Meet Our Crew

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ShootProof is a small team of passionate folks who are dedicated to
helping photographers focus on what matters most.

The Team

As a group of photographers, designers, engineers, perfectionists, and customer service fanatics, we believe in you and the art that you create. What we lack in chess skills and backstroke technique, we make up for in our commitment to service and love of community. If you’re ever in Atlanta, drop by for a cup of coffee and see our view of the city.

Colin Co-Founder
Robert Co-Founder
Tracey Loyalty Builder
Kristi Senior Business Analyst
Chris Customer Lifecycle Manager
Ben Back-end Software Architect
Brian Director of Engineering
Michael Digital Marketing Manager
Katie Loyalty Builder
Parker Associate Business Analyst
Ashley HR Manager
Matt QA Manager
Cassia Senior Content Creator
David Front-end Software Architect
Jordan UI Designer
Mary Senior Front-end Engineer
Gabby Loyalty Builder
Chris Back-end Engineer
Karen Customer Success Advocate
Lauren Loyalty Builder
Jonathan Loyalty Builder
Rob Marketing Director
John Senior Back-end Engineer
Anne Senior Content Developer
Lisa Head of Design
Anthony Senior Back-end Engineer
Roy Designer
Brian Back-end Software Architect
Brannan Support Manager
Heather Front-end Engineer
Derrick Senior Front-end Engineer
Amanda Visual Design Manager
Jeremiah Loyalty Builder
Alex QA Engineer
Mike Front-end Engineer
Ryan Senior Front-end Engineer
Garrett Back-end Engineer
Nicole UX Researcher
Tony QA Engineer
Layne Loyalty Builder
Megan Customer Success Advocate
Rachael Senior UI Designer
Mary Senior UX Architect
Cindy Senior UX Architect
Darbie Loyalty Builder