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Ready to turn your dream into a business? Or maybe you’re dreaming about taking your business to the next level? ShootProof gives you easy tools to start, grow, and manage your photography business. Discover how photographers just like you use ShootProof to empower their journey.

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Multiple photographers posing for camera
Photographer, The Scobeys and their family posing while walking
Photographer, the decisive moment posing for camera
Portrait photographer, Chanel French posing for camera

ShootProof helps Chanel get her work done in one place

Chanel French was always “the girl with the camera at every social gathering.” Her first camera was a blue Fisher-Price film camera, a gift from her dad. Today she’s a portrait photographer, trusting ShootProof for professional galleries, contracts, and invoicing.

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Chanel French


ShootProof mobile gallery cover from photographer Chanel French
Chanel French


Showcasing her photos

With online galleries customized to match her brand and style, Chanel looked like a pro right from the start.

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Photo gallery by Chanel French featuring portraits of people
Custom color picker for photo gallery branding
Shopping cart for purchasing images of different sizes
Branding thumbprint icon
Your unique branding is always front-and-center. Not only do you have control over how the galleries look, you have control over the settings and how the galleries look for your clients.
Slider icon for custom sizing and spacing
Custom photo sizing and spacing
Choose one of three spacing options when customizing a gallery layout, and deliver a beautiful experience that’s unique to each client.
Letter A Icon for custom fonts
Control more than just color. Choose fonts that reflect your brand. After all, little things have a big impact on your client’s experience.
Image of an example of individual payment installmentsGraphic of mobile digital contract signatures

Keeping her contracts and invoices in order

With ShootProof’s built-in contracts and invoicing, Chanel created forms and kept client paperwork organized — and, most importantly, she got paid!

More features
Signature icon for digital contracts
Sign and pay
It’s digital documentation in all its glory: Link your contracts and invoices within your account, and clients can read, sign and pay on any device, all at once.
Recurring payments icon showing currency at the center of two arrows
Recurring payments
Give clients the option to pay over time and you can ease sticker shock (but still charge your worth!). It’s easy to set up installments and set due dates.

You belong here

Starting a business is exciting–it’s also intimidating. If you’re ready to start making money with photography, ShootProof is ready to help you learn how.

Graphic of support chat providing help
Graphic of a support chat asking for help
Community icon showing four connected dots
ShootProof Community
Discover a creative community of photographers who want to see you succeed. Join thousands of other photographers who are sharing their stories.
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Support icon showing a heart
Get Some TLC
When she’s got a question, Chanel can call, email, or join a live webinar — ShootProof’s team of support specialists are ready to help her reach her business goals.
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Discover why thousands of photographers choose ShootProof

Photographer, Chanel French smiling with a Focus On What Matters Most shirt
"The best way to become more confident in your work according to Chanel? “Sink into the comfort of knowing you don't know everything.”
Chanel French
Chanel G Photography
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Other Features

Digital downloads
PIN-protection. Resizing options. The ability to download images direct from a gallery. Digital file delivery has never been easier — for you and your client.
Mobile apps
Our customizable mobile apps offer a professional (and impressive) way to present your work to clients. Bonus? Built-in brand promotion.
Live support
Call, email or chat — or join a webinar — ShootProof’s team of support specialists are ready to help you reach your business goals.
Custom discounts
Everyone loves a deal! Set your own prices then create packages, promo codes or limited-time sales to motivate gallery visitors to click “buy.”
Labels make it super simple for clients to select photos for albums, retouching and more; no more guessing which images are meant for what and where.
Security and privacy
Give your clients peace of mind: Password-protected galleries, private URLs and other privacy options mean their memories can be for their eyes only.

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