend of à la carte options and pre-packaged products, you give each client the ability to order what they want in a simple, straightforward shopping experience – all from the comfort of their couch.

“I really appreciate the simplicity of just sending a link where couples and wedding guests can see and download their images,” Michael shares, “and I love how ShootProof enables me to stay on top of which galleries are accessed the most.”

With the kind of client experience Michael delivers, we can promise you: all of his galleries are accessed quite a lot, which means more print sales, more income, and a more fulfilling career!

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